2011 Highlights

Gifted Awareness Week


June 19 2011

Esther Zhuang, the student representing the Language and Languages Faculty on the Academic Council reports:


Gifted Awareness Week was held on 10-17 June, and the Academic Council found a no-brainer way to raise awareness, and maybe even raise the IQ in the school- advertising and giving out free food! The food was of course brain superfoods, with 7 of them being blended into a milkshake.


Cashews, olive oil, blueberries, bananas, spinach and yoghurt and milk were all served as a smoothie to students on Thursday lunchtime outside the D cafe, with a prize of antioxidant rich dark chocolate being offered to the students who correctly guessed the smoothie ingredients.


This idea went down smoothly with everyone, with the Council running out of milkshakes in minutes! Everyone submitted their guesses, and the event was enjoyed by all.


Brain Bees Buzzing


6 July 2011

Lynfield students have again participated in the Brain Bee Championship and with significant success.


Launched in 2007, the Brain Bee Championship attracts some of New Zealand's brightest Year 11 students, challenging them in subjects about the human brain and neuroscience. The first round of this year's North Island competition involved almost 1200 students from Whangarei to Wellington.


Akash Charles, Tim Hight, Kevin Yu, Lydia Choo, Holly Sun and Bryan Chong of 11ME excelled in the first round and attended the North Island finals on Tuesday 27th June at The University of Auckland Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences. There were 150 students from 44 schools participating in person at the North Island finals.


Teams and individuals were tested on topics such as intelligence, memory, emotions, sensations, movement, stress, ageing, sleep, addiction, Alzheimer's and stroke. It was a very exciting day, with the pressure of the competition off set by opportunities for teachers and students to talk to scientists at the University and take part in laboratory visits.


All students did an excellent job of representing Lynfield College, Tim and Lydia got through to the individual finals, with Tim coming 5th and Lydia 8th overall.