2012 Highlights

Year 12 Calculus Scholars

Tim Hight and Nicolaas Waddington both love Mathematics and it is the purity of Calculus, the challenge of finding the one correct answer, that inspired them as they achieved at Scholarship level in2012. A significant achievement by anyone's standards and more so given the boys were Year 12 students but studying Maths with Calculus at Level 3.

This year as Year 13 students they have taken the opportunity, and challenge, of enrolling in a University of Auckland Stage 1 Calculus paper. On a Tuesday afternoon Tim and Nick head to the city for 2 hours of lectures, broken by an hour of a smaller group tutorial session. As well as catering for their love of the subject the exposure to university life and expectations will give them a little advantage over their peers next year when they move to full time university study.


As to their future studies and possible career paths, neither student has a firm idea as yet, but they certainly have a number of options. Tim is contemplating studying for a number of years probably to doctorate level in either physics or an engineering field.


For Nick, who has been a key member of Lynfield's very successful Robotics teams over the past four years, the fields of Engineering Science and Mechatronics have a real appeal ( From the University's website : "Mechatronics engineers design or select sensors and actuators, develop control algorithms and use or develop advanced functional materials for the design of mechanical systems such as chassis stabilising systems, anti-lock brakes, engine control units, disk drives, cameras, service and surgical robots and artificial hearts.")


Congratulations to Tim and Nick on their success last year! and we wish them well for their University paper and their Level 3 studies here at school this year. Both have four Level 3 courses in their academic programme. Have they accepted the challenge of achieving four Outstanding Scholarships this year? "We are definitely up for that!" says Tim.


Calc scholars


Trophies for Lynfield at World Robotics Champs



All three Lynfield teams moved into the Division elimination play offs, two making it through to the Division finals and Justin winning a plaque as the “Division Champion” – well done Justin and team 2915B!  Unfortunately Jack’s drive chain broke before he finished the challenge so he could not complete and his placing remained the same - but still in the top 10 which was a great score and he received his trophy for making it that far.

Both the Principal Mr Bovaird and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Mr Cadzow are in LA to support our teams which is a real encouragement – they have been introduced very rapidly to the intricacies of the game, the strategies and the stresses of world championship robotics.

With the world championships finished and two trophies in the suitcases, our students and staff revert to tourist mode for a couple of days before returning home.


Robotics Teams in Anaheim

Staff and students report from the World Robotics Championships..

What an exciting day with all the drivers, coaches, scouts (and the battery charger!) working flat out. It was the first day of competition games and although there are two days to go all our teams got off to a great start after some good practice at the start of the day

  untitled 1  

Steve, Grun Wua, Robert and Nick won both their games and the only reason they are not higher up on the rankings is that most of the other middle school teams have played a third game. The games tomorrow will keep the pressure on!


It has been great having Mr Bovaird joining us today – he was able to watch all the games that included Lynfield teams and can see first hand the high standing our teams have in such a massive field of competitors.
 The Vex judges have already interviewed some of our teams as they rove around the pit area.

  robotics2 1  

I (Mr Black) was interviewed by a reporter from the Orange County Register – a local paper for the area – check out their report on the start of the competition on http://www.ocregister.com/  and click on the VIDEO:Robotics World Championship converges on Anaheim

We will be back at the Convention Centre again 7.15 tomorrow morning – we know the route pretty well now and which bumps and hollows to keep the robot trolleys out of. At the end of the day it was just too tempting for some team members to want a limo ride back to the hotel –it wasn’t to be but it was worth a photo for a truly American image!!

robotics3 1 1