2013 Highlights

Significant Maths Achievement for Tim Hight

Congratulations to Tim Hight(Year 13). Tim undertook a University Mathematics paper in the first semester this year and with a 96.3% final result came second overall in the course.

A letter to the college Mathematics Faculty from The University of Auckland says..

Tim was 2nd in Maths 153, with a final grade of 96.3%. This is a very able class indeed, and to be so near the top is pretty much a guarantee that Tim can do anything he chooses, and should not limit his aspirations at all.

Such an excellent result - Lynfield is very proud of you, Tim!

Nick Waddington and Kelvin Yu also achieved highly in the same University paper.

Nithya Narayanan, Queen Bee of Spelling


Nithya Narayanan, 10ET, won the 2013 New Zealand Vegemite Spelling Bee title in Wellington at the weekend after several gruelling hours of competing against 17 other contestants.

Nithya who didn’t immediately realise she was the winner when she correctly spelt ‘perestroika’, meaning "the policy or practice of restructuring the economic and political system in the former Soviet Union", felt it was as if she was in a dream.

"It hasn’t really sunk in," says Nithya. "I feel really privileged to have won today." She is pictured being congratulated by our principal Mr Steve Bovaird.

spelling Bee Champion Nithya was one of 18 finalists from around the country attending the ninth annual top spelling contest in the country, spelling up to 14 rounds of words before a packed house at the Circa Theatre. The students showed off their orthography skills, spelling words such as vicissitude, maladroit, denouement and endocrine.

When the other 16 contestants had been knocked out of the competition, Nithya locked horns with Uma Sreedhar of Wellington Girls College. Uma took second place after stumbling on ‘trifecta’, which left Nithya to take out the New Zealand Vegemite Spelling Bee championship.

Roger Hall, Patron of the NZ Vegemite Spelling Bee, says: "It was the best contest yet! The spellers were very talented and it was fascinating to see the different personalities and how they tackle each word. If ever there was an exciting show, the spelling bee is a wonderful piece of theatre."

Spelling Bee organiser, Janet Lucas, was impressed by the orthography skills of this year’s finalists.

"Nine years on I am really noticing how much better prepared our finalists are for the final," said Janet. "The event seems to be going from strength to strength and it’s so exciting to think that we will be celebrating ten years of the national spelling bee next year which has always been my dream to get it this far.

As the 2013 Spelling Bee champion Nithya has won $5000 in cash along with the National Spelling Bee trophy .

Congratulations Nithya!

Academic Performances Worthy of High Praise

Two senior students Jack Barker(Year 13) and David Wu(Year 12) deserve high praise from all of us at Lynfield College for their recent academic successes.

Jack has been studying Computer Science 101 at the University of Auckland this semester, alongside his NCEA Level 3 academic programme. His results were significant enough for him to receive the following email from Professor Robert Amor, Head of Department (Computer Science):

Hi Jack
I have been informed of your excellent result in COMPSCI 101 this semester. I’d like to congratulate you on this achievement, which is at the top of all of the full-time students at university. As one of our Young Scholars this result impresses me even more as you are taking this course over and above NCEA work at your school and performing superbly against students a year ahead of you at university.

I really hope you enjoyed taking the course and will be considering further COMPSCI courses once you reach university. Personally, I think the courses just get more and more interesting as you progress through the Computer Science curriculum!

Congratulations, Jack!

David Wu in Year 12 has been selected (after a preliminary test) to participate in the final of the 2013 Eton Press-Casio Senior Mathematics Competition in Wellington.
Only 15 students throughout New Zealand are chosen for the final from about 1200 original contestants. He will sit the final test in week 3 next term. The competition is for the top Year 12 and 13 students throughout New Zealand so he has done particularly well.

We wish you well in the final test, David!

World Robotics Champions Again

Our Vex Robotics Team has this week competed again at the world championships in Los Angeles. Congratulations to the team for winning the High Schools Division and to Jack Barker in particular for his Champion Driver award.


Chris Hambling, who heads Kiwibots (Vex Robotics New Zealand) writes below about the phenomenal successes of the New Zealand secondary schools teams:


A fantastically successful campaign but I can now say not totally unexpected given our performance at the Asia Pacific.
The final was an alliance led by New Zealand vs an alliance led by New Zealand.
World Champions
2915A Lynfield College
2941D Outmoetai College
Robot skills Champions
1st 2915A Lynfield College
2nd 2941A Otumoetai College
World Educate Award
Glenfield College for their astounding integration of robotics into their curriculum. One students comment that robots we use in biology in an ‘is it alive?’ question really impressed the judges.
Division Champions
New Zealand Won 3 of the 5 high school divisions! (Technology - Lynfield and Otumoetai, Arts -Avondale and Albany, Maths -Otumoetai)
A phenomenal effort by all our teams, New Zealand has proved that yet again we are the country to beat and that we are the most friendly country and liked by all. It is astounding how far above our weight we punch and how we are respected and liked by teams across the world."

An Experience of a Lifetime..

by Johnson Zhuang


For ten weeks spanning December to February 2012-2013, I spent time in Germany. I was selected to be one of three German language students who would have their flights paid to fly to Germany and experience first-hand German culture and be able to use our German in an environment where we would be constantly surrounded by the language.


I stayed with a host family in the small town of Ratzeburg in North Germany, population circa 9800. I went to school with my partner brother and attended classes with other German students my age and of course made a lot of new friends as well as experiencing a German Christmas, New Year’s or Silvester and travelling around different parts of Germany independently and also with my host family.


The organisation that paid for my flights to Germany allowed the scholarship winners to have a week of independent travel and for my week of travel, I went to Southern Germany where I saw the famous Neuschwanstein Castle (which was the inspiration for the Disney Castle), spent a day on the Zugspitze; the highest mountain in Germany, visited Salzburg (where the Sound of Music was set) as well as of course visiting the famous Munich.


I spent the whole ten weeks using all the German that I had learnt at school and of course learning more German. Being constantly surrounded by Germans, I was able to experience what it was like being a German student and see how things were done differently in Germany as I experienced “German Efficiency” for myself. I enjoyed constantly speaking German, eating so many different and new foods and being able to travel and see Germany.


I am continuing my German studies this year in Year 13 as I prepare for University next year. I plan to study Law conjoint with a Bachelor of Arts majoring most likely in German.

Johnson Germany2(copy) Johnson Germany1(copy)