Enrolment Process

If a student wishing to enrol at Lynfield College lives outside the Lynfield College home zone, an application for an out of zone enrolment is usually required.  However, for enrolments for  2017 the Board of Trustees has determined that applicants in Categories 1,2,3,4 and 5 will be accepted and should enrol with Home Zone students, with no need to complete an Out of Zone Application Form.

Out of Zone Application for Enrolment form  needs to be completed by
  • 2017 Year 9 applicants in Category 6
  • 2017 Years 10-13 applicants in Category 6.

If this application is successful an enrolment may be made

Enrolment Information and Forms for Completion

  • applicable to all enrolments (Home Zone students and successful Out of Zone students).

The 2017 Pre-Enrolment Guide for Year 9 should be read prior to enrolment (There is no need to print it off ). This document includes all information on enrolling, plus expectations for all students with respect to their use of ICT, wi-fi and safety.

  • for curriculum information for Years 10-13 please refer to the Curriculum section of this website

Forms for Completion.

Please print and complete all of the following documents:


If the enrolment is during the school year and is for an immediate start please telephone the Deans' Secretary in order to arrange an enrolment interview with the appropriate Dean. The student and parent/caregiver must attend this interview.