Highlights 2013

Our Outstanding Health and PE Faculty

Congratulations to our Health and Physical Education Faculty that won a National Physical Education New Zealand outstanding award at the national conference in Wellington.

 This award is presented to an early childhood centre, school,or department that has demonstrated excellence in intra-curricula Physical Education. This award does not include extra-curricula sport or physical activity.

For the purpose of this award, an "Outstanding achievement"  requires that

1. Their performance distinguishes them from the average. That is, their performance goes beyond what is normal or expected for a centre, school or department in the same position.
2. The quality of performance is of a high standard and demonstrates a high level of commitment and ability.
3. Their performance has a positive impact on those around them, in terms of vision, influence, and outcomes.

It is very encouraging to have the high calibre of professionalism, teaching and learning in our college recognised and celebrated in this way.

PE Student's Essay Wins Award

Year 13 student Liam Hunt was one of the top three in the country in the student (secondary and undergraduate) essay award section of the Physical Education of New Zealand national awards. Liam he received a highly commended award from PENZ for this.

Entrants were required to argue a case in 1500 words or less on the stated theme of "Drugs in Sport" and the judges were looking for the essays that demonstrated the highest level of critical inquiry.

13PE Revel in a Muddy Challenge

It may not be a routine day at school or a usual type of assessment, but the 13PE students and two staff who participated in the recent Tough Guy and Gal Challenge scored the activity at the Excellence level.

Mudrun before group(copy)



The students were required to complete the challenge course within specified times in order to reach an achievement level - and they all succeeded.

The mud did not deter the students; rather they seemed to revel in it. The images show the group prior to the start, and then as they progressed along the course.

muddier5(copy) muddier6(copy)
              muddier2(copy)               muddier1(copy)
              muddier4(copy)               muddier3(copy)


PE Camp at Tawharanui

During the week of the 11th – 15th March, over 100 year 12 Physical Education students attended a camp at Tawharanui Marine Reserve. As part of their Physical Education course students were learning about Risk Assessments which is part of a current Achievement Standard.

Students experienced planning and cooking their own meals and an early start at 6.30am with a jog and swim after a night sleeping under canvas. During the day activities included snorkelling, kayaking, adventure-based learning, an ecology tramp and surf lifesaving.

On the Wednesday all the Year 12 students were at the camp together and competed in an amazing race followed by beach games. Great fun was had by all in an amazing environment with fantastic weather.

PECamp3(copy) PE Camp1(copy)
PE Camp4(copy) PE Camp2(copy)

PE Students Celebrate Excellence

The Health and PE Faculty held their first excellence breakfast this year.

Year 12 and 13 students who had obtained excellence achievements in all standards offered so far this year were invited with their parents to celebrate their outstanding achievements and hard work. It was a great morning and students had the opportunity to share their successes and feel proud of their attainment.

Mr Bovaird congratulated the students and challenged them to not only maintain their motivation to the end of the year, but also to assist other students in their classes to strive for excellence.
PE breakfast comp(copy)