Highlights 2015

Students Explain their Listen Up Project

Year 13 Health students Raksha Tiwari, Anjila Reddy and Charlie Speight spoke very well at a cochlear implant forum involving scientists, industry professionals, ACC and The Pindrop Foundation last Saturday at Auckland University. The Pindrop Foundation invited our students to talk at the forum about how important prevention of hearing loss is and to explain a bit about the 'Listen Up' programme.

This invitation came about because each year our Year 12 Health Students do a health promotion project called 'Listen Up' with The Pindrop Foundation. Our students go to local primary schools to teach children about noise induced hearing loss and how to keep their ears safe when listening to iPods and being in noisy environments like concerts and motor racing events.

Raksha, Anjila and Charlie presented very professionally in front of so many people and learned some very valuable skills about public speaking and effective communication. During their presentation there were people at the front of the lecture theatre translating what they were saying into sign language and also people typing what they were saying on to a large projector screen. They listened to many other people speak, including scientists talking about the latest technology and people who had received cochlear implants telling very moving stories about hearing for the first time or having their hearing restored after an accident.

IMG 2586 IMG 2588 IMG 2589

The Year 12 Health students will be involved in this project again this year.