Level 1 Health and PE

Year 11 Health & Physical Education

This course is compulsory at Lynfield College in Year 11.  Students  have the opportunity to choose between Core Health and Physical Education and Physical Education Advanced. All courses offered are assessed using NCEA achievement standards. 

Core Health & Physical Education

The Health component of this course involves three units of work that include two achievement standards. Students will study strategies for maintaining healthy relationships including knowledge of rights/responsibilities and consent, access to health services both within school and within the community and also strategies to promote diversity. They will also work on interpersonal skills such as listening skills, problem solving and assertiveness. Students will also have the opportunity to work on a self directed, collaborative project looking at drugs within our communities. This focuses on the effects on personal wellbeing, relationships and communities, and aims to find strategies that promote healthier outcomes.

Year 11 Health Studies students investigate interpersonal skills through self directed games..

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This Physical Education component of this course focuses on level 6 of the Health and Physical Education Curriculum. It will offer students the opportunity to experience and participate in a wide range of physical activities, in a variety of contexts. Students will study how the body moves and responds to physical activity, as well as be able to develop your interpersonal skills in a variety of settings. The main focus of this course is to equip students with the necessary skills to maintain and develop their personal well-being, both now and in the future, as well as to prepare them for future academic and vocational opportunities within the physical education domain.

Physical Education Advanced

In addition to the components offered above, this course focuses on equipping those students who wish to choose physical education as a pathway for their future with the necessary skills to assist with their understanding of how and why the body functions the way that it does. Units of work that focus on anatomy, biomechanics, exercise physiology, and the sociological impacts of sport on self and others are taught in addition to those offered in core Health and Physical Education.