Level 3 Health Studies

Students study a range of health and socioeconomic related topics that include three internal assessments and one external exam. They will complete a study looking at the ethics of a topical health issue such as access to certain medication or medical services and will use current attitudes and values to examine the differing viewpoints. They will also study the ways in which a health issue such as addiction could be treated within New Zealand, comparing and contrasting the efficacy, cost, availability, etc, of western, traditional and complimentary medicines.

Students will also study determinants of health such as politics, economics, culture and socioeconomic factors by applying them to health issues both within New Zealand and also globally. There is an emphasis on researching strategies that could be implemented by governments and local communities to improve social justice in these situations. 
Health Studies at Level 2 and Level 3 is a valuable subject to take for students wanting to study within the health industry, within psychology and social work but also for students wanting to work both in New Zealand and overseas for health promoters, charities and organisations working to improve health outcomes.