July 2018

Puketāpapa Youth Summit

On Thursday the 5th of July, 35 students (including 2 event facilitators) from Lynfield College attended the 2018 Puketāpapa Youth Summit. This was a great opportunity for students from Lynfield, Mt Roskill and other youth in our community to be able to share and express their ideas on different issues that affected youth within local and neighbouring suburbs.

The issues ranged from improving transport – whether that be better roading infrastructure or new bus routes, connecting communities with more facilities like parks and other community events, to bettering safety and wellbeing for youth within our communities.

The day started off with a panel discussion, where local Mt Roskill MP Michael Wood, Local Board Member Shail and other ‘decision-makers’ across the local areas discussed their thoughts and ideas on how youth could better be engaged in local-body politics, and how to make real meaningful change for their respective communities.

Lynfield College students actively engaged and participated in discussions, and ended up gaining lots of new understanding on different perspectives and ways of tackling issues faced by the youth of today. More photos from the day can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/PuketapapaYouthBoard/

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Junior Debating Mentors

On Monday 2 July, ten Year 10 debaters (Michael Jury, Eliana Competente, Aashish Ramanlal, Isha Ramanlal, Sanat Singh, Harshil Jogia, Dev Dixit, Jasmine Pickston, Aahana Shetty and Malisha Ghosh) put on a show debate and workshop at Chaucer Primary school.

They first modelled what a formal debate looked and sounded like with topic 'That we should ban fast food' to a group of 50 Year 5 students.

At the conclusion of the debate, the Chaucer students formed teams and, with the help of the Lynfield debaters, prepared the topic 'That zoos should be banned'. These topics linked to the environmental unit on which Chaucer students were preparing speeches.

A big thank you to the Year 10 Junior Debaters (JO and PJ) for sharing their skills with these students and giving back to our local community!

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