We welcome your interest in our college!  We trust you will find here all the information you need when preparing for enrolment at Lynfield College. Any questions should be addressed to Mrs Gabrielle Clark (Deputy Principal) gclark@lynfield.school.nz
  • Enrolment at Lynfield College is governed by an enrolment scheme, which consists of a home zone and procedures for enrolling out of zone students. The purpose of the enrolment scheme is to avoid overcrowding, to ensure fair and transparent selection, and to ensure the best use of schools.

Home Zone

All students living within the zone are entitled to enrol if they are eligible domestic students.  A map and list of streets can be found below.
Out of Zone  - Enrolment is based on priority categories defined by the Education Act.
Category 1: Applicants for enrolment in special programmes (Lynfield College Adult ESOL programme)
Category 2: Applicants who are brothers or sisters of current students
Category 3: Applicants who are brothers or sisters of former students
Category 4: Applicants who are children of former students
Category 5: Applicants who are children of Board employees or Board members
Category 6: All other applicants

2017 Enrolments

Please contact the college reception (627 0600) for information about enrolling for this year.

All forms for enrolment are available under Enrolment Process.

All enrolling students must attend an interview with a parent/caregiver. As well as bringing the completed enrolment forms families must bring

  • the original and a copy of the:student's birth certificate, or passport if not born in NZ (that shows the date of first entry into New Zealand)
  • evidence for Categories 2-5 enrolment ie parent or sibling's name and years attended
  • a document which verifies the Home Zone address
  • most recent school report and/or NZQA record of learning
  • A passport size photo is required (write the student’s full name on the back of the photo)
  • If the student has a study visa, a parent’s passport and work visa must be sighted

The General Purpose Donation would be appreciated at the time of enrolment (Application for remission of the donation may be made to the Principal).

Enrolments for 2018

Open Day Wednesday 26 July 2017 - 11.00 am
Open Day Thursday 27 July 2017 - 1.30 pm
Information Evening Monday 31 July 2017 in the Hall - 7.00 pm
Out of Zone Applications Close Year 9T Thursday 7 September 2017
Out of Ballot Year 9 Thursday 14 September 2017
Applications Close for Year 10 - 13 Tuesday 17 October 2017
Ballot Year 10 - 13 Wednesday 18 October 2017

Student Orientation Booklet

Available here


College Uniform and Stationery Shop

  • Payment is by cash, cheque, EFTPOS or credit card.  Alternatively, all purchases may be made online through the Shop link on our website homepage, using a credit card or direct credit,

All items of new uniform are available from the College shop. The shop is open Monday to Thursday during the school week from 10.00am - 12.00 noon and 12.30 - 1.30pm, and on Friday mornings 8am - 11.30am.

All items of stationery needed by students can be purchased from the College shop and stationery packs are available for Year 9 and Year 10 students. Parents should allow at least $50 for this requirement. No separate stationery list will be supplied. All students are expected to have a scientific calculator and suitable ones may be purchased from the shop.

 School Donation : $190 per child, or $270 per family

The Board of Trustees determines this annually and approves its use. It contributes to the purchase of sports equipment, stocking the library, subsidising music and cultural performances, school trips, sports uniforms, paying for the Yearbook, prizes and ensuring that all sundry items necessary to providing a sound education are available to the students. Given the importance of the donation in funding these aspects of school life, the Board hopes families will make arrangements to contribute as and when they are able. Allowance is made for cases of genuine hardship, details of which should be communicated in writing to the Principal. Please mark the envelope “confidential”.
Course Materials Costs

These charges are appropriate where students keep the material or extend activities beyond the normal resources of the department concerned, e.g. Art, Craft, Technology Food, Technology Metal, Technology Wood, Text Information Management and Photography. Students are issued with material costs information in their first week of school and fees are collected in week 2. These costs and the GP Donation can be paid  via the Parent Portal from the homepage of this website, or at the college accounts office. Statements will be posted home during Term 1. Prompt payment is appreciated.


A high level of attendance is a pre-requisite for successful learning. For unforeseen absence parents must call the College in the morning (extension 729) or email absence@lynfield.school.nz  Regulations do not permit absences for other than medical reasons. Prior permission may be granted by the Principal for any special activity requiring an absence from school. Family trips overseas during term time are discouraged - requests for absence for these should be made directly to the Principal.

An early notification system is in place and when a student is deemed to be absent a text message will be sent to both caregivers' mobile phones as entered on the enrolment form. When students are late to school parents will be emailed. It is therefore important that parents update their contact details with the Deans' Secretary ( extension 731) should any contact details change.

The College takes a dim view of lateness and truancy, and students are required to make up all lost time. Prosecution notices may be filed in cases of persistent truancy.

Lynfield College runs a 5-day timetable (Monday to Friday). Each day is made up of six periods, each 50 minutes in length.
Students are expected to be on the school grounds at 8:40am each day ready for an 8:45am start, except for Wednesday mornings when Year 9 have assembly at 8.45 and all students in Years10-13 students go straight to Period 1 for a 9:00am start.

Bell times - Normal School Day 
8:45 am Formtime / assembly
9:00 am Period One
9:50 am Period Two
10:40 am Interval
11:00 am Period Three
11:50 pm Period Four
12:40 pm Lunch
1:25 pm Period Five
2:20pm Period Six
3.10 pm End of school day
Belltimes - Wednesday 
8.45 - Assembly for Year 9
No form time for students in Years 10-13
9:00 am Period One
9:50 am Period Two
10:40 am Interval
11:00 am Period Three
11:50 pm Period Four
12:40 pm Lunch
1:25 pm Period Five
2:20pm Period Six
3.10 pm End of school day


  • Identified by a set of short bells ringing.
  • Lunchtime is reduced to 35 minutes (12.40 - 1.15pm)
  • Lunch activities are cancelled.
  • Pupils go to their form rooms for the entire lunch period.  They should sit quietly and eat, leaving the room as clean as they found it.
  • The fields and hard areas are out of bounds.
  • The library will be closed.
  • Foyers, corridors & stairwells are to be left clean and tidy.
  • Forms with specialist form rooms go to the hall.  Students are to stay off the stage.
  • Period 5: 1.15 - 2.05pm, Period 6:  2.05 - 2.55pm.
  • Duty teachers are to do 15 minutes each, from 12.40 - 1.10pm.
  • Teachers on duty on the lower courts, turf or fields should help out in other areas as there should be no students on the lower courts, turf or fields.

Belltimes - Wet lunchtime  
8:45 am Formtime / assembly
9:00 am Period One
9:50 am Period Two
10:40 am Interval
11:00 am Period Three
11:50 pm Period Four
12:40 pm Lunch
1:10 pm Period Five
2:05pm Period Six
2:55 pm End of school day

  1. On matters concerning their child, parents/caregivers are invited to communicate directly with the appropriate Dean or one of the Guidance Counsellors. This can be done by phone, email or an appointment.
  2. Newsletters are emailed fortnightly, and posted on our website, with copies available for families without internet access.
  3. Reports are issued three times per year.
  4. Progress Conference evenings are scheduled twice a year. There is also a special evening for parents/caregivers of Year 9 students about six weeks into the school year.
  5. In addition to customary annual reports from the Board Chairperson and Principal, monthly Board of Trustees meetings are open to the public.
  6. Home-school partnership meetings are arranged from time to time and provide an excellent forum to support parents and the school on parenting and educational matters. The College depends on and values highly an on-going link with the parents/caregivers of our students. Parents are always welcome to contact the school and their views and ideas are appreciated.
  7. The College has a comprehensive website which is constantly updated and includes the newsletters as well as information on curriculum, enrolments, and special features of the school. There is a link to e-LynC (our online learning environment) and a Parent Portal for payments and other information pertaining to your student/s.
  8. Please ensure the College is supplied with any changes of address, telephone numbers, daytime/business contact numbers, email address. Your email address will be used to generate a personal logon to our Parent Portal.
  9. Email: admin@lynfield.school.nz 
  10. App : Lynfield LynC. This app is available free and is suitable for Apple and Android devices.

Learning Support

The Learning Support Structure information is detailed under Student Support. Families for whom this may be relevant should read this carefully for an understanding of the various levels of support available and the criteria for accessing these.


Homework has an important place in secondary education. It consolidates classroom learning, extends skill development and encourages effective habits of organisation, self-discipline and resourcefulness. Many parents closely supervise and sometimes assist their children's completion of homework while the children are at primary and intermediate school. Once the children are at secondary school the level of close supervision and assistance should decrease. As teachers we do not want parents completing homework for their children; your direct assistance should be minimal. However, we do rely heavily on parental encouragement, support and facilitation.


Student ID Card

  • A new photo ID card is sold to all students each year (2017 - $6). It is evidence of current Lynfield College enrolment. Student concessions, for example on public transport, require presentation of a current Lynfield College ID card. 


Taking Responsibility for Safety

It is important that all students are aware of, understand and follow College procedures on matters relating to physical and emotional safety. 
The safety of everyone depends on each and every one of us taking responsibility for our actions.  When you and your son/daughter sign the Lynfield College Enrolment Form you are agreeing to comply with the following statement.
I agree:

  • To respect other people (students, staff, community), their opinions and their property.
  • To listen to, and behave in accordance with, all safety instructions and safety procedures in all subject/course classes.
  • To not put myself or others at risk during co-curricular and extra-curricular activities whether at school or off-site.
  • To follow the emergency evacuation procedures.
  • To follow the security alert procedures.
  • To never interfere with any warning system/alarm system/response system at Lynfield College.  (Setting off the alarm system can result in the Fire Brigade responding and a false alarm carries a penalty of up to $1000.)
  • To inform a staff member if I notice a hazard or something that poses a risk to physical safety, when at school or on a school activity.
  • To not publicise any material which violates the Safe School Policy and/or brings any member of the College into disrepute.


Internet Wi-Fi Access

Wireless access is available throughout the College and use is subject to the Acceptable Use Agreement as well as the ICT Code of Conduct below.

ICT Code of Conduct

The computers at Lynfield College are provided for students to use for recognised educational purposes. The use of computers and associated Information Communication Technologies (ICT) is a privilege, not a right, and is dependent on students meeting the following conditions.  When you and your son/daughter sign the Lynfield College Enrolment form you are agreeing to comply with the following statement:

 1.   Any computer use must be carried out on the student’s personal login.

 2.   Computers are to be used for recognised education purposes only.

  • use all computers and ICT-related equipment with care and respect
  • report any problems or difficulties to Staff
  • be careful not to waste computer resources as I may be responsible for costs
  • use the Wi-Fi in a legal and responsible manner, abiding by the Wi-Fi Acceptable Use Agreement


  • allow others to access the network or Internet with my login or password
  • access any material on the school network which is not mine or which I have not been given permission to use
  • in any way harm, modify, or destroy computer hardware, settings, software, or data files
  • access, create, view or send any material which could, in the view of the College, be offensive
  • reveal any personal information about myself or others
  • attempt to by-pass systems that the school has put in place in order to access files or the internet
  • use ICT equipment, including personal cell phones, laptops, PDA etc, to carry out any illegal activities or do anything that goes against the Lynfield College Code of Conduct.

Further notes

  • All computer use is recorded and can be traced back to the user.  The school reserves the right to inspect your files or ICT equipment.
  • Any violation of the ICT Code of Conduct will result in disciplinary action, which could include, among other consequences, turning off your network login, the denial of access to computers and ICT-related equipment, removal from any courses that involve computer use, and/or an appearance before the Principal or Board of Trustees.
  • Lynfield College is not responsible for, nor legally liable for, materials distributed to or acquired from the Internet by students.
  • Lynfield College is not responsible for the accuracy of information obtained through the Internet.  When Internet information is used in an assignment, it must be acknowledged in the same way as information coming from printed material.

 Parents Quick Links

Adult ESOL Enrolments

Applications for 2017 can be made at the school office.
The general Purpose Donation of $190 per student applies to these courses, plus other materials or trip costs that occur during the course of the tuition.



Home Zone

The geographic area (including the street addresses) described in the scheme shall stand fast and operate as the school's home zone. (Refer List of Streets below)

All students living in the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school at any time.

Students who live within the school's home zone and who meet the criteria for enrolment in the special programmes, will be enrolled ahead of out of zone students.

Ministry Approved Special Programmes
The school operates the following approved special programmes:
  • Adult ESOL Programme

Streets in the Home Zone:
A to C: Addison Street, Alaunia Ave, Allison St, Amazon Pl, Andes Pl, Anita Ave, Armagh St, Ascania Pl, Athenic Ave, The Avenue, Ball Pl, Bannister Pl, Barkes Pl, Barton St (incl East), Battersby Pl, Becket Way, BellamyPl, Blockhouse Bay Rd (only 331-617 and 320-632), Bolton St, Boundary Rd, Boyce Ave, Budgen St, Busby St, Caledonian Pl, Canberra Ave, Cape Horn Rd, Caronia Cres, Castlewood Grove, Chaucer Pl, Cleland Cres, Commodore Dr, Congreve Pl, Connaught St, Connell St, Corinthic Pl, Cormack St, Covic Ave, Crecy Pl, Crowther St, Crudge St, Culdaff St

D to G: Dallas Pl, Dominion Rd Extension (from roundabout - 1492, 1255), Donovan St, Doug Goodwin Pl, Dundale Ave, Dundee Pl, Eleanor Pl, Ellis Ave, Endeavour St, Ernie Pinches St, Exminster St, Fairsea Pl, Fairway Dr, Flavia Pl, Francis Curtis Ave, Falkirk St, Fran Andrews Dr, Frederick Green Pl, Freer St, Gaynor Ave, Geneva Pl, George Laurenson Lane, Gilfillan Street, Gill Cres, Gilletta Rd, Glenveagh Dr, Godwit Pl, Gothic Ave, Graham Bell Ave, Griffen Park Rd

H to L: Halsey Dr, Haycock Ave, Heaphy St, Henehan Crescent, Hertford St, Hillsborough Rd (from 388and427), Hillview Rd, Himalaya Cres, Humber Pl, Ira St, Iberia Pl, Jama Pl, Jamaica Pl, James Tyler Cres,Jasmine Pl, Joan Stumbles Ave,  John Davis Rd, Jona Pl, Katavich St, Kay Dr, Keats Pl,Kendrick Pl, Kimberhall Ave, Kingshaven Cl, Kinross St, Laburnum Rd, Landseer Park, Letterkenny St, Lewis St, Lifford Dr, Linden St, Lucknow St, Lynbrooke Ave, Lynfield Pl

M to O: McAlister Place, McFadzean Dr, McGowan St, MacLaurin St, Malcolm St, Marconi Pl, Marco Polo Pl, Margate Rd, Marion Ave, Mariposa Ave, Marlowe Rd,Marshall Laing Ave, Marydale Dr, Mary Dreaver St, Matata St, Mauretania Ave, Maui Pomare St,McWhirter Pl,  Meredith St, Mersey Pl, Miriam St, Mitchell St. Mongorry St, Morpeth Pl, Mulgan St, New Windsor Rd (only 188+ and 193+ ie. from Maioro), Niagara Pl, Nirvana Way, Noel St, Nova Pl, O'Casey Pl, Ochre Pl, Orcades Pl, Orsova Pl, Oriana Ave

P to S: Parfitt St, Pascoe St, Pasteur Pl, Paua Pl, Penbury Ave, Penney Ave, Peter Mulgrew St, Portage Rd (from 44 and 55 up to Connaught St), Puketapapa St, Puketea St, Ramelton Rd, Rangitata Pl, Rathlin St, Rangitane Pl, Rangitiki Cres, Robson St, Rosamund Ave, Richardson Rd (only 308 to 576 and 299 to 567),  Royal Viking Way, Sally Cres, Shaw Way, Shawcross St, Shenandoah Ave, Shipton Pl, Stanton Tce, Stoddard Rd, Stranolar Dr, Strathnaver Cres, Subritzky Ave, Sullivan St, Swinburne St, Sylvania Cres

T to Z: Tania Pl, Taunton Tce, Taylor Close, Taylor St, Tedwilliam St, Temuka Gardens, Terry St, Terracotta Dr, The Avenue, Trevola St, Trinidad St, Tropicana Dr, Ulster Rd, Vivaldi Pl,Wade St,  Waianiwa Pl, Waikowhai Rd,  Wayne Pl, Webster Ave, Welsh St, White Swan Rd, Wilde St, Windermere Cres, Whitney St (only from 79+ and 86+ ie. from Holbrook), William Donnelly Ave, Wanganella Ave, Yeats Way, Zambezi St, Zamora St, Zaralto St
Lynfield Draft Map