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We proudly provide opportunity for students to engage in cultural activities associated with their origins, as many students have their heritage and journeys from all over the world which they bring to their life at Lynfield College. In Term 1 the college celebrates its cultural and ethnic diversity with a Cultural Food and Entertainment Festival, and a week of activities designed to share cultural learning.

Students enjoy a wide range of cultural groups within which they can connect with others from their home country and share their cultural heritage. These groups reflect their multi-cultural diversity of our student population. 

Maintaining and growing the college's friendships with schools in other parts of the world gives students various opportunities for travel and international cultural experiences. Hosting students from Germany, Japan and China every second year, and visiting their countries in the alternate years is an important aspect of life at Lynfield. Information on this is available under the International Exchanges section of the website.

The traditional extracurricular cultural activities such as  music, debating and an annual drama/musical production continue to thrive at Lynfield. These have their own sections of this website - Music  and    Performing Arts