Code of Conduct

The Lynfield College Code of Conduct

Our Lynfield College community works together to create a safe and inclusive learning environment.

On enrolment, students and their parents or caregivers are asked to sign their acceptance of our Code of Conduct. This code promotes and supports the physical and emotional safety for self and others throughout the College.

Expectations and Responsibilities

  • Be treated fairly, with respect and dignity
  • Feel safe, valued and connected to the school
  • Have people work with them in a co-operative way
  • Be spoken to without being put down
  • Have others respect their property
  • Have their differences accepted and valued
  • Have others comment positively about their abilities
  • Be free from racial, gender, sexual and physical harassment

  • Treat others fairly and with respect and dignity
  • Be co-operative and helpful
  • Never use physical or verbal abuse
  • Not allow aggressive, racist or sexist behaviour to go unchallenged
  • Be inclusive of others regardless of gender, race, appearance, physical or intellectual  ability
  • Value the difference in others
  • Be positive about the abilities of others

If any student feels they have been unfairly treated in any way, they should speak with their form teacher, or subject teacher, or Dean, and the matter will be investigated. There is also the option of talking through the situation with one of the Guidance Counsellors.

  code of conduct

Restorative Practices 

Me Te Aroha Ka Tutuki
     Through caring concern and support for others all things are possible

Our behaviour management procedures place emphasis on restorative practices to enable students to take responsibility for the results of their behaviour. The fundamental hypothesis of restorative practices is simple:  that human beings are happier, more productive and more likely to make positive changes in their behaviour when those in positions of authority do things with them, rather than to them or for them. 

Our Deans, Guidance and Senior Management Teams are trained in restorative practices and manage mediation work to ensure students are accountable for their behaviour, whilst working to ensure a safe and rewarding learning environment. Workshops and further training opportunities are provided to staff throughout the year.

Student Rules

These rules are to ensure that Lynfield College is a safe environment for students, staff and all members of the community. They are also intended to protect the good name of Lynfield College.

Acceptance of these rules is a condition of enrolment and the College has a range of consequences for those who break them. It is the responsibility of all staff to proactively support each other in consistently enforcing these rules.

Students at Lynfield College will:

1.  Attend school, be punctual and be absent for justified reasons only
2.  Wear full and correct uniform to and from school, at school and on school activities as required
3.  Participate respectfully in all learning activities and allow others to do so
4.  Respect the teaching, guiding and mentoring roles of all the adult staff in the school
5.  Respect all property
6.  Remain in approved areas of the school grounds at all times unless given permission to leave.
7.  Observe the Learning Charter Expectations for a Safe School and the ICT Code of Conduct

Physical contact between students must be respectful and appropriate for a school setting.

Students at Lynfield College will not:

1.  Bring and/or consume alcohol or drugs of any kind at school. Drugs and equipment associated with their use, solvents,
      cigarettes, tobacco, tobacco look-alike products, matches, cigarette lighters, alcohol, spray paint, permanent marker
      pens, vape devices and related vaping solutions may not be brought onto school grounds
2.  Fight with, threaten or verbally abuse another student, or encourage others to do so
3.  Access or bring to school any pornography, or offensive material
4.  Bring dangerous materials to school or use them at school, including weapons, tools for use as weapons (including craft
      knives), chemicals or explosives (including fireworks). This includes any look-alike toys and materials.
5.  Bring skateboards, scooters or similar, audio speakers, chewing gum, flour, spray cans of paint, water balloons,
      permanent markers, dye, food colouring or any other damaging substances to school
6.  Steal from others or vandalise property.

Impounded items are handed to the student’s year Dean for safekeeping in their office. Items may also be handed into the Deans’ Reception accompanied by an incident report.

Substance Abuse

Smoking / vaping, consumption of alcohol and drug use is not permitted in any school building, or on school grounds, or when wearing a school uniform. This applies at all times including after school hours, and at weekends. No student may consume, sell, purchase, supply, or have in their possession or be under the influence of alcohol, tobacco or look alike tobacco products such as, but not limited to, eCigarettes / vaping, illegal drugs, synthetic drugs, R18 legal drugs or party pills whether or not lawful under the law of New Zealand, while on the school’s property or under the authority of the school.

Criteria for Attending the School Ball

The Lynfield College School Ball is a special social event provided by the College to those senior students from Year 12 and 13 who meet the criteria to attend. Students are informed about this criteria since the start if the year. Student attendance at the Ball is a privilege and not a right.

School Ball Criteria

•  Meeting all outstanding obligations to the College
•  Having no more than 5% unjustified absences
•  Meeting our Code of Conduct
•  Having no stand-downs or suspensions in the current year
•  Having all fees owing to the College paid
•  Having presented signed and completed permission forms
•  Outside partners must have Deans’ approval.

Please Note

All students will be security-checked by security staff when they arrive at the venue.

As this is a school event no alcohol, drugs, smoking (including vaping), or any other inappropriate behaviour is permitted. Any breaches of this behaviour will immediately result in parents/caregivers being contacted to collect the student.

Lynfield College’s responsibility ceases when students leave the Ball.