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Lynfield College has a proud tradition of serving the central-west Auckland area for 60 years. In that time it has developed a reputation as a centre of academic excellence in a safe, caring, positive environment. Students are encouraged to take full part in the busy life of the college, and participate in the many and varied sporting, arts, cultural, and leadership opportunities.

 With over 1900 students we are able to offer an extremely broad curriculum that meets the needs of most of our students. For this reason the overwhelming majority of our Year 9 intake complete five years of secondary education and leave well-equipped for the opportunities and challenges of tertiary study, trades training and employment. Our careers and academic staff work with  students to ensure they are aware of their options and future pathways and so make sound decisions prior to leaving Lynfield College.

Lynfield College also offers a wide variety of extra support for students. Our ESOL programme caters for the needs of our second language students. Students with learning difficulties have the advice and guidance offered by the Learning Support unit to help them with their learning.
Cath Korowai
The Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator oversees the advanced learner programme that is provided in the junior school. In the senior school advanced courses in a range of specialist subjects provide pathways that extend our most able students; scholarship and co-curricular competition success is the expectation.

As 21st century learners, our students are increasingly engaging with digital technology. Recent improvements in device mobility have led us to implement a blended e-learning programme, which combines the best of traditional classroom practice with the opportunities provided by digital devices. Learning is supported anywhere, anytime, at any pace. Lynfield College is committed to equipping our students with the skills relevant to success in this rapidly-changing and increasingly digital world, and continuing to extend our e-learning resources is very much part of this process. Following the successful implementation of Bring Your Own Device 2014, this has been expanded to all year levels, (see the E-Learning section of the website).

This website introduces Lynfield College to potential students and families, provides information and news in our ongoing relationship with current students, their parents / caregivers and our community, and importantly, incorporates e-LynC, the e-learning portal for our students.

We are extremely proud of our students and their successes across all aspects of college activities. We have the confidence and respect of our community and Lynfield College was again, in May 2014, endorsed by the Ministry of Education Review Office as a 'high-performing school'.

Ms Cath Knell
The Education Review Office visited Lynfield College in March 2014, releasing their report in May 2014.

As a college we are very pleased to confirm to our community that we  again received an excellent ERO report. The ERO report answers the question “How effectively is this school’s curriculum promoting student learning – engagement, progress and achievement?”

The full report is available here. While recommending it to you we would also like to preface your reading with some of the comments which we found particularly pleasing and affirming:

  • “Students at Lynfield College are confident, friendly and proud of their school. They benefit from a caring and inclusive school culture.”
  • “Previous ERO reports noted the high quality, collaborative leadership of teaching and learning. These positive features have been sustained.”
  • “A shared commitment to ongoing improvement is evident across the school.”
  • “Students are actively engaged in their learning and are motivated to achieve success across a wide variety of school activities.”
  • “NCEA results across the school at Levels 1, 2,and 3 continue to be high. There are increasing numbers of merit and excellence endorsements, scholarships and outstanding scholarships in 2013.”
  • “A clear sense of shared purpose and direction is evident through the Lynfield College Learning Charter…A broad and differentiated curriculum provides a wide range of courses relevant to students’ personal interests and career pathways. It provides opportunities for students to continually experience success and transition smoothly to tertiary course and the work force.”
  • “High quality teaching practice is evident. Teaching is informed by teachers’ in-depth knowledge of students and their use of effective practices to support student learning.”
  • “Lynfield College is very well placed to sustain its current good practices and continue to grow its performance.”

The full 2014 report and earlier reports, are available on the ERO (Education Review Office) website www.ero.govt.nz