The college is organised into year groups, with a Dean responsible for each year level. Their role is wide-ranging. The following list indicates their major responsibilities:
  • Enrolment procedures
  • Academic guidance of their students; for example, advice regarding option choices
  • Pastoral care
  • Running a weekly assembly
  • Meeting with and guiding form teachers
  • Reports overview and preparation of testimonials
  • Prizegiving organisation

Deans follow their year group through the school and build up a detailed knowledge of their students.
They work closely with teachers and guidance staff to enable students to enjoy positive experiences at school.

Parents and students are encouraged to contact the Dean about any concerns.

2019 DEANS

Year   9    Anne Roach  |  BA, PGCE  (ext 724)  
Year 10    Sofia Hameed   |  BEd, DipSpeechLang, DipTchg
Year 11    Stuart Braithwaite   |  BSc, Dip Tchg (ext 726)
Year 12    Russell Christie  |  BEd, DipTchg (ext 722)
Year 13    Raneeta Prasad   |  BA, DipTchg (ext 723)                

Academic Advisor  Neil Waddington |  BCom, DipEd (ext 727)
Administration Services  Ron Delgrosso  |  MA, DipTchg (ext 728)