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Principal's Email: Friday 12 June 2020

Kia ora koutou,

It was with great relief we moved to Alert Level 1 on Tuesday. We now look forward to seeing the remaining 7% of our students who have been working remotely return to onsite learning. 

We are conscious that some students who have joined us later than their peers have experienced anxiety around their return. Mrs Kevany, Student Services, has recommended a resource that you may like to refer to here Living with worry and anxiety amidst global uncertainty:

What does Alert Level 1 mean at Lynfield?

  • Access to sanitiser will still be provided in every classroom / learning space and hard surfaces will be disinfected regularly

  • Good hygiene practices will continue to be modelled / encouraged (washing hands with soap, coughing and sneezing into an elbow etc)

  • Families will be asked to keep their child at home if they are sick including displaying cold / flu symptoms

  • Students will be sent home if they are unwell.


  • Drinking fountains will be available for use and will be cleaned regularly

  • Assemblies from next week with Year 9 and 10 assemblies being held on alternating Mondays (Year 10 will hold theirs on Monday 15 June)

  • Information evenings with the Scholarship Information now being relocated to the staffroom next Wednesday 17 June (5.45 pm for a 6.00 pm start)

  • Extra-curricular activities and inter-school competitions

  • School Sport - with no spectator limits

  • Tuckshop access has become easier without the requirement for social distancing. However, we have been advised that a reduced menu will operate until the end of the term. 


  • Contact tracing is no longer required. However anyone visiting the school grounds during the school day must still sign-in at Reception (business as usual)
  • School drop offs and pick-ups are still to be made outside the school gates. For Health and Safety reasons, including maintaining free access for emergency service vehicles, we will continue to operate a gate system. 

  • Parents picking up students after football / league / rugby games can do so via Gate 3 as this won’t be locked until 6.00 pm on evenings when we are hosting games.

We are still operating a 10 day timetable with three blocks per day. This will be reviewed by students and staff at the end of the term. 

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: Students are required to be onsite at 8.40 am and in their formclass / assembly by 8.45 am. School ends at 3.00 pm.

  • Wednesdays: Teaching staff are involved in Professional Learning from 8:15 am - 9:00 am so students have a late start on this day. They are required to be onsite by 9.10 am and in their Block 1 class by 9.15 am. School ends at 3.00 pm.

  • Year 13 students with a study in Block 3 (after lunch) are able to leave the school grounds from 12.40 pm. They must be onsite for study periods during Blocks 1 and 2.

There have been some understandable concerns with regards to assessments and credits earned as a consequence of COVID-19. Some students currently don’t have many credits showing on the portal. With assessments resuming from Tuesday 2 June this will change over the next few weeks. Please contact your child’s Dean in the first instance if you have concerns here.

Next week we will have a focus on Digital Citizenship during assemblies and there will be some supporting activities during formtime. If you haven’t heard about the launch of the new website Keep It Real Online, it is worth a look as we work together to keep our students safe.

“Being a parent or caregiver in the digital age can be challenging. Here you will find tools and advice to help you 'keep it real online' with your children and young people”

We look forward to sharing further resources.

Ngā mihi nui,

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal

Principal's Email: Thursday 14 May 2020

Kia ora koutou, Tēnā koe,

I hope you and your whānau are well.

We know some of our students - and their whānau - are worried that they might not be able to
attain NCEA or UE this year, because of the disruption caused by COVID-19.

To help address this and support students, the following changes are being made to NCEA and University Entrance (UE) requirements for this year:
  • Students working towards an NCEA can gain additional credits, based on the number of credits they achieve during the 2020 school year. These additional credits will be known as Learning Recognition credits. For every 5 credits a student achieves towards their NCEA either through internal or external assessment, they are entitled to an additional 1 credit. Students at NCEA Level 1 are eligible for up to a maximum of 10 additional credits while those at Levels 2 and 3 are eligible for up to a maximum of 8 additional credits.
  • Students will be awarded a certificate endorsement if they achieve 46 credits at Merit or Excellence level, rather than the usual 50. Students achieving 12 credits at Merit or Excellence level in a course – rather than 14 – will be awarded a course endorsement.
  • Current UE requirements have been reduced from 14 to 12 credits in three UE-approved subjects. Students still need to attain NCEA Level 3 and meet literacy and numeracy requirements to be awarded University Entrance.
  • External NCEA examinations and NZ Scholarship examinations will now take place from 16 November 2020 to 6 December 2020. This will provide extra time for teaching, learning and assessment in Term 4.
  • The submission date for subjects which require students to submit a portfolio (for example, Design and Visual Communications) has been extended to 12 November 2020, to give students more time to complete their portfolios.

These changes have been designed to encourage students to continue working towards their NCEA and to ensure that the NCEA attained by our rangatahi this school year is just as valid as those earned in previous years.

If you have any queries about the changes, please contact Deputy Principal Sandy Harris at

Ngā mihi nui,

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal

Principal's Email: Thursday 14 May 2020

Kia ora koutou, 

With the move to Alert Level 2 schools will reopen. The first day back for most students will be Monday 18 May (see details below). 

We have missed our students and staff and are looking forward to welcoming them back. It will have been eight weeks since many of them will have been onsite so we know that there will be a time of adjustment needed. Our priority will be on wellbeing and relationships and our school value of Whanaungatanga tika will support us through this time of reconnection. 

Whanaungatanga tika: Maintaining connections with our students, our staff, and with learning 

With differences in student, staff and whānau circumstances, not everyone will have had the same opportunity to complete work remotely. We are conscious that some have lost loved ones and that we will need to be kind to and patient with each other as we navigate our way through the rest of this term. 

Health and Safety Guidelines under Alert Level 2: 

We will continue to be guided by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health and have attached a COVID-19 Public Health Statement for the Education Sector. 

Under Alert Level 2 if any students or staff are sick they must not come to school. Parents will be required to immediately collect students should they become unwell during the day. 

Anyone who comes onto the school grounds is required to sign in at Reception for contact tracing purposes. This includes parents doing drop-offs and pick-ups. We are not able to manage the congestion that this will cause so drop-offs and pick-ups will need to be managed off-site. Parents of students with mobility concerns should contact the school to make separate arrangements. 

Changes to pick up and drop off: 

Anyone who stops on the school grounds is required to sign in at Reception. This includes people driving in to pick up and drop off students. 

Please arrange to pick up and drop off your child off site. There will be no access to the school grounds without signing in. This includes turning into Gate 1 and Gate 2 from White Swan Road. 

Please Note: Gate 1 and Gate 2 entrances will be coned off. There will be no vehicular access onto the grounds. 

If there are mobility concerns, please contact Reception so that arrangements can be made. 

Staggered Return: 

Due to our building progamme to address watertightness issues being interrupted we currently have 12 classrooms unavailable for use. As a consequence we will, unfortunately, need to stagger the return of our students. This will see one year level being rostered home each day as follows for the next two weeks:

Monday 18 and 25 May: Years 9, 10, 12 and 13 attend
Tuesday 19 and 26 May: Years 9, 11, 12 and 13 attend
Wednesday 20 and 27 May: Years 10, 11, 12 and 13 attend
Thursday 21 and 28 May: Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 attend
Friday 22 and 29 May: Years 9, 10, 11 and 13 attend 
-  Year 11 rostered home
-  Year 10 rostered home
-  Year   9 rostered home
-  Year 13 rostered home
-  Year 12 rostered home 

Please Note: Onsite supervision for students under the age of 14 will be available on their rostered home day if needed. If so please report to the Hall. 

Timetable changes: 

We are making changes to the timetable for the return to school on Monday 18 May. The changes are for several reasons: to reduce movement and contact around the school, to allow students blocks of time to focus on a subject (particularly practical subjects where students haven’t been able to complete learning tasks remotely), to give time to reconnect with students and build manaakitanga, and to build on the self-management skills developed by students while learning remotely.

A ten day timetable will operate, with three teaching blocks of 90 minutes each day and a 30 minute wellbeing session. School will finish at 3.00pm each day. 

The total amount of teaching for each subject will remain the same when averaged over 10 school days. Students will receive details about this new timetable structure when they return. For the first week back they should bring the gear that they would need for Periods 1, 3 and 5 of their old timetable. 

Students should bring to school: 

  • Their own or school loaned device and headphones. As we have loaned our school chromebooks out to students there won’t be extras available from the library 
  • Their own hand sanitiser 
  • Filled drink bottles (there should be no sharing and no drinking straight from water fountains. Some fountains will allow water bottles to be filled) 
  • Lunch. The cafe will be open offering a limited pre-packaged menu range for the next two weeks (refer to Deejays Reduced Menu for Level 2 attached). Students will have staggered access to reduce queues. One window for payment and one window for food collection will operate. 


Yesterday the Minister of Education announced the following immediate changes to NCEA: 

  • External NCEA examinations and New Zealand Scholarship examinations will be delayed so they start on 16 November instead of 6 November, allowing further time for teaching, learning and internal assessment in Term Four. Examinations will now end on 9 December instead of 2 December, and an updated examination timetable is available on the NZQA website (; 
  • The requirement for NZQA verification of Level 1 and 2 Visual Arts portfolios will be waived, giving students more time to complete their portfolios and teachers more time for marking; and 
  • The submission date for subjects which require students to submit a portfolio, such as Design and Visual Communication, is being extended from 28 October to 12 November 2020, giving students more time to prepare. 

Further details with regards to changes to assessment will follow during the term. 

Friday, 15 May

Staff will return to prepare their classroom spaces ready to welcome students on Monday. This will include hand sanitiser made available for use on entry and exit, disinfectant for hard surfaces, the rearrangement of desks, where practical, to increase physical distancing and signage promoting good hygiene practices. There will be no online access to staff on this day. 

A copy of this information will be posted on Schoology for students. 

Thank you for your support of the school 

Noho ora mai

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal

covid19 banner

Alert Level 3: Students Returning to School

School will be open to receive students in Years 9 and 10 from Wednesday 29 April. You must register your child if they will be attending as we will be unable to accept students not registered due to Health and Safety considerations. If you have more than one child in Year 9 and 10, please complete one form for each child.

Please complete the registration form by 2.00 pm on Thursday 23 April by clicking on the following link:

We will confirm the Attendance Register with you by the end of Friday 24 April.

Principal's Email: Tuesday 21 April 2020

Kia ora koutou,

On Monday 20 April, the Government announced that NZ will move to Alert Level 3 from next Tuesday. This will see the reopening of schools to limited numbers of up to Year 10 students.

However the message from the Ministry of Education is:

“Please keep your child learning at home at Alert Level 3, unless there is no one in your bubble who can care for them as you now need to go to work.”

Remote learning will continue for students at all year levels (Years 9 - 13).

If you do need to send your Year 9 or 10 child to school you will need to ‘REGISTER’ them for the period of time that we are at Alert Level 3 so that appropriate supervision can be organised.

Please note, for the safety of your child, for the safety of other students and for the safety of staff:

  • if your child has a health condition that means they are at a greater risk of a severe illness you must keep them at home
  • if your child is sick they must be kept at home
  • If you child becomes unwell during the school day they will be required to be collected by someone within your bubble

We are now able to provide some clarification as to what schooling will look like for those who will need to come to school:

  • The work set for students needing to come to school will be the same as for those working at home. 
  • Students will be divided into groups of no more than 10 students
  • Groups of 10 students will be allocated a classroom where physical distancing will be maintained by students being seating with an empty desk between them
  • Strict enforcement of safe hygiene and cleaning practices will be maintained
  • Students will be supervised by a roster of staff. These are likely to be different to your child’s regular teachers 
  • A normal timetable will NOT operate and break times will be staggered so that your child’s ‘school bubble’ does not mix with other ‘school bubbles’
  • Arrival to school and departure from school will also be staggered.
  • The school canteen will not be open so students will need to bring sufficient food and drink for the day 
  • As the library devices have been loaned out to students, those coming to school will need to bring their own / school loaned device to work on.


If you need to send your child to school please complete the REGISTRATION FORM at by 2.00 pm on Thursday 23 April. 

Only registered students will be able to attend from Wednesday 29th April.

He waka eke noa - we are in this together

Noho ora mai

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal

Principal's Email: Monday 20 April 2020

Kia ora koutou,

Thank you for the responses that you have submitted to the survey that went out over the weekend. Currently we have heard from 405 families. We would love to be able to match the number of student responses (sitting on 808) and compare the feedback!

If you have missed seeing the survey link come through I am including it again: We have heard from more Year 9 parents than we have from our Year 9 students so please do encourage your child to complete the student survey (the link was sent to them on Schoology).

Those parents who provided contact details for follow-up conversations will be contacted over the next week.

Today (Tuesday 20 May) the Government decided that we will move into Alert Level 3 on Tuesday 28 April.  That means we will be open to receive students from the 29 April.  We will start to prepare our site from tomorrow.

The key message for you is that if you can, you should keep your child at home. You should only physically send your child to school if you need to. If your child has a health condition that means they are at a greater risk of a severe illness you must keep them at home.  If your child is sick please also ensure you keep them at home.

In order to ensure the safety of those children and our staff who do come to school, we will be operating with strict enforcement of health and safety measures.

I want to assure you that we will continue to support your child’s learning at home and that the work that is set will be the same for both groups of students.

We will contact you later this week to find out whether you can keep your child learning from home, or need your child to attend in person.

The Ministry of Education has advised that they are working closely with the Ministry of Health to develop clear guidance that will support schools to safely re-open their premises to students and staff. This will help us work through the public health requirements that we all need to meet. As you will be doing, we want to be sure that what we do will keep our community as safe as possible.

For now, we will continue to support your child’s learning remotely while we progress our planning for what Alert Level 3 will mean for you and for our school. We will be in touch again soon with more information. As you have been doing, please keep connecting with the school with any questions you might have.

Noho ora mai (stay well)

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal

Principal's Email: Tuesday 14 April 2020: Week 1 of Term 2

Tomorrow, Wednesday 15 April, we start Term 2.

While the learning will be different to on-site schooling and to being in a physical classroom it will still be with teachers that your child is familiar with and it will still mean working collaboratively with their classmates.

Our teachers have been busy over the past few weeks not only in managing life in their own bubbles with all the unique challenges that this has presented, but also in preparing for learning to continue remotely. In most cases this will be as new to them as it is for you and your child.

The most important point to keep in mind is that no students are to be disadvantaged through this disruption to their learning. There may be changes to NCEA and assessment for 2020 in support of this. We will update you further when decisions are made here.

Meanwhile the wellbeing of our students and their families, and of our staff and their families, remains our focus. Over the holidays staff worked to ensure that everyone was CONNECTED and support for WELLBEING is provided. Thank you to those who have responded to our emails / texts / phone calls as we continued to identify who needed help in accessing learning online. Today we packaged up a further 30+ chromebooks for students. These were collected by NZ Couriers this afternoon for distribution and should arrive over the next couple of days.

Students without access to the internet / wifi will be supported by the Ministry directly. 

The Board of Trustees met before the Easter Break and have recorded a message of support for our students and whanau as we begin the new term: Message from the BOT


We know that it is difficult for some students to manage looking after others, sharing devices and the internet, and having time for exercise and play.  So, students are expected to do 12-15 hours of school work each week. Teachers will suggest other things students can be doing if they want to learn more about a subject.

Schoology is the first place students should check each day. It will have messages from the Form Teacher, the Dean, and other staff and students. It will also be where subject teachers post the work for the day.  Caregivers have access to Schoology to see what work has been posted. Please take this opportunity to be involved and to talk with your child about how they can manage their time.

Each teacher will make time for synchronous learning. This is learning that is happening at the same time. This may look like a Zoom chat, a Google Hangout or Meet, a Schoology Discussion, or just a time when teachers will answer emails. Synchronous learning will happen during one of the usual timetabled periods, and will show as an Event in the Schoology Calendar.  If your child can’t make this time, please encourage them to let the teacher know and make arrangements for another time.

Parent login details for Schoology

Schoology is the Learning Management System (LMS) that Lynfield College uses. It allows staff to communicate with students, set work, have discussions, video conferences and submit work. It is where all students should be checking each day. Parents are able to login in, using their parent portal details, to see what work has been set for their child.

Safety online - Switch ON Safety

When children learn from home, it’s important to help them stay safe online. 

Network for Learning (N4L) helps to keep your child safe at school. So while your child is learning from home, we have a simple,  FREE  way to block the worst of the web. To Switch on Safety, you need to change the ‘DNS’ settings on your child’s device.  We’ve outlined simple instructions for the different devices at

While much of the work set will use digital tools and be online, we are aware this may be challenging for some families.  Please work with your child to see what learning can happen offline or using pen, paper and books. 



The Form Teacher has a very important role during this remote learning period as the primary contact with students.

The Form Teacher will make a post to the Form Class Group on Schoology every day.  As part of checking in, we ask that students comment or ‘Like’ this post during the day.  If the Form Teacher doesn’t have contact with the student, they will be calling home to check that the student is able to access learning. 

Class reps will also be checking in with their classmates.

Guidance Counsellors, Nurse, Careers Advisor, and the Deans are available through email if there are any wellbeing concerns.

Guidance Counsellor
Guidance Counsellor
School Nurse
Careers Advisor
Yr 9 Dean
Yr 10 Dean
Yr 11 Dean
Yr 12 Dean
Yr 13 Dean           
Mrs Kevany
Mr Tonks
Ms Hieatt
Mrs Keir
Mrs Prasad
Ms Reynolds
Mrs Hameed
Mr Braithwaite
Mr Christie


“It is really important that every family is able to put food on the table for their children at a time when unexpectedly they are facing financial hardship,” Phil Goff said.

Auckland Council has set up a food distribution centre at Spark Arena at the request of the government to help people needing assistance due to the COVID-19 crisis and lockdown.

“In particular we are trying to reach out to those who have suffered job losses because of the lockdown, to tide them over until their applications for income support are processed by state agencies”. “We are also assisting groups such as the elderly and the disabled, who are unable to access supermarkets” Phil Goff said.

Aucklanders who need to access the service can call the Auckland Emergency Management helpline on 0800 22 22 96 and an emergency food / toiletries pack will be couriered to you. The helpline is open between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm, seven days a week.

Noho ora mai (stay well)

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal

Principal's Email: Friday 27 March 2020

Kia ora koutou,

This is the last update for the term with tomorrow being the first day of the school holidays. It has been a particularly stressful and exhausting time over the past few weeks so I encourage you to make use of the links provided to Information and resources to support wellbeing provided below.


  • Year 9 Dean’s email address (not Our apologies for any confusion / frustration created by this typo.

  • ADHB notification: We have been able to confirm with Kiwi Coaches that there is a Lynfield-only bus from Mangere Bridge (new service from 2020). Any students travelling on this service will NOT have been in contact with the students from Marist College. We have advised the ADHB accordingly so we are relieved to be able to allay concerns here.


26 March
28 March
10 - 14 April
15 April
22 April
27 April

Alert Level 4 commenced
School holidays begin
Easter including the Tuesday after Easter
Term 2 begins (through distance learning)
Current date for ending of lockdown period
ANZAC Day observed


Thank you to those that have reminded their child to confirm their ability to access learning online or responded to the text sent earlier today. The MOE is looking to support families who don’t have access to wifi and/or access to a device. Further information will be provided for those that need this support over the holiday break. Online learning will resume on Wednesday 15 April.


The Office of Ethnic Communities (OEC) has put together some short videos in a number of languages (currently Arabic, Cantonese, French, Hindi, Mandarin, Persian/Farsi, Spanish and Urdu) so that those in our ethnic communities whose English isn’t strong are able to access key COVID19 information in their own language.  Please forward this link to those that would benefit from viewing these:


Progress Reports were loaded onto the Parent Portal earlier in the week.  These reports indicate how well your child has settled into learning at the start of the year.  You will need a pdf reader to view the report. Common pdf readers are Foxit and Adobe Acrobat Reader. These can be downloaded from the web.  

As a result of the Covid-19 virus situation, our end of term Progress Conferences have been postponed. Guidelines on how to discuss your child’s progress with their teachers will be sent out next term.



Stay safe and keep healthy:

Finally a reminder for the holidays:
All New Zealanders are urged to be calm, be kind, stay at home

Staying at home will break the chain and save lives

Nga mihi nui

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal

Principal's Email: Thursday 26 March 2020

Kia ora koutou,

With schools now being closed Lynfield College has moved to remote / online learning. Students can now access their course work through our school’s Learning Management System (LMS), Schoology. 


Please check that your child has checked each of their courses on Schoology and has ‘liked’ or ‘commented on’ a post made by their form teacher and/or class teacher OR emailed their form teacher and/or class teacher directly. We are looking to confirm by 3.00 pm tomorrow (Friday 27 March) who doesn’t have access to these resources. Should there be any difficulties here please have your child email their formteacher OR their Dean:

Year   9:               Year 10:
Year 11:             Year 12: 
Year 13:

The Ministry of Education has indicated that they will be contacting schools next week to provide support for distance learning.

Since the Prime Minister’s announcement on Monday we have issued over 40 devices for students to take home and made available paper resources for junior students who don’t have access to wifi.


Many of you will be aware that the dates for the Term 1 holidays have been brought forward. This week is now the last week of Term 1 with the holidays starting next week from 30 March. Term 2 will start on Wednesday 15 April (with NZ still in lockdown). Students were advised via Schoology yesterday of the following: 

  • From now until the end of this week (27 March) you are expected to do something for each class that you would normally have on that day
  • During the holidays DO check for the daily notices that will be sent out to ALL students in support of your health and wellbeing. While there is NO expectation that you will be doing schoolwork daily, some students may have assignments / reading tasks to continue with
  • On Wednesday 15 April, remote learning will resume and teachers will be setting work for you to complete. Again with the expectation being that you do something for each class that you would normally have on that day. 


The Auckland District Health Board contacted us today in support of Lynfield College students who travelled on the following Kiwi Coach buses last week: 

  • The Manurewa bus shared with Mount Albert Grammar in the morning and the afternoon on Wednesday 18 March, Thursday 19 March and Friday 20 March.
  • The Mangere Bridge bus with Lynfield College students on Monday 16 March in the afternoon, and Wednesday 11th March, morning and afternoon.

Should this include your child please read their full notification here. If you are aware of other students who travelled on these busses please check that they have read this information.


The Ministry has secured a special broadcast on TVNZ TV1 of the COVID-19 key messages  

  • TV1 today at 4.30pm – key messages from our Pacific Clinicians in 9 Pacific Languages (28 mins) (Samoan, Tongan, Kuki ‘Airani, Niuean, Tuvaluan, Kiribati, Rotuman, Fijian and Tokelauan)
  • TV1 9am on Saturday – a one hour special on Tagata Pasifika’s segment
  • TV1 7.35am on Sunday – Tagata Pasifika’s segment sharing messages from our community leaders

Please spread the word. 


Finally, we have advised our students to keep up their daily quota of Vitamin D (sunshine) and to keep as physically active as they can while staying at home.

Nga mihi nui

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal

Principal's Email: Sunday 22 March 2020

Kia ora koutou,

We have left sending this update until as late as possible on Sunday to ensure that we are sending the most up-to-date information.

New Zealand schools are currently scheduled to be open for instruction tomorrow. There are, however, a couple of local Auckland exceptions for tomorrow including Glendowie College and Marist.

Those who should NOT attend Lynfield College are students who are unwell, especially those who are coughing, sneezing, have a runny nose or a fever. If your child displays these symptoms they will be seen by the school nurse and you will be contacted to collect them.

Further to the updated Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education recommendations with regards to High Risk Individuals (21/03/20), we are asking parents of any students who have the following underlying medical conditions to consult with the school nurse ( / their child’s specialist before sending their child to school:

  • A compromised immune system
  • Liver disease
  • Cancer
  • Kidney disease
  • Heart disease
  • Diabetes mellitus

Lynfield College will operate a normal timetable for those who do attend. Those unable to attend can access learning online through the college’s LMS (Learning Management System), Schoology.

To help us prepare for the event that school will be directed to close

To prepare for the event that schools will be directed to close, our staff at Lynfield are checking to see who has access to a computer/device at home and who will need to work on printed material.

On Tuesday 24 March school will close at 12:40 pm for all students so teachers are able to prepare for remote learning. Any student who is not able to leave school can stay in the Library until 3.10pm.

Wednesday 25 March: Year 11 and 13 students will be rostered home for one day to complete school work online. Years 9, 10 and 12 students attend as per usual.

Thursday 26 March: Year 9, 10 and 12 students will be rostered home for one day to complete school work online. Years  11 and 13 attend as per usual.

During this time, students will be asked to log in to each of their courses and complete a short activity so that we can be sure every student can access Schoology from home.

Students who do not have a device at home are able to borrow one from the Library These students should go to the Library at 12.40 on Tuesday 24 March to be issued a Chromebook.

Any student who is not able to stay at home when they are rostered to, should come to school and work in the Library. A teacher will be there to supervise.


To help schools plan for COVID-19 related student absences, NZQA is providing guidance to schools for managing NCEA assessment. The College is following NZQA’s guidance and has a plan to manage student assessment requirements should a student experience any disruption as a result of self-isolation, illness or school closure. Students and parents can check this page for the latest information from NZQA.


Reports will be on the portal this week however, all Report Conferences have been postponed. Should you wish to discuss your child’s progress, please email your child’s subject teacher. They will either email you information or contact you to arrange a phone conversation if that is what you prefer.

Nga mihi nui

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal


Principal's Email: Sunday 22 March 2020

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement, school will be closed to all students from today.

Children of essential workers are able to be supervised at school on Tuesday 24 March. These students are asked to report to the Hall by 9am where they will be supervised.

If students don’t have access to a device or computer at home during this period of self-isolation, they are to go to the Library between 9am and 10.30am on Tuesday 24 March. Students will be issued with a Chromebook and a charger to allow them to access their learning online.

A coordinated remote learning programme via Schoology will be in place from Wednesday 25 March.

This is a stressful time for everyone, and we appreciate you will have many questions about what will happen next.  We will endeavour to provide you with information and answers as more detail becomes available over the next few days.

Nga mihi nui

Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal


Principal's Email: Thursday 19 March: Important information and Updates

Kia ora Parents and Whānau

I would like to take this opportunity to keep you updated on the implications Covid-19 is having on events scheduled.  

We continue to follow advice and guidance provided by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Education: MOE update 18 March


  • Progress Conferences (originally scheduled for 2 April and 7 April)
  • Cultural Day (originally scheduled for 28 March)
  • Cultural Week lunchtime activities (originally scheduled for week 9)
  • All Winter Sport Competitions and some Summer Sports sanctioned by College Sport. Please refer to the College Sport link: 

Any queries please contact the sports office at


  • Cultural Mufti Day will still be held on Friday 27 March
  • Trips are being reviewed on a case by case basis
  • Samoan Cultural group NCEA filming 4.30 - 6.00pm 23 March (immediate family only - total audience limited to 100) 
  • Niuean Cultural group NCEA filming 4.30 - 5.00pm 24 March (immediate family only - total audience limited to 100)
  • We advise against any non-essential overseas travel. If any student is returning from overseas they will be required to self isolate for 14 days.

The Ministry of Health good hygiene recommendations include:

  • Washing hands with soap and water for 20 seconds before and after eating as well as after attending the toilet 
  • Covering coughs and sneezes with clean tissues or with an elbow 
  • Putting used tissues in the bin
  • Encouraging staff and students to stay home if they are unwell
  • Not sharing food or drink

    Nga mihi nui

    Cath Knell, Tumuaki - Principal


Covid-19 Update: 4 March 2019

(Source: Auckland Regional Public Health Service)

Credible, evidence-based information about COVID-19 can be found at the following sites:

Anyone seeking health-related advice about COVID-19 can also free call Healthline’s dedicated 0800 number:
0800 358 5453.