Academic Programme

The Lynfield College Curriculum is built on the framework provided in The New Zealand Curriculum and supports our aim to 'inspire students to achieve educational excellence through a rich learning and social environment'.

Lynfield College provides a broad-based junior school programme as a general introduction to each subject area so that students will be in a position to make an informed choice in their senior programme when specialisation is required.
The senior school caters for students of all abilities and offers a quality, relevant programme through its flexibility and exceptional choice of courses. Students are introduced to a range of qualifications and have an excellent springboard into careers or further education and training.
Most students plan their courses with five years secondary education in mind and stay for Year 13. It is essential to regard NCEA Level 2 as the minimum qualification. In selecting courses, students should determine what they need when they leave, then plan back from there (see the Course Flow Chart).

The Lynfield College Learning Charter was developed during 2011 and introduced to the whole school in 2012.  The project was initiated by the Deans' team as part of a response to providing high quality student support and pastoral care within the context of the New Zealand Curriculum and in support of our own Lynfield College Curriculum. The Student Executive, Board of Trustees and whole teaching staff contributed to the Learning Charter in a staged consultation process over two terms. 
The Learning Charter aims to build awareness of the unique identity of Lynfield College represented by our school crest, and to affirm widely held values within the College which focus on learning. 
Learning Charter Graphic

Staff use the Lynfield College Learning Charter as the basis for expectations of behaviour within their classrooms. 


Information about Homework can be found at the Homework section of this website.