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School Day Times  (including the "wet weather" changes to regular afternoon timetable)

Ball Attendance
Ticket purchase is conditional  on the student having:
  1.  met all outstanding obligations to the School (eg financial, sporting, library)
  2.  had no more than 5% unexplained absences
  3. presented the signed and completed permission form. 

Search and Confiscation Policy

Wi-Fi Access Acceptable Use Agreement.

Internet Safety -

Cyberbullying Taskforce video :


Following is a section from the Student Handbook. Titled "What if..?" it gives  a quick guide on what to do in a number of typical school scenarios.

What if…….

 I arrive late to school
  •  Report immediately to Deans’ Reception
  • Sign in
  • Leave your note explaining your lateness
  • You will be given a late slip which you hand to your class teacher
 I have to leave school early  (Try to make appointments outside of school time)
  • Have your Dean sign your note from home
  • Take this note to Deans’ Reception where you sign out.  You will be issued with an Exit Pass
 I am absent from school
Parent/Caregiver should contact the school stating your name, form class, why you are absent and when you are likely to return
  • Phone the Absentee line (6270600 ext 729) or
  • Email
  • You must provide a signed note from home on your return
I am not wearing the correct uniform
  • Take your note of explanation, signed by your parent/caregiver, to Ms Ridling (Associate Principal) as soon as you arrive at school
  • You will be issued with either a ‘uniform pass’ or a ‘loan’ uniform item
  • Non uniform items worn without permission could be confiscated until collected by your parents/caregivers
I lose any of my property
  • Go to Deans’ Reception and/or the P.E. office and check the ‘found’ property
  • Complete a ‘ lost item’ report in the book held at Deans’ Reception
I want to see the Dean
  • Fill out an appointment slip which is available at Deans’ Reception.  The Dean will see you as soon as possible.
I receive a Detention
  • Afterschool Detentions run Monday to Thursday from 3.10pm until 4.00pm
  • Principal’s Detentions (for those who have failed to complete their after school detention) run on Fridays from 3.10pm until 5.00pm
I need to make an option change
  • Make an appointment to see your Dean
I want to bring a car to school
  • Students are not permitted to park in the school grounds
  • All students who drive to school should register with the Year 13 Dean.  This enables us to contact you should we become aware of a problem with your vehicle.
My family wants to take me on holiday during the school term 
A letter of request should be addressed to the Principal.If a student is absent from class due to a family decision to take holidays during term time, this will be classed as an ‘unjustified’ absence.No special consideration can be expected regarding the provision of work or missed assessments