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Career education and guidance at Lynfield College develops students’ ideas from Year 9 through to Year 13 with programmes specific to each level. These programmes assist to prepare students to make decisions at a succession of key transition stages in life. Each student creates a personal Career Pathway folder, which they add to from Year 9 onwards. Career Development activities and information can be accessed on Schoology within the Resources tab.

The ultimate aim of career education and guidance is to give students the skills and knowledge to develop their career throughout their life. What they learn at school is a crucial start. Students need to learn to make informed career decisions. Developing employability skills can enable young people to have full and satisfying careers while contributing to a sustainable future for Aotearoa New Zealand. The Gateway programme helps senior students understand how these key competencies ‘look and feel’ in the workplace, with students experiencing and developing skills in an authentic context, through a work placement with an employer.

Lynfield College takes an integrated approach with all curriculum areas linking their courses with careers, so that content and context are inherently real and future-focused for our students. Form teachers contribute to developing  each student’s career management competencies through the pastoral care system.
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The NZ Curriculum’s vision and values relate closely to the key career competencies:

•    Developing self-awareness: Young people understand themselves and the influences on them.
•    Exploring opportunities: Young people investigate opportunities in learning and work
•    Deciding and acting: Young people make and adjust their plans, manage change and transition and take appropriate action.

The Ministry of Education’s six Vocational Pathways assists senior students to plan their career and study options, with STAR and Gateway funding available.

A dedicated Careers Centre Nga Umanga is available for students to access career resources. In addition to year level programmes, career counselling is available to help students and their whanau, aiga or family with planning.

Advice on career assessment tools is available to assist students to set goals for the future. To make family appointments see contact details below.
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Careers Centre Contacts

Careers Advisor: Wendy Keir:  |  Phone 627 0600, Ext 744
Gateway and Work Experience Coordinator: Esther Harvey:  |  Phone 627 0600, Ext 745
Careers Administrator: Chrisy Green:  |  Phone 627 0600, Ext 743 

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