The following includes all the information you need to prepare for enrolling at Lynfield College. For more information please contact Mrs Gabrielle Clark (Deputy Principal) gclark@lynfield.school.nz

Our Prospectus and Enrolment Pack is currently being revised for the 2019 year
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Enrolment at Lynfield College is governed by an enrolment scheme, which consists of a home zone and procedures for enrolling out of zone students. The purpose of the enrolment scheme is to avoid overcrowding, to ensure fair and transparent selection, and to ensure the best use of schools. 

Home Zone

All students living within the zone are entitled to enrol if they are eligible domestic students. A map and list of streets can be found here.

Out of Zone Enrolment is based on priority categories defined by the Education Act

Category 1: Applicants for enrolment in special programmes (Lynfield College Adult ESOL programme)
Category 2: Applicants who are brothers or sisters of current students
Category 3: Applicants who are brothers or sisters of former students
Category 4: Applicants who are children of former students
Category 5: Applicants who are children of Board employees or Board members
Category 6: All other applicants

Where the number of students exceeds the number of places available, a ballot will be held from the group with the lowest priority according to rules advised by the Ministry of Education

Out of Zone Category 6

Students who wish to enrol at the College but do not qualify for Categories 1 - 5 should complete and return an Out of Zone application form which can be found here.

The closing date for Out of Zone Category 6 applications for 2019 is yet to be confirmed. The ballot date for selection is also yet to be confirmed for 2018.

Year 9 Enrolment Forms for 2018

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Pre-Enrolment Guide Enrolment Form Course Information Course Selection Form Home Zone
Confirmation Form

Year 10 - 13 Enrolment for 2018

Home zone students wishing to enrol should ring the College reception.
Out of zone students should complete and return an out of zone application form, found here.
The closing date for out of zone applications is Tuesday 17 October 2017 at 5.00 pm.
The ballot date for selection is Wednesday 18 October 2017

For further 2018 enrolment enquiries, please contact the College reception on 627 0600 ext 700.