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Lynfield College Learning Support Structure

All students at Lynfield College are placed into form classes and curriculum classes, based on option lines for their year group. Teacher Aide support is provided based on the funding allocation. ORS students are funded according to what the Ministry of Education deems their level of need and ICS students are funded for five hours per week.

The SPEC course is delivered as an option course for students with special learning needs requiring a differentiated learning style. It provides opportunities for students to demonstrate a range of key competencies displayed in a personalised cross curricular portfolio of evidence.

At Level 1 the course aims to encourage students to make independent choices, explore different learning experiences and provides opportunities for students to develop and demonstrate the key competencies as well as develop a wide range of skills. It also aims to help students realise their strengths and become aware of possible career pathways to pursue.

At Level 2 the course focuses on guiding students to manage themselves, set targets, work with others and problem solve. These are skills for ‘lifelong learning’ whether it is for higher education or the workplace. Students are required to complete tasks such as writing a CV, form-filling, interview techniques and telephone etiquette which are linked to specific Unit Standards (internals).

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Year 9 Language Development course is a half-year course aimed at students who have been identified during transition meetings or identified through external agencies such as Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour (RTLB) or Ministry of Education advisers (MoE), as being below or well below National Standards in Reading and Writing. Students are given guidance through their school SENCo or Learning Support Coordinator to consider choosing 9LDV as an option choice prior to enrolment.

9LDV is timetabled at the same time as Y9 foreign language options, to avoid withdrawing students from mainstream classes and any associated stigma.

There is an emphasis on writing in line with Lynfield College school goals. The content of this course provides students with the opportunity to develop their writing organisation and sequencing so that they can structure their ideas into a logical order.

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ORS Funded Students

Enrolled in the Learning Support Department at Lynfield there are a number of ORS funded students. All are assigned a mainstream Hui mai class and initially students may require initial support to attend it before they develop the confidence to go to class alone. Participation in mainstream classes is encouraged but this is also balanced by classes within the Learning Support Department.

All Lynfield students are expected to attend classes promptly and to participate to the best of their ability. Providing an ideal learning scenario for every student with learning/behaviour needs, is not always possible. Our goal is to support students, their families and teachers, to ensure there is equitable access to the curriculum.

The curriculum for ORS funded students includes literacy and numeracy, supported Food Technology, supported drama, supported PE and various other options as the timetable permits.

Students are supported to achieve goals related to the key competencies. (managing self, relating to others, participating, understanding symbols and texts, thinking). These form the basis of their IEPs.

Most students are mainstreamed for their options and core subjects. They may have Teacher Aide support, dependent on student needs and funding allocation and the need to provide a safe environment for learning. For example, a student may go to PE unassisted, but have support in Technology.

As students with considerable learning needs get older and the NCEA academic demands increase, the effectiveness of mainstream classes reduces for most. To ensure students continue to access the curriculum at their level, specialist supported learning classes can be provided. These classes are differentiated to provide opportunities for the students to master skills and concepts related to the cross-curricular theme.
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