Plans and Reports

The Lynfield College Strategic Plan 2024-2026

Our Strategic Plan sets the direction for the College and identifies key areas to improve the progress and achievement of all our students. It reflects the goals and aspirations of our community and our students for the next three years and outlines how the College is implementing the government's priorities as set out in the National Education Guidelines and the National Administration Guidelines.

Click on this link to view the Strategic Plan: Lynfield College Strategic Plan 2024 - 2026

Lynfield College Audited Annual Accounts 2023

The legal requirements for schools to produce annual financial reports are contained in the Education Act 1989, the Crown Entities Act 2004 and the Financial Reporting Act 1993. The Lynfield College Board of Trustees must present audited annual financial statements to the Secretary for Education by 31 May each year under Section 87C of the Education Act.

Click on the link below to view the pdf: Lynfield College Audited Annual Accounts 2023


Lynfield College Annual Report and Analysis of Variance 2021

A comprehensive report on the College’s activities throughout the preceeding year which contains information about the College's activities and financial performance.

Click on the link below to view the pdf: Lynfield College Annual Report 2021

ERO External Evaluation Report December 2018

The purpose of ERO’s external evaluations is to give parents, whānau and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education children and young people receive. ERO also reports on the quality and effectiveness of the school’s processes and practices for continuing and sustaining improvement.

Click on the link below to view the pdf: ERO External Evaluation Report 2018