Governance and Leadership

Board of Trustees

The main task of the Board of Trustees is governance of the school. Its role is to oversee the implementation of the National Education and Administration Guidelines. The Board of Trustees has a Charter of aims and objectives. It is elected every three years and the 2016 elected Board of Trustees is listed below.
  • Steve Bovaird - Principal / Secretary
  • Kristine Mellor - Chairperson
  • Ray Gilbert
  • Mark Hewett
  • Clive Hudson
  • Steven Taylor
  • Robert Skeen - Staff Representative
  • Karan Kalsi - Student Representative

Senior Leadership Team

Principal Mr S. Bovaird BA, Dip SM, Dip Tch
Associate Principal Ms L. Ridling MA(Hons), MEdMgt, Dip Couns, Dip Tch
Deputy Principals Mrs G. Clark BA, Dip Tchg(Dist), NZAHPER Diploma
  Ms C. Knell BSc(Hons), MEdMgt (Hons), Dip Tch
  Mr S. Mouldey BA, MEd, Dip Tch
  Mr R. Winn BPE, MEdLdrship, Dip Ed