Home Zone

Home Zone

The geographic area (including the street addresses) described in the scheme shall stand fast and operate as the school's home zone. (Refer List of Streets below)

All students living in the home zone are entitled to enrol at the school at any time.

Students who live within the school's home zone and who meet the criteria for enrolment in the special programmes, will be enrolled ahead of out of zone students.

Ministry Approved Special Programmes

The school operates the following approved special programmes:

  • Adult ESOL Programme


Streets in the Home Zone:

A to C: Addison Street, Alaunia Ave, Allison St, Amazon Pl, Andes Pl, Anita Ave, Armagh St, Ascania Pl, Athenic Ave, The Avenue, Ball Pl, Bannister Pl, Barkes Pl, Barton St (incl East), Battersby Pl, Becket Way, BellamyPl, Blockhouse Bay Rd (only 331-617 and 320-632), Bolton St, Boundary Rd, Boyce Ave, Budgen St, Busby St, Caledonian Pl, Canberra Ave, Cape Horn Rd, Caronia Cres, Castlewood Grove, Chaucer Pl, Cleland Cres, Commodore Dr, Congreve Pl, Connaught St, Connell St, Corinthic Pl, Cormack St, Covic Ave, Crecy Pl, Crowther St, Crudge St, Culdaff St

D to G: Dallas Pl, Dominion Rd Extension (from roundabout - 1492, 1255), Donovan St, Doug Goodwin Pl, Dundale Ave, Dundee Pl, Eleanor Pl, Ellis Ave, Endeavour St, Ernie Pinches St, Exminster St, Fairsea Pl, Fairway Dr, Flavia Pl, Francis Curtis Ave, Falkirk St, Fran Andrews Dr, Frederick Green Pl, Freer St, Gaynor Ave, Geneva Pl, George Laurenson Lane, Gilfillan Street, Gill Cres, Gilletta Rd, Glenveagh Dr, Godwit Pl, Gothic Ave, Graham Bell Ave, Griffen Park Rd

H to L: Halsey Dr, Haycock Ave, Heaphy St, Henehan Crescent, Hertford St, Hillsborough Rd (from 388and427), Hillview Rd, Himalaya Cres, Humber Pl, Ira St, Iberia Pl, Jama Pl, Jamaica Pl, James Tyler Cres,Jasmine Pl, Joan Stumbles Ave, John Davis Rd, Jona Pl, Katavich St, Kay Dr, Keats Pl,Kendrick Pl, Kimberhall Ave, Kingshaven Cl, Kinross St, Laburnum Rd, Landseer Park, Letterkenny St, Lewis St, Lifford Dr, Linden St, Lucknow St, Lynbrooke Ave, Lynfield Pl

M to O: McAlister Place, McFadzean Dr, McGowan St, MacLaurin St, Malcolm St, Marconi Pl, Marco Polo Pl, Margate Rd, Marion Ave, Mariposa Ave, Marlowe Rd,Marshall Laing Ave, Marydale Dr, Mary Dreaver St, Matata St, Mauretania Ave, Maui Pomare St,McWhirter Pl, Meredith St, Mersey Pl, Miriam St, Mitchell St. Mongorry St, Morpeth Pl, Mulgan St, New Windsor Rd (only 188+ and 193+ ie. from Maioro), Niagara Pl, Nirvana Way, Noel St, Nova Pl, O'Casey Pl, Ochre Pl, Orcades Pl, Orsova Pl, Oriana Ave

P to S: Parfitt St, Pascoe St, Pasteur Pl, Paua Pl, Penbury Ave, Penney Ave, Peter Mulgrew St, Portage Rd (from 44 and 55 up to Connaught St), Puketapapa St, Puketea St, Ramelton Rd, Rangitata Pl, Rathlin St, Rangitane Pl, Rangitiki Cres, Robson St, Rosamund Ave, Richardson Rd (only 308 to 576 and 299 to 567), Royal Viking Way, Sally Cres, Shaw Way, Shawcross St, Shenandoah Ave, Shipton Pl, Stanton Tce, Stoddard Rd, Stranolar Dr, Strathnaver Cres, Subritzky Ave, Sullivan St, Swinburne St, Sylvania Cres

T to Z: Tania Pl, Taunton Tce, Taylor Close, Taylor St, Tedwilliam St, Temuka Gardens, Terry St, Terracotta Dr, The Avenue, Trevola St, Trinidad St, Tropicana Dr, Ulster Rd, Vivaldi Pl,Wade St, Waianiwa Pl, Waikowhai Rd, Wayne Pl, Webster Ave, Welsh St, White Swan Rd, Wilde St, Windermere Cres, Whitney St (only from 79+ and 86+ ie. from Holbrook), William Donnelly Ave, Wanganella Ave, Yeats Way, Zambezi St, Zamora St, Zaralto St
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