All International Students at Lynfield College must be in College approved and supervised accommodation.  Students can live in College homestays, with a parent or with close family relatives or friends as designated caregivers.
LynfieldCollege operates its own homestay programme with staff on site and available to students and families during the school day.  In selecting and monitoring homestays we consider “if a child of mine was to go to study overseas, what sort of environment and safeguards would we want for them?” 
All prospective Homestays are interviewed and police-vetted and their homes inspected according to the requirements of the Code of Practice.  Many families have worked with the school for more than ten years.  Students will have their own fully furnished room, all meals including a lunch to bring to school, and their laundry done. Most homes are in walking distance to school.
In order for suitable placements to be made please complete the Student Homestay Information form as thoroughly as possible.

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Living with Parent
Immigration New Zealand allows parents to live with and care for their child while they study in New Zealand on a Student Visa.
It is the parent’s responsibility to provide the school with their local address and contact details and advise of any changes.  The requires the parent to provide evidence of their current visa.
Designated Caregivers
A designated caregiver is a relative or close family friend known by the student’s parents.
In order to be approved, a designated caregiver must agree to be interviewed, to provide references, agree to a police vetting of all members of their household over 17 years of age and agree to an inspection of their home.  The house will be revisited from time to time to ensure the welfare of the student.  This is required by the “Code of Practice for the Care of International Students” under New Zealand law. 
Before a student can be placed with a designated caregiver the school must receive a completed Indemnity Document completed and signed by a parent. 

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