Music 2011 Highlights


Two Lynfield Students Selected for New Variety of Choir


June 13 2011


Mele Fangaloka, Year 11, has successfully auditioned for a new youth choir called Variety Voices. This choir has been recently established by the well-known and highly effective organisation Variety - the Children's Charity.


Mele is one of 42 young people aged between 7-18 years who will come together in Variety Voices; the first rehearsal was held last week.

Zion Faletolou, Year 11, was also offered a place in the choir but unfortunately had to decline due to prior music commitments.

The Variety website explains more about the new choir :





Lynfield Musicians chosen for NZ Youth Jazz Orchestra


May 30 2011

Two students have been selected for the New Zealand Youth Jazz Orchestra season which is held annually in Wellington. Michael Howell, Year 12, plays guitar while Charlie Isdale, Year 13, plays saxophone.


Entry is by audition and open to secondary school and university music students under 19 years.The band will spend two weeks rehearsing and performing under the direction of Rodger Fox and guest tutors from America.


Michael and Charlie both play in Lynfield College's premier jazz groups - the Big Band and Jazz Combo A under the direction of Paul Norman. Additionally they play in the semi-professional jazz band - Queen City Big Band - outside of school.