Music 2015 Highlights

National Finals for THE FLOCK

Lynfield College band THE FLOCK were recently selected as national finalists in the Play it Strange song writing competition.  As part of their prize they spent a day recording at Roundhead Studios (owned by Neil Finn)

Listen to their recording here

The members of the band are :  Sarai McKay – Vocals, Mine Dube – Bass, Jairah Perida – Guitar, Dylan Goodisson – Keyboard, Reuel Namburi – Drums, Andrew Isdale – Saxophone.


Most Outstanding Big Jazz Band!! - KBB Triumph


Big Band at KBB-989 Lynfield College Music Department has had a very successful time at the 2015 KBB Music Festival. 

Once again the Big Band (left) was selected to perform at the prestigious Gala Concert. At the conclusion they received a Gold Award, a new trophy for best Jazz Improvisation and were announced as the Most Outstanding Big Jazz Band!  This is a huge achievement by the band and their director, Mr Norman.

The Concert Band received a Silver Award and the Chamber Orchestra got a Bronze Award.

The Symphony Orchestra played a fantastic programme under the direction of their new conductor, Mrs Mittermeier, and received many favourable comments and valuable advice from the adjudicatory. 

Music Variety Concert Showcases Talents

As part of the recent Arts week the various music ensembles celebrated with an evening of great musical variety in the college hall. We are fortunate to have permanent and itinerant staff who year after year bring out the best in the considerable musical talent amongst our students.

With KBB competitions looming this was an excellent opportunity to practise and present to a large audience.

ps.....KBB Festival has brought successes again this year. Details to follow!

Dylan Goodison                               
dylan goodisson-659
Symphony orchestra
variety concert symphony  orchestra
variety concert choir
Chamber Orchestra
variety concert chamber orchestra
Concert Band
variety concert concert band
Clarinet Trio
clarinet trio
Jake Krishnamurti
            Jake Krishnamurti 

Most Outstanding Jazz Combo

On Saturday 4 April the Lynfield College Jazz Combo, directed by Paul Norman, travelled down to Tauranga to compete in the National Youth Jazz Festival.

The seven piece group played a demanding programme of jazz standards and contemporary tunes and was very successful winning the Most Outstanding Jazz Combo trophy. 

Individual students also impressed the judges, Lyu Kodama (Year12) won best drummer, Dylan Goodisson (Year13) won best trumpet player and Jake Krishnamurti (Year13) won best original composition.

Great news! The Jazz Combo continues to impress.


 Jazz Combo