Itinerant Music Lessons

Lynfield College is fortunate in having the services of qualified specialist tutors to provide instrumental tuition to students.

Enrolment in instrumental tuition takes place in school in the first few weeks of the school year. Tuition takes place on a weekly basis with 2-4 students in each tutor group. The lessons are approximately 25 minutes each and are scheduled on a rotating basis so that students do not miss the same class each week. 

The Enrolment Form for Itinerant lessons is available below (if you are unable to enrol online you can visit the Music Department any lunchtime and a music teacher will sign you up).

For Piano...

For other instruments..

Costs :

Itinerant lessons materials cost :    $20    (due end of March)
Rental costs :                               $80 to $120 depending on instrument (paid per term or annually)

Tuition is available on the following instruments :
  flute violin
  clarinet viola
  saxophone cello
  trumpet double bass
  trombone voice
  horn guitar
  tuba bass
  piano drums