Festival Awards 2013

Festival Awards for Arts, Culture and Sports

Held last Monday October 14, the annual Festival Awards Evening was a sell-out as students, friends and families gathered to honour our 2013 extracurricular activities and those students who have excelled in their sporting, arts and cultural endeavours.

kapahaka fae 2013 Te Roopu kapahaka o te Kaareti o Pukewiwi, our kapahaka group, opened the evening with a marvellous haka powhiri.

The keynote speech by Mr Rod Philpott, former Faculty Leader (P E and Health), was entertaining and inspirational. It complemented our Principal, Mr Steve Bovaird's, account of his recent trek to Machu Picchu.

Around 200 students were acknowledged for their commitment and achievements, while the Staff Award went to Mr Daniel Lee for his ongoing involvement in Badminton.

The major awards and recipients for 2013 are:

House Competition Lewis House
International Achievement Award Jack Barker (Vex Robotics - World Champions)
  Nadia Gozon (Vex Robotics - World Champions)
Team of the Year UNISS Netball Team

Team of the Year UNISS Netball Team
Group of the Year  Big Band

Group Achievement Award The Big Band
Lynfield College Scholarships

Scholarship winners Samantha Holland, Johnson Zuang, Khusboo Patel, Andrew Coffin, Rebecca Smith, Akshay Chauhan

Samantha Holland, Johnson Zhuang, Khusboo Patel, Andrew Coffin, Rebecca Smith, Akshay Chauhan. Also awarded but not in photo - Darion Sorby and Liam van Rijn
Year 11 Sportspeople of the Year

YEar 11 Sports people of the year Alice Neville-Smith, Brecon Rose, Akenesi Fakafanua

Alice Neville-Smith, Brecon Rose, Akanesi Fakafanua
Year 12 Sportspeople of the Year

Year 12 Sportspeople of the year Grace Kukutai and Dale Pitout, Runners up Max White,Eddie Kennedy, Shee Nathan-Wong and joined by by Kalei Kennerley, Bray House Capt

Sportswoman of the Year Grace Kukutai
Sportsman of the Year Dale Pitout
Runners-up Max White,Eddie Kennedy and Shee Nathan Wong

Also in photo, on right, : Bray House Captain Kalei Kennerley

2013 Dux Artium Johnson Zhuang

2013 Dux Ludorum (Boys) Akshay Chauhan

2013 Dux Ludorum (Girls) Rebecca Smith

Runners-up Dux Ludorum Khusboo Patel
                                          Liam van Rijn


Duxes Johnson Zuang Dux Artium, Akshay Patel and Rebecca Smith Dux Ludorum, Khusboo Patel and Liam van Rijn runners up to Dux Ludorm

The level of student participation in the extracurricular life of the college is at an all-time high, and the pride and commitment of the students is impressive. As Mrs Felicity Walbran, Director of Sport, said in her comments at the Awards

"Each of our teams, whether beginner, social, experienced or elite, is a valued part of Lynfield Sport.   As such, all have quality coaches, strong school support and enjoy the game, regardless of their ability level.  Success is not only measured in wins and losses but also in the number of keen, enthusiastic students who have gained real pleasure from being a part of a competing team.  Not all can be the best in their sport, but all can do their best and this means anyone at Lynfield can be successful in sport."

Mrs Walbran also gave "HUGE thanks to the parents, friends, staff and students who were our 110 volunteer coaches and managers.  You have given so much time and expertise so willingly – several of you have helped with more than 1 team and in multiple sports!  The students really do appreciate this.  Without such generous support from all our volunteers, there is no way we could successfully field such a large number of teams."