Festival Awards 2016

Festival Awards Evening 2016

The Festival Awards Evening, held on Thursday 13 October at Eden Park, was a special occasion which recognised the efforts of students, parents, staff and members of the wider Lynfield community, who have contributed to the College extra-curricular activities in 2016. 

Our guest speaker was a very special young woman - former student Tyla Nathan Wong who recently represented New Zealand at the Rio Olympics as a member of the Women's 7's Rugby Team who gained a silver medal. Tyla spoke exceptionally well and her contribution to the evening was much appreciated by everyone who attended.

We celebrated the success of sporting, arts and cultural aspects of the College, with awards for outstanding achievement and contribution at the senior level. 

Congratulations to all those who have won awards, with particular mention of the following students who have achieved the supreme awards.

Dux Ludorum (Boys) – Alastair Maisey
Dux Ludorum (Girls) – Madeline Poland
Dux Artium – Ryu Kodama
Runner-up to Dux Artium – Marylinda Lamositele

Most Outstanding Sporting Performance of the Year – Maddison Wesche
Runner-up Outstanding Sporting Performance of the Year – Michael Carswell
Lynfield College Sports Scholarship – Michael Carswell
Lynfield College Arts & Culture Scholarship – Ryu Kodama
Year 12 Sportswoman of the Year – Maddison Wesche
Runner-up Year 12 Sportswoman of the Year – Caidyn Kita
Year 12 Sportsman of the Year – Felix Barrett
Runner-up Year 12 Sportsman of the Year – Rupin Kumar
Year 12 Musician of the Year – Andrew Isdale

Year 11 Sportswoman of the Year – Danielle Matthews
Year 11 Sportsman of the Year – Joshua Boasman
Year 11 Musician of the Year (Equal) – Emily Liston
Year 11 Musician of the Year (Equal) – Stefenie Pickston

Sports Team of the Year (Equal) – 1st XI Boys Hockey
                                                    – 1st XI Boys Football
Group Achievement Award – Jazz Combo
Team Achievement Award (Equal) – Lynfield College World Championship Robotics Team
                                                       – Advanced Premier Debating Team

House Competitions:
Reid House                          Athletics House Competition
Lewis House & Fatialofa House    Indoor Football / Volleyball House Competition
Reid House                           Road Race House Competition
Zoricich House                        House Quiz Competition
Bray House                           Touch Rugby House Competition
Bray House                           Netball House Competition           
Fatialofa House- Winning House Award
Junior sporting, arts and cultural achievement will be recognised at our Junior Festival Awards Assemblies:
Year 10 – Monday 21 November, 8.45am in the Hall
Year 9 – Tuesday 22 November, 8.45am in the Hall

A few images from the evening :

 MG 0624-813  MG 0756-631  MG 0904-499
 MG 0922-872  MG 0947-244  MG 1118-354
 MG 1121-287  MG 1171-475  MG 1186-798
 MG 1202-742  MG 1206-847  MG 1223-281
 MG 1276-505-461

 MG 1248-159
 MG 1103-Edit-263
 MG 1149-356  MG 1165-107

Congratulations to all students whose achievements were honoured and celebrated at Festival Awards Evening 2016!