Lynfield College Netball Academy

Programme Director, Debbie Neville has very extensive experience in netball coaching.  Currently she coaches our very successful Premier 1 (who won B Grade at UNISS last year) and 10A teams as well as the Premier team for Blockhouse Bay Netball Club.
This academy will provide:
  • A quality, structured, professionally run netball academy for our gifted and talented Netball players. 
  • On-going depth to Lynfield College netball teams in 2015 and beyond.
Focus will be on honing skills to raise individual performance to the highest level, mental and physical toughness, team dynamics, and player environment.
When:                        Wednesdays and Fridays 3.20 – 5pm
Where:                       Lynfield College turf
Dates:                         17 September – 5 December, 2014 (excluding school holidays)
Duration:                   10 weeks
Cost:                           $50
Prerequisites:           A proven record of commitment to netball
Good netball skills
Joining:                       Spaces will be limited.  Application forms are now available from the Sports Office
Please note that acceptance into this programme for 2014 does not imply acceptance into the 2015 programme.