June 2017

Miree on the Path to Being a Professional Golf Player 

Representing Lynfield College in the Auckland Secondary Schools Golf Strokeplay Championships, Miree Jung blitzed her opposition which means her name is now engraved on the same trophy won by her golfing idol, Lydia Ko – a fantastic and exciting achievement! Miree plays off a handicap of +1, and had the same person been allowed to win the Handicap Championship, she would have won that too!!  She is the second Lynfield College student to have won this title following Shantael Ligaliga’s win in 2013.

A year ago, 14-year-old Miree decided to jump completely out of her comfort zone and broaden her horizons by moving from her home in South Korea to New Zealand. She and her brother now live with relatives in the heart of Blockhouse Bay and are really enjoying the friendly atmosphere our community is so well known for.  It also has the benefit of having three golf courses within a very small area – a definite bonus for someone who has been playing golf for five years and has her sights firmly set on becoming a golf pro!

miree and trophies

Miree has now completed one full school year at Lynfield College and has loved every minute of it. She finds the NZ education system provides much more freedom and flexibility even though she must attend for five full school days each week. This still leaves her plenty of time to pursue her passion to become a pro golfer, meet her school requirements and just enjoy being a teenager! At home in Korea, Miree attended school for only three days each week, spending the other two days on the golf course or driving range with her coach. 

She believes her golf has improved considerably since she has been able to spend three hours practicing each day after school – frequent, regular, focussed training being the key to powering along the pathway to achieving her dream of winning a Grand Slam by the time she is 25. 

With so many golf courses in Auckland, Miree is in the perfect place to get plenty of tournament experience in the weekends. Golf in NZ is more affordable than in Korea and always played on grass which, she says, makes it a much more enjoyable experience. Miree is a member of Titirangi Golf Club and currently has two coaches based at different golf venues.

Youth Ambassador Delegation to Belgium 

Two Lynfield College students have been selected by the Ministry of Youth Development and Veterans Affairs as Youth Ambassadors to attend the Battle of Passchendaele Centenary in Belgium on 12 October this year.

Congratulations to Brecon Dobbie and Shard Hubbard, who are both very excited to be the lucky recipients!

The delegation departs in late September and will be away for approximately three weeks, accompanied by representatives from the New Zealand Defence Force. The students will take part in a two-day team building workshop in June, where they will learn more about the trip and how they may contribute as Youth Ambassadors.

passchendaele centenary
Brecon Dobbie Shard Hubbard Essex Farm Cemetery, Ypres, Ypres Salient, Belgium
Photo Credit: Mat McLachlan Battlefield Tours

Trio Con Fuoco success at the Auckland Finals 

Stefenie Pickston: Clarinet  |  Emily Liston: Clarinet  |  Nancy Sun: Piano

After superb performances by these three very talented students, they were awarded Highly Commended at the Auckland Finals of the NZ Community Trust Chamber Music Competition. 

This award places them in the top five of 113 entries. They are now eligible for selection for the Regional Finals. It is a huge achievement for the group and their director Mr Donald Nicholls.

You can watch the Trio Con Fuoco performance at the District Round by following this link:


chamber music trio

New Zealand Chefs Auckland Regional Championships 2017

We had eight students entered into a variety of competitions which were held at NZMA Sylvia Park on Friday 26 May.

Gabby Ono and Stacey Hull entered the Scone class, both producing fantastic scones. Stacey won a gold medal in first place and Gabby won a gold medal in second place.  

Shard Hubbard entered the Omelette class. He made a cheese and onion omelette, winning a gold medal in second place.  

Andrew Whitford entered the highly competitive Barista competition where he had to make two espressos, two lattes and two flat whites in 15 minutes. He won a bronze medal.

Anna Ross entered the static biscuit class and made chocolate peppermint sandwich biscuits, winning a silver medal.  

Gabby Kita-Painter entered the static decorated café cake and won a gold medal.

Saahil Bali and Dylan Fernandes entered the team event “What’s your flavour” Burger battle run by Auckland Council. This is a fiercely fought competition and they received a silver medal, progressing through to the finals in July.

Everyone had a fabulous day and enjoyed the experience.

Stacey Hull, Year 13 Hospitality

chefs c chefs e chefs d
chefs f chefs b chefs a

Play it Strange - Who Loves Who Competition 2017

Three Lynfield College entries were finalists in this competition which is an opportunity for Year 9 – 13 students to celebrate New Zealand music by recording their own unique and evocative interpretation of a New Zealand song. The tracks are professionally mastered at Kog Studio and put on the Play it Strange website.

Congratulations to:

Andrew Isdale and Jia Dua: 'Maybe'

Irisha Inamke and Rachel Clarke: 'Dirty Love'

Thailesha Tamapolu, Rose Faautaga, Karen Polamalu, Chantelle D'Souza and Kalolaine Latu: 'Kings and Queens'

Auckland Careers Expo 2017

Irisha Inamke’s experience of the day ...

“It was a wonderful opportunity. Until I went to this expo, I didn’t realise just how much is available to us. Now I am definitely considering Otago University as an option.”

Our Year 13 students had a fantastic day at the Auckland Careers Expo on Wednesday 25 May.  Many found it invaluable in helping with planning their next move on their career journey.

Students had the opportunity to visit booths and seminars provided by our New Zealand universities, polytechnics and private providers as well as exploring Vocational Pathways options.

This expo has certainly expanded their horizons and created some very enthusiastic conversations about what they are planning for 2018.

careers f careers b careers d
careers c careers a careers e

Language Perfect World Championships 2017

Congratulations to Lynfield College, the winners of the Language Perfect World Championships NZCLTA Award for the Top School for Chinese in the NZCLTA network for 2017!

This is the fourth consecutive year that our Languages Department has achieved this outstanding result.

New Zealand Schools Debating National Tournament

On Monday 29 May, the New Zealand Schools Debating National tournament was held in Wellington.

This has been another amazing year for Karan Kalsi and his Auckland White team who, for the third year in a row, made it all the way to the Grand Final!

The debate took place in the Legislative Council Chamber of Parliament and was hosted by the Hon. Peter Dunne MP.  

Guests included the Governor General of NZ Dame Patsy Reddy, Christopher Bishop MP, Tim Clarke, Partner of sponsor Russell McVeagh, as well as the other competitors, coaches, managers, parents and supporters including Lynfield's Premier Debating Coordinator, Mrs Wagner.

The Topic was: "This House regrets the rise of the 'Gig Economy', as epitomized by Uber and Air BnB".  The debate was spirited, fierce and smart and Auckland White negated the topic.

Auckland White was narrowly beaten by Wellington Black in a 5-2 split decision following what was an exceptional final with stellar performances from both teams.

Congratulations Karan, for your incredible success at being one of the six debaters who represented Auckland so spectacularly!

debating team karan kelsi runner-up duo

Tiki Taane Mahuta Show

On Monday 29 May Whaea Maihi and Whaea Leauga took a group of Year 9 and 10 students (Pounamu, Te Reo Māori and Kapa Haka) to the Tiki Taane Mahuta show at the Aotea Centre.

Elements of Kapa Haka, Māori instruments, hitori, contemporary dance and Te Reo Maori featured throughout the showcase in the lead up to Matariki. It was a great opportunity to listen to Te Reo Maori demonstrated in different ways.

He mihi nui ki a Miss Po raua ko Whaea Maihi mo to raua awhina.

tiki tane mahuta

Lynfield College presents Disco Inferno

Written by Justin Sepple

The show, directed by Ms Celia Nicholson with choreography by Mrs Sarah Streat and Lulu Ota, and vocal coaching from Mrs Belinda Mittermeier, is a musical set in 1976 London. The story follows the fortunes of a young guy named Jack who works in the London nightclub, Disco Inferno. One night he meets Lady Marmalade, a femme fatale and associate of the Devil. Dreaming of becoming successful, Jack makes a pact with her, trading his soul to fulfil his wildest fantasies of fame and fortune.

Jack soon becomes an international success, making appearances on radio and television shows, but he finds his success is ultimately hollow. Jack now has the fame and fortune he's always dreamed of but loses his devoted girlfriend, Jane. As his situation worsens, Jack wishes only to get his life back to the way it used to be.

Full of hits from the disco era, with large cast dance numbers performed to such classics as Celebration by Kool and the Gang, Hot Stuff by Donna Summer, Boogie Nights by Heatwave, I Will Survive by Gloria Gaynor and Play That Funky Music White Boy by Wild Cherry, the show promises highly entertaining comedy, great singing and some classic disco dance moves. Disco Inferno is family friendly and suitable for all age groups.

Join the cast and boogie on down to the Lynfield College school hall for a night of full-on entertainment.

Four Evening Performances: Wednesday 28 June to Saturday 1 July

  • Performance begins 7.00 pm
  • Ticket sales on the door from 6.30 pm
  • Doors open for audience seating 6.45 pm
  • Admission: Students and senior citizens $5, Adults $10
  • Refreshments will be available in the staff room at half time

Tickets are on sale at the college from 12 June

  • Students can purchase tickets outside B-block at lunchtimes
  • Parents can purchase tickets from Reception, eftpos available.
Disco Inferno Dance Troup-151 Show-549 Full Cast of Disco Inferno-148
Disco Inferno Dance Troupe Shamir Sarif as Nick, Kais Azimullah  as Compere and Harry Ashley as Duke Full cast of Disco Inferno

Students talk about their production experience ...

Marie Dobbie: Maggie
The important message of the show I think is to appreciate what you have and don't take it for granted because money and fame come and go but the people in your life are the most important thing.

I think the dynamic of the cast and characters is something that the audience will love. We all get along really well and have fun in rehearsals with just the overall grandness of the piece. With the songs, the dancing and the quirky lines, the cast and the audience should all have a lot of fun.

I love performing in both music and acting. The rush of getting a reaction from a live audience and showing them what you have to offer brings me a lot of joy. Also, the freedom of acting and the ability to be a person completely different to yourself is just exciting and something that not a lot people get to experience.

Being in a big musical cast is amazing. You spend so much time with people you have never met or people you already know and it brings you so much closer to them. All of us are musical so there is always someone singing or dancing and it's never a dull moment in rehearsal. My favourite part, I think is just the ability to be a part of something so big and with so many people.The cast makes this experience so much fun and knowing that you are a part of something bigger is exhilarating.

Lulu Ota: Dancer and Choreographer
Production, while taking away countless lunchtimes and after school slots from the past two and a half years of my life, is an adventure that I am infinitely grateful I was brought into. Integrating into a close-knit community of fellow performers has given me the opportunity to gain valuable teamwork and leadership skills, as well as many new friends. The work required for production can honestly be tiring and frustrating at times, but it always comes together beautifully on the show nights. The experience of performing together in front of an excited audience is an unbelievable thrill that leaves everyone smiling for weeks after.

Niamh Masterson: Various roles and the Chorus
The atmosphere of working in a large cast is a fun and exciting new experience which brings together people who each have different talents but all love drama.

Brooke Gibbs: Various roles and the Chorus
Production is a really fun way to bring people who share a love for drama together.  We always have lots of laughs and fun off set and it's a great way to meet new people.

James Hayes: Tom
Rehearsing the show has been a great experience; it's cool to work together as a team to make a great show that others will enjoy. I think people who go to the show will love it because of the amazing dances, amazing singing, funny characters and a great storyline. So if you’re going, I’m sure you'll love it.

Neha Khan: Dancer
This year is my first year being a part of something so huge and I am loving the experience so far!  This is a great way to make new friends and create fun memories while still in college. I am really looking forward to performing on stage after all our hard work and putting on an amazing show.

Snehal Lal: Dancer
Production is a wonderful opportunity for all students to show their talents whether it be dancing, acting or singing. It's a very tiring but exciting journey and I'm so glad that I am a part of it.  Show nights are always the most fun and create unforgettable memories. Once it's over, I miss the practices and the thrill I get from performing. It's a fun experience and the highlight of my year as I also get the chance to make great friends and become so close that we feel like a family.

Xinyue Zhang: Dancer
To me, production is a great opportunity to build new friendships and create unforgettable experiences. There aren’t many performance opportunities like this beyond high school so it’s definitely something worthwhile to be a part of.  There may be ups and downs in the process but everything pays off in the end with four exciting and exhilarating performance nights!

Rachel Clarke as Jane and Joseph Peteru as Jack 2-853 Marie Dobbie- Maggie and James Hayes- Tom-137 Joseph Peteru as Jack-977 Julz Wagner and lead dancer Lulu Ota-86 Nathan Varney as Heathcliff and Jasmine Salamo as Kathy-594
Rachel Clarke as Jane and Joseph Peteru as Jack  Marie Dobbie as Maggie and James Hayes as Tom Joseph Peteru as Jack Julz Wagner and lead dancer Lulu Ota Nathan Varney -  Heathcliff  and Jasmine Salamo - Kathy

Winter Sports are Underway

IMG 0089-90 IMG 0007-929 IMG 0084-948

North/West Zone Cross Country: This was held recently at Moire Park, Massey. Lynfield College were one of only two West Auckland schools to compete in this meet. Danielle Hewett finished 20th in a field of 57 in the Junior Girls event. Our other eight competitors finished in about the middle of their respective age groups and really enjoyed the experience.

1st XI Boys Football: Our team have played three games in the A2 grade after winning promotion as a result of their 1st place in A3 last year.  Many of our 2016 team were Y13 so the A2 grade is an excellent challenge for our relatively young team, however all matches have been close, hard fought games resulting in close losses. They are gelling really quickly under the coaching of Kim Beale, and are attacking every ball with absolute determination.

1st XI Girls Hockey: This team won their first game by default but showed their strength in the next two games when they won 7-0 and 2-0. Most of team members are new to 1st XI but they are making really good progress under the guidance of their coach, Peter Oakley.

Netball teams have now entered their first competition round and are performing very well. There have been a mixture of wins and losses with some very, very hard fought games.

  • Premier 1 had two good wins this week beating Massey Prem 1 by two goals and Green Bay High by six goals.
  • Premier 2 are performing extremely well – their latest victory was over Avondale Premier 2.
  • 9 Gold is competing in the 9A grade and currently sits mid-table after 2 wins, 1 loss and 1 close loss.

Rugby League had their first win this week when they played Westlake B.

Kieren Chhiba (Y12) has been selected in the Auckland U18A Boys Hockey team.

Miree Jung (Y9) is the Gross Winner of the Auckland Secondary Schools Girls Strokeplay Championships held this week at Waitemata Golf Club. She finished the round one under, well in front of her closest competitor. Miree now has her name on the same cup as Lydia Ko!  Former student Shantael Ligaliga has also won this very prestigious championship.

IMG 0063-526-0 IMG 0080 IMG 0010