October 2016

Festival Awards Evening 2016

The Festival Awards Evening, held on Thursday 13 October at Eden Park, was a special occasion which recognised the efforts of students, parents, staff and members of the wider Lynfield community, who have contributed to the College extra-curricular activities in 2016. 

Our guest speaker was a very special young woman - former student Tyla Nathan Wong who recently represented New Zealand at the Rio Olympics as a member of the Women's 7's Rugby Team who gained a silver medal. Tyla spoke exceptionally well and her contribution to the evening was much appreciated by everyone who attended.

We celebrated the success of sporting, arts and cultural aspects of the College, with awards for outstanding achievement and contribution at the senior level. 

Congratulations to all those who have won awards, with particular mention of the following students who have achieved the supreme awards.

Dux Ludorum (Boys) – Alastair Maisey
Dux Ludorum (Girls) – Madeline Poland
Dux Artium – Ryu Kodama
Runner-up to Dux Artium – Marylinda Lamositele

Most Outstanding Sporting Performance of the Year – Maddison Wesche
Runner-up Outstanding Sporting Performance of the Year – Michael Carswell
Lynfield College Sports Scholarship – Michael Carswell
Lynfield College Arts & Culture Scholarship – Ryu Kodama
Year 12 Sportswoman of the Year – Maddison Wesche
Runner-up Year 12 Sportswoman of the Year – Caidyn Kita
Year 12 Sportsman of the Year – Felix Barrett
Runner-up Year 12 Sportsman of the Year – Rupin Kumar
Year 12 Musician of the Year – Andrew Isdale

Year 11 Sportswoman of the Year – Danielle Matthews
Year 11 Sportsman of the Year – Joshua Boasman
Year 11 Musician of the Year (Equal) – Emily Liston
Year 11 Musician of the Year (Equal) – Stefenie Pickston

Sports Team of the Year (Equal) – 1st XI Boys Hockey
                                                    – 1st XI Boys Football
Group Achievement Award – Jazz Combo
Team Achievement Award (Equal) – Lynfield College World Championship Robotics Team
                                                       – Advanced Premier Debating Team

House Competitions:
Reid House                          Athletics House Competition
Lewis House & Fatialofa House    Indoor Football / Volleyball House Competition
Reid House                           Road Race House Competition
Zoricich House                        House Quiz Competition
Bray House                           Touch Rugby House Competition
Bray House                           Netball House Competition           
Fatialofa House- Winning House Award
Junior sporting, arts and cultural achievement will be recognised at our Junior Festival Awards Assemblies:
Year 10 – Monday 21 November, 8.45am in the Hall
Year 9 – Tuesday 22 November, 8.45am in the Hall

A few images from the evening :

 MG 0624-813  MG 0756-631  MG 0904-499
 MG 0922-872  MG 0947-244  MG 1118-354
 MG 1121-287  MG 1171-475  MG 1186-798
 MG 1202-742  MG 1206-847  MG 1223-281
 MG 1276-505-461

 MG 1248-159
 MG 1103-Edit-263
 MG 1149-356  MG 1165-107

Congratulations to all students whose achievements were honoured and celebrated at Festival Awards Evening 2016!


WOW! Weekend in Wellington

On Saturday 1st October a group of 13 students from Fashion and Design, flew down to Wellington to see the World of Wearable Art show for the weekend.

wow6-844 wow1-823 wow2-746

This was a great experience seeing innovative wearable art at an International level choreographed into an amazing production. Students also took in the  sights of Wellington City, Te Papa and the Cable car.

Memories and Friendships from Shinagawa Visit

                                   Ichi go Ichi e - (Japanese proverb: “One chance in a lifetime”)

On September 19, 17 students accompanied by two members of staff and one other adult, embarked on an opportunity of a lifetime. The group assembled at Auckland Airport early at 6:30am, ready to depart for their 18-day trip as part of the Lynfield College Friendship Delegation to Shinagawa in Tokyo.

The trip started off with a welcome reception where we met our host families who would all truly become our new families away from home. The next 11 days saw the group immersed in a jam-packed schedule which gave many the feeling that they were away for well over a month. Amongst the activities were visits to three schools, watching sumo, making plastic food, a full day at Disneyland and a plateful of other activities.

Calligraphy session - Shinagawa Gakuen (9)-520 Disneyland-632
shinagawa1-547 Shinagawa2-311

The importance of this exchange and the overwhelming support from the Shinagawa International Friendship Association (SIFA) should not be understated. Simply put, without their support this exchange would not exist.  This isn’t said lightly. However, it is not only the generosity of SIFA that we will be forever grateful for. The overriding focus of this exchange was to maintain and build new friendship ties with our warm and caring host families and the students and staff we met on school visits. We will cherish these new friendships both as individuals and collectively as a group.

The second leg of the trip included the cultural capital of Kyoto with its temples and shrines and the bustling city of Osaka where the bright lights of Nanba and the evening trip to the romantic Umeda Sky Building were both favourites for many members. The group also managed to fit in a Japanese cooking lesson making takoyaki and okonomiyaki and a swift day trip away to Hiroshima.

Umeda Sky Building - Osaka (9)-839 Fushimi Inari Shrine (4)-434 Hiroshima Peace-79

Whether it was Zac’s obsession with breaking the record number of ice creams consumed in a day, or Taea’s outstanding performance leading the Haka that impressed all including Mr Bovaird, there will undoubtedly be many fond memories that the group will take away from the trip and keep with them for many more years to come. 

Participants: Jacinta Chia, Scarlett Chen, Amy Cui, Shaun Davy, Nikhil Dhanda, Zac Eastabrook, Elizabeth Fa'amamafa, Tuliloa Fa’amamafa, Eve Gabor, Miyuki Gale, Kirsty Gong, Nicole Johnson, Upasna Kumar, Taea Lambert, James Larsen, Kristofa Manu, Jan Yiew, Lucy Zhang
Chaperones: Kat Wells, Adam Burden


Elysha Negi - Top Student in Goethe Society Examinations


Congratulations to Elysha Negi (Year 13) for gaining First Prize in the annual Auckland Goethe Society Examinations. Elysha received her award at the Prize Giving ceremony at the University of Auckland on the 22nd of September and is pictured with her teacher Ms Heike Zimmer.

Another commendable achievement was made by Saloni Jindal (also Year 13) who received Third Prize overall.

Altogether 64 Year 9 to Year 13 students from Lynfield College participated in the examinations in Year 2016 with 35 students gaining a Diploma of Excellence or Prize of Distinction.
For more information click the link to the official website:

Elysha Negi Goethe exams-51


Karan Kalsi Wins Youth Parliament Essay Competition

Karan Kalsi, Year 12 has just received exciting news – he is the winner of the NZ Business and Parliament Trust Youth Parliament essay competition.
The prize is valued at $2,500 and will be presented to Karan at a prize-giving ceremony on Thursday 10 November in the Speaker’s Apartment, Parliament Buildings, Wellington.

Karan’s prize-winning essay can be read at

Congratulations Karan!

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