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Choice WorkChoice Day

31 May 2011

Fifty Year 12 students spent May 17 increasing their learning about different employment options by visiting companies and seeing them in action. Eight companies opened their doors to our four student groups, with employers encouraging students to further their studies and learn to be adaptable to change in life.


Student feedback reveals how valuable they thought Workchoice Day was to their career planning:


“I found the most interesting thing was to be able to look & learn about the variety of roles available in the workplace, the technology used and the personalities of the people involved.”

“Watching and sitting through a TVNZ News Update ‘live’ in studio was so cool.”

“It was awesome to be able to sit down with the Heads of the company and departments and be able to listen to their career stories and advice.”

“Well worth it, learnt a lot, great experience, found seeing ‘behind the scenes’ very interesting.”



Lynfield Musicians chosen for NZ Youth Jazz Orchestra

May 30 2011
Two students have been selected for the New Zealand Youth Jazz Orchestra season which is held annually in Wellington. Michael Howell, Year 12, plays guitar while Charlie Isdale, Year 13, plays saxophone. 


Entry is by audition and open to secondary school and university music students under 19 years.The band will spend two weeks rehearsing and performing under the direction of Rodger Fox and guest tutors from America.


Michael and Charlie both play in Lynfield College's premier jazz groups - the Big Band and Jazz Combo A under the direction of Paul Norman. Additionally they play in the semi-professional jazz band - Queen City Big Band - outside of school.


2011 Cross Country Winners


May 23 2011

Although recent rain made the course a little unreliable underfoot, the sunny afternoon was perfect for the annual cross-country event. The winners at each level were as follows:

Year 9 Alice Neville-Smith James Edwards
Year 10 Juee Bhide Brock Dormer
Year 11 Holly Sun Jason Sun
Senior Tyla Nathan-Wong Gage Loomans


DSC_0138_1.jpg P1090390_1.jpg

Guys and Dolls with a Local Touch


May 19 2011

This year Lynfield College will be presenting a production of the classic “Guys and Dolls “. This Hollywood musical promises drama, laughs and catchy musical numbers that will have you tapping your toes and dancing in your seats. Once again we have a talented cast, with Shawn Cleaver, Chantal Van Weelie , Dion Pritchard and Holly Stokes playing the lead roles. Arneet Singh and Billy Scarfe provide some comic relief with their interesting characters Benny and Nicely. There is also a fabulous chorus of dancing girls for your entertainment.

Guys and Dolls, by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows with lyrics and music by Frank Loesser, is the story of a hardened gambler who arrives in town only to fall for a trick bet with Nathan Detroit. He bets that he can take any woman he likes to Havanna for the night. To his horror, Nathan Detroit selects Sarah Brown, a Salvation Army member who is full of religious fervour, as the woman he must persuade. As the unlikely couple fall in love, the rest of the gamblers are forced to confront their sins.

The show will have some surprising visual touches which will be revealed on opening night. Suffice to say, technology will be well-employed. This year’s band will be larger than usual to accommodate the wider range of instruments. Mrs Lisa Norman the musical director, has assembled some fine talent to play one of Hollywood’s most famous musical scores.

The show opens at 7pm, on Wednesday 29th June at Lynfield College Hall and runs until Saturday 2nd July. Tickets are $6 for students and $15 for adults. To purchase tickets, please contact reception.

Examinations week


May 19 2011

May 23 to 27  senior students will be sitting a number of assessments. Please access the exam timetable to support your child in attending assessments when scheduled.


There is study leave involved and the details of this and other important information relating to, for example, unavoidable absence from assessments, has been given to all students.


Parents can access this information and so be assured of the requirements of this important assessment week by opening Exam Instructions May 2011


Parents are welcome to enter our e-Learning site (e-LynC). Just click on E-Learning on the front page of this website, under Course Categories click on Student Information. Assessment information on NCEA and on the exams next week can be found there.


Pacific Pride Badges Presentation


May 19 2011

On Thursday 12 May at the Pacific Islands Parents meeting Pacific Pride badges were presented to 12 girls and 7 boys from Years 12 and 13. The criteria for selection was for Pacific Islands students to be good role models, to be responsible in their behaviour and to model a commitment to learning. The badges were presented by our principal, Mr Bovaird. Following this the Achievement Report for Pacific Islands students for 2011 was presented by Deputy Principal, Mr Aitken. A pleasing improvement in achievement was noted among these students across a number of areas.


Further Pacific Islands Parents meetings will be held:

  • Thursday 16 June
  • Tuesday 5 July
  • Thursday 25 August
  • Thursday 15 September
  • Thursday 6 October

The meetings are held in the college staffroom beginning at 6pm.



Former student graduates with PhD


Lincoln Wood who attended Lynfield College 1997-1999 graduated on 6th May as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Operations and Supply Chain Management from the Business school at Auckland University.
Lincoln attained degrees in Science and Commerce in 2003; he attained BCom (Hons) with first class honours followed by his Masters in Commerce.  He was inducted into the Beta Gamma Sigma International Honours Society in 2006.
International honours continued to come Lincoln's way with a Young Researcher Award in Chicago in 2009; and an Outstanding Research Award at the International Higher Education Conference in 2010.
Lincoln is currently  a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University in Perth Australia.
In sending this information to us Lincoln's mother also acknowledged "that without the input of all those who helped support his education Lincoln would not have been able to achieve these outcomes and I would like to convey our gratitude to his former teachers and dean".


Congratulations Lincoln!


Winter Sports Underway


18 May 2011

With the cooler weather making an unwelcome return, the students were very pleased that last weekend was sunny for their first games of the winter season. TheLynfield sports uniforms will once again be visible in all major sporting codes, with the students very keen to do their best for  themselves and their school. We look forward to reporting their successes.

soccer_1_1.jpg Netball_2_1.jpg P1090504_1_1.jpg
P1090424_1_1.jpg Netball_1.jpg P1090487_1_1_1.jpg


Text Savvy Teens Turn their Hand to Teaching


As part of the Caring for our Community project at the end of 2010 a group of our students worked with Age Concern to teach a workshop on how to use mobile phones and send text messages.  Due to the workshops success it was decided that we would continue with this in 2011. Last Friday a group of Year 10 students ran another workshop.  The students enjoyed their experience as teachers and the older people appreciated their efforts. 


A Galaxy of Rising Sports Stars

9 May 2011

Participating in sport has obvious links to our motto “Learn to Live” and Lynfield College has rising stars across a number of sporting codes.

Katie Bowen, Year 13, is in the New Zealand Football Ferns squad, playing in Australia and China qualifier matchers for the World Cup to be played in Germany later this year. Katie has been training with the Football Ferns since the beginning of the year and we all know her dedication and skills make her a very worthy member of this elite New Zealand squad.

Tyla Nathan-Wong, Year 12, has been selected for the Touch Blacks, the Open Womens team competing in the World Cup in Scotland . Tyla is a superb sportswoman having enjoyed  success in rugby, league, soccer,and  cross-country, as well as gaining a red belt in Taekwon-do. Making the Black Ferns and the 2016 Olympic rugby sevens are not unrealistic goals for Tyla.

An impressive number of  Year 11 students are establishing themselves as rising stars :


Khusboo Patel has just toured Australia in the  Auckland  Women’s Under-18 Cricket team. She is increasingly recognised as a very proficient pace bowler and played her part in the 5 wins from 8 games.


Akshay Chauhan is in the Auckland Under-18 Premier Hockey Team. National Tournament is in Hamilton in July. With school 1stX1 and AISC premier 2 team commitments each week as well as the Auckland Team schedule Akshay spends upwards of 20 hours a week on the hockey turf. A Black Sticks selection is Akshay’s obvious aim for the future.


Danielle Bradley has been accepted into the new Zealand Football National Talent Centre. She is hopeful she will be given a place in the NZ under-17 Squad to be announced in 2 weeks’  time. This squad will train for the 2012 World Cup in Azerbaijan.


Nataly See won Gold, two Silver and Bronze medals at the recent NZ Open Taekwon-do Championships (this is an Ocees.ania competition held annually in Auckland). In her sixth year of martial arts and training 15-20 hours a week, Nataly has her heart set on gaining selection for the New Zealand Team in October. Then she will have the chance to compete in the larger international events.


Natalie Woodgate competes regularly in the Ocean Swim series. In the recent Sand to Surf Swim at Mt Maunganui she was the seventh  woman home,  came first in the 15-19yr age group and first in the non-wetsuit division.

        Year 10 students are also beginning to rise to the top in their various sporting codes. Juee Bhide plays squash and has been selected for the Auckland Under-15 Team.


Reflections on ANZAC Day

9 May 2011
Student Executive member Penelope Walbran-Oakley was amongst the Lynfield College students who attended the local ANZAC Day Remembrance Service. After the service, in which Penelope delivered a reading, she penned her thoughts on what the event and the special day means to her:

Recently I had the honour of presenting a scripture reading at the Mt Roskill ANZAC service on behalf of Lynfield College.  It was a great privilege and a very valuable experience.
The passage I was asked to read emphasised the honour of dying for one’s friends.  It made me consider how lucky I am to live in this age.  Of course, we hear about the sacrifices of the ANZACs often, but this time I realised that I am the same age as many of the soldiers who have died for us on foreign soil, so far from their homes and families.   I also considered that, if there was another major war, it would be my peers and I called up to fight and die.  This is quite a sobering thought.  How many of my friends would not return?  How would I cope so far from home in a hostile country?  These questions made me view the ANZACs sacrifice in a whole new light, and I will be forever grateful to them.  We are now able to live our lives in a peaceful and democratic society only because our ancestors laid down their lives for us.  War memorials around the country bear the inscription ‘To the Glorious Dead,’ and they truly are glorious, for the freedom that their death gave our lives.

Culinary Club selling Entertainment Books


3 May 2011

Lynfield College Culinary club is in its third year and each year sees more students getting involved. Meeting after school on Tuesday afternoon, a group of enthusiastic students comes along to learn new skills and experience different foods. 


The club originally started because of our strong involvement in Culinary competitions. We needed a time where we could prepare and practise for the growing number or competitions and also we needed to cater for the growing number of students interested in participating.

It then developed further with a strong Hospitality focus where chefs were invited along and students learnt new skills and tricks of the trade. The last two years have also seen apprenticeship advisors from Sky City and the Restaurant Association come and speak to the culinary club about careers in the food industry.

This year we have even more enthusiastic students coming along on Tuesday afternoons. We have been focusing on seasonal foods  in Term 1 but in Term 2 we will be preparing for the upcoming culinary competitions.


To enable us to purchase food for this club and pay for competition entries, we need to fund raise. This year we have chosen to sell ‘Entertainment Books’. The new 2011 | 2012 Auckland Entertainment™ Book is packed with 50% off, 25% off and 2-for-1 offers from the best restaurants, hotel accommodation, attractions, and leisure activities. To see more valuable offers, flip through the Book online here



The new Entertainment Book is only $65 and you will receive $15,000 worth of valuable offers that can be used from now until 1 June 2012. Plus, $13 of your Book purchase goes towards our community fund-raising - so please forward this information to your family and friends, as the more Books we sell, the more funds we raise.


Order your new 2011-2012 Entertainment Book by contacting us :


Lynfield College Culinary Club

Rhonda Weeks

Tel: 09 627 0600



Having purchased your Book from us, please don't forget to reference Lynfield College Culinary Club when registering your 2011-2012 Entertainment membership. Thank you for your support and contribution to our fund-raising efforts.

Changes to Out of Zone Enrolment Regulations


2 May 2011

Families of prospective students who live outside a secondary school's zone need to be aware that the government has added a new priority category to enrolment applications.  The category is "Children of a former student" and we know this will be good news for those parents/caregivers who are former students of Lynfield College.


We are often asked whether the fact that the mother or father used to attend Lynfield College makes any difference to the chances of getting in to Lynfield when the family lives outside the school zone. Up until now no special provisions existed for this situation, but that is now changed.


For 2012 enrolments if Lynfield College receives more applications from out of zone students than there are places available, priority will be given to applicants in the following order:


  •  Category 1: Applicants for enrolment in special programmes (at Lynfield College this refers solely to the Adult ESOL programme)
  • Category 2: Applicants who are brothers or sisters of current students
  • Category 3: Applicants who are brothers or sisters of former students
  • Category 4: Applicants who are children of former students
  • Category 5: Applicants who are children of Board employees or Board members
  • Category 6: All other applicants



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