March 2020

Sports: Term One Highlights

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Student Support for Good Hygiene Practice

Students are only too aware of the need to protect themselves and others against the Covid-19 Coronavirus.

13HOB did a great job filling and labelling more than 100 bottles of Ministry recommended sanitiser for cleaning classroom desks, flat surfaces and chairs in each classroom. Once the bottles were filled students organised their distribution along with paper towels, to teachers and classrooms.
Thanks to Hospitality Teacher Jacky Hardy and her class: 13HOB 

Christchurch 'We Are One' Remembrance

One year on from the Christchurch Terrorist Attacks students have taken the opportunity to use creative writing to express their remembrance of this horrific event. The following poem was read this in form class followed by a minute of silence.

One Year On by Sarah Ramsey (Year 9)

We give this moment of silence to all those who have been hurt, mentally and physically
This has been a tragic time and it is hard to move on
It is hard to keep your head held high, hard to feel strong
Memorials, flowers, cards and gifts
All different feelings that have moved or had shifts
We give silence to the people not with us today
And remember those who have gone away
We must also remember, it’s not just those who have gone
It’s also the families and communities traumatised
Who have found a way to move on.
Let us all remember them.

At right: Sarah Ramsey and Year 9 Dean Raneeta Prasad

sarah and raneeta

Our Darkest Day by Ayesha Naosheen (Year 11)

Our darkest day, Friday.
As dark as gray
This marks our darkest day.
Sirens upon sirens.
Silence lingering, concerns arising
Terror amplifying in immensity.
With horror uprising progressively.
Galvanizing news, diffuses across countries.
Marking this day, our darkest day.

Friday the 15th of March, our darkest day
Many muslims martyred,
martyred in minutes as they pray
on their darkest day.
Gunshot by gunshot, a nightmare like day
Fifty one innocent lives taken.
Fifty one families completely broken.
Bullets projected into 51
Bullets injected like swords into 51.
Bullets marking this day,
Our darkest day

Our darkest day,
We pray for those who lay.
We stand with those lost.
Lay flowers, for those who we have lost,
Spending hours with those who have lost.
We come together as one
On our darkest day.

At right: Ayesha Naosheen
and Year 11 Dean Sofia Hameed


This is a poem I wrote last year after the incident to let out my emotions and thoughts.

One year later when I reflect on this incident it makes me realise how short life is and how an event so impactful and traumatizing can take place in any given moment. This taught me a very vital life lesson… and that is to truly appreciate your family, friends and loved ones because you never know when such an impactful event can take them away from you.

I’d like to conclude this on a peaceful note with a quote:

“A lifetime without love is of no account. Love is the water of life. So spread it and drink it down with heart and soul”

Kia kaha. Thank you.

ayesha and sofia

Dragon Boating

Our two Dragon Boating teams competed in the Auckland Secondary Schools Championships regatta on Lake Pupuke on Sunday 15 March. The first race was at 8.00 am and the last one about 5.00 pm. Each team had 20 paddlers and one caller and competed in a minimum of six races throughout the day.

This event is unique in its character as it is as much about the spirit of friendship amongst the teams as about the competition itself. Lynfield Flame (pictured below) came away with four medals – three bronze and one silver!

Huge thanks to community volunteer coaches and sweeps Sooupu Perese and Cath Mead without whom these paddlers could not have had this experience.

dragon b dragon a
dragon f dragon h dragon j
dragon c dragon d
dragon e dragon i dragon g

Central Western Zone Athletics

Below are the results of our Central Western Zone athletics. Our students all performed with pride and passion for Lynfield. Visit the Lynfield College Sports facebook page for information and more fantastic photos courtesy of Ron Delgrosso.

Fiona Siaopo 1st: 100m  |  1st:  Long Jump  |  1st: Shot Put  |  3rd: Discus
Rina Maka 1st: Discus (Record 43.82m)  | 2nd: Shot Put
Laura McLeod 7th: High Jump

Mia Powell 2nd: 800m  |  3rd: Long Jump  |  5th 400m

Selena Gee 1st: 100m  |  1st:  200m
Danielle Hewett 4th: 400m  |  9th: Long Jump
Shreya Prasad 1st: 3000m
Pauline Kaufasi 4th: Long Jump

Otis Wilson 5th: 200m  |  3rd: 300m
Willis Cedric 2nd: Discus

Tom Christie 1st: Triple Jump  |  2nd: 100m Hurdles  |  3rd: Long Jump  |  4th: 100m
Vincent Ko 1st: Long Jump
Percy Maka 1st: Discus  |  2nd: Shot Put
Elliot James 12th:  200m
Neel Kumar 12th: 3000m
Jaedyn Troy 5th: High Jump

Ankur Chakraborty 2nd: 400m  |  3rd: 200m
wz ath b wz ath a wz ath c wz ath d

Past Student Success

Jordan Tamatea is a past student at Lynfield College who left from Year 13 in 2017. She is now working towards a midwifery degree. On Friday 13 March Jordan visited Lynfield and shared her wheako (experience), with akonga in the marae and promoted careers in health to our Maori and Pacific taiohi.

It's awesome to see our past students continuing their journey towards excellence.

Ka nui te mihi e hine.

jordan visit b jordan visit a

Visual Art Student Recognised and Published

Talented Year 11 Visual Arts student Nikki Reza Khan Kermani has produced artwork for the Toitoi Journal, Southeast Asia Special Issue. The Toitoi journal showcases the work of young New Zealand writers and artists. Nikki worked alongside writer Quinn Ashby to produce artwork for a story titled ‘My Myrna’. She is currently studying digital painting in 11ADM.

“Toitoi celebrates the ideas, imaginations and creative spirit of our young writers and artists. We believe that their work has purpose and deserves a wide audience.

We publish material with an original and authentic voice that other young people can connect to and be inspired by and that reflects the cultures and experiences of life in New Zealand.

nikki with toitoi

Our philosophy is to treat young writers and artists with respect, handle their work with care and produce a beautifully designed journal of high quality that reflects how much we value and admire them.”

More information about Toitoi can be found at this link:

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