December 2016


Expo of Quality Soft  Materials Technology Products

Year 10 Soft Materials students have worked in groups or individually to design, make and cost a product. Their hard work culminated in their presenting their products in an Expo during a lunchtime last week.

Staff and students were invited to view and vote for their favourite and the winners are..... Michelle Huang and Angel Chan!! - for their fabulous bread and donut cushions .

Second place went to Setta Kaisala and Etu Thompson Schwenke for their Lynfield School reversible bucket hat and third prize went to Akanesi Vea for her cute smiley face emoji t-skirt.

IMG 5510-101

The winning bread and donut cushions.
IMG 5508-86

Second place for the reversible hat.

Right - The t-shirt in third place
IMG 5499-5
Students displaying their products in their Expo.
IMG 5497-661
IMG 5516-71

 Year 9 Soft Materials Charity Quilts

Every year the year 9 Soft Materials classes design and make quilts for a charity. In terms 3 and 4 students worked in groups to design a quilt for ‘Foster Hope’ a New Zealand organisation that helps children and young people going in to foster homes by providing them with individual packs .

Students felt passionate about this cause and worked really hard to create colourful quilts to help easy a difficult situation for many children.
The photos are a selection of some of the quilts made.

GEDC3751-118 GEDC3752-459
GEDC3753-918 GEDC3754-569

New Principal Ms Cath Knell

From the Chairperson of the Lynfield College Board of Trustees
December 8 2016

The Lynfield College Board of Trustees has today announced the appointment of Cath Knell as the new Principal of Lynfield College.

Cath is currently a Deputy Principal at the College and was selected following an extensive selection process. She has demonstrated outstanding leadership qualities in her time at the College.

Cath will take over from the current Principal, Steve Bovaird, at the start of Term 2, 2017.

Kristine Mellor
BOT chairperson
Lynfield College

Cath Knell and Steve Bovaird-683

Caring for the Community 2016

Once again all our Year 9 and 10 students have spent two days in our local community contributing in a multitude of ways to assist the well-being of others.

All staff and students planned carefully for their chosen activity and their goodwill has been much appreciated.

Among the many organisations and activities that were focussed on in this annual project were:

Caring for our Community - 2016 (15)-708 Caring for our Community - 2016 (3)-332 Caring for our Community - 2016 (4)-805
Caring for our Community - 2016 (5)-570 Caring for our Community - 2016 (6)-358 Caring for our Community - 2016 (7)-259
Caring for our Community - 2016 (8)-954 Caring for our Community - 2016 (9)-583 Caring for our Community - 2016 (11)-128
Caring for our Community - 2016 (12)-671 Caring for our Community - 2016 (13)-583 Caring for our Community - 2016 (2)-269
Caring for our Community - 2016 (14)-366 Caring for our Community - 2016 (18)-101 Caring for our Community - 2016 (16)-582

There have been a number of  notes of appreciation from organisations in the community; a selection from these shows how much the students' efforts meant to those they helped.....

  • From Amavi Mey of May Rd Primary School
"  ...on behalf of our junior school teachers and children, thanks so much for an awesome afternoon.  Your students were really fantastic,  our students had a fabulous time and experienced some new games and skills.
The organisation was excellent and it was a fun way to end the week.
Have a great weekend and hopefully see you next year :)"

  • From Jane Coughlan of St Jude's Church
"On behalf of St Jude’s Church, I would like to thank you for your fabulous work at the George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery today. As your photos will attest, your work made a huge difference and I am sure the families who visit this weekend and the houses heated with the firewood giveaway will be just as appreciative. Special mention to the dedicated lawn mowers, and all those who helped unearth and move the wood. It was very heavy work. Our sextant will be excited to learn that we unearthed two broken headstones!
Wishing you all a blessed Christmas"

  • From Lucy Wiggins who led an activity
" Jack Manu in 9HK who was in Creative paper craft for the elderly has been exceptional the past couple of days. He worked positively creating the stationary packs yesterday and then today when we went to Peacehaven rest home he was an absolute delight with the old people. He went around confidently chatting to them all, and played games and sung songs with them. He was an asset to the group and did Lynfield proud."

Some images from various activities...
187 (800x533)-130 003 (800x533)-130 024 (800x533)-47
074 (800x533)-855 091 (800x533)-303 010 (800x533)-169
121 (800x533)-633 129 (800x533)-156 139 (800x533)-370

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