March 2013

Congratulations to Two Year 9 Athletes


We would like to congratulate Year 9 students Maria-Agatha Vehikite and Maddison Wesche who have been selected for the Auckland Interprovincial Athletics Team.


The team has today left for the Interprovincials which this year are being held at Alpine Energy Track, Aorangi Park, Timaru this weekend. The team consists of 11 boys & 11 girls for each age group. This is a wonderful experience for those athletes selected.

Winter Sports Trials and Practices

Many students have registered for our winter sports teams and with the season start not too far away the school fields and sports centre have been very busy. The images below were all taken last Thursday after school and include students trialling and practising for rugby, soccer, table tennis, netball and basketball.

sport practice6(copy) Sport practice1(copy)
sport practice4(copy) sport practice5(copy)
sport practice8(copy) sport practice3(copy)

Global Leadership Training

Global leadership(copy) Last week some of our senior student leaders joined more than 50 other Auckland Secondary Schools at the Global Leadership Training Convention.

The image shows Deputy Head students, Brayden Silby, Alana Murphy and Year 12 Student Executive members, Jonty Pendigrast, Boaz Competente, Jemma Read and Jessica Yao with Mrs Grant about to leave for the North Harbour Stadium.

The training aims to inspire and equip students to make a contribution towards ending world poverty. Students will use the skills and inspiration they have gained to run the Lynfield College annual drive for World Vision in June. Mrs Grant, a member of the Science Faculty at the College has had many years of experience in fundraising and we are delighted that she is able to support the students with their goal to raise funds for World Vision.

PE Camp at Tawharanui

During the week of the 11th – 15th March, over 100 year 12 Physical Education students attended a camp at Tawharanui Marine Reserve. As part of their Physical Education course students were learning about Risk Assessments which is part of a current Achievement Standard.


Students experienced planning and cooking their own meals and an early start at 6.30am with a jog and swim after a night sleeping under canvas. During the day activities included snorkelling, kayaking, adventure-based learning, an ecology tramp and surf lifesaving.


On the Wednesday all the Year 12 students were at the camp together and competed in an amazing race followed by beach games. Great fun was had by all in an amazing environment with fantastic weather.


PECamp3(copy) PE Camp1(copy)
PE Camp4(copy) PE Camp2(copy)


Seeing Stars at Astronomy Camp

Year 13 student Mason Ng has been reading about the stars and undertaking projects at the Auckland Observatory for a number of years and now he has been selected to attend the University of Canterbury's Aurora Astronomy School.


Aurora, a 5-day Science camp is part of the University's Outreach programme and Mason will attend during the last week of this term. Only 20 students from throughout New Zealand have been selected for the camp and the programme will consist of a series of lectures, hands-on laboratories and computer-simulated observing experiences in astronomy to be held on campus. They will also be spending two nights at the Mount John University Observatory (MJUO).


Mason feels very lucky to have been chosen to attend; there were several hundred applicants and Mason's straight Excellence record in both Physics and Maths no doubt gave him an edge. He acknowledges also the support given him by his Physics teachers Mr Boasman and Mr Reddy.


A career in research, possibly a Professorship and teaching astronomy at a university - Mason is already

planning  a starry future. Mason is pictured with Mr Reddy, his Physics teacher.

  Mason Ng1(copy)  

and more from the Physics Department...

2013 New Zealand Young Physicists Tournament

This is the first year that we have entered students in the regional rounds of the New Zealand Young Physicists’ tournament that took place at Kristin College in Albany.


Prior to the tournament, competing teams, consisting of 3 students each, are given 7 complex problems to theoretically and experimentally research. At the competition the teams present and defend the validity of their solutions against teams in “Physics Fights”. Juries consisting of respected physicists and physics teachers rate their reports and the discussion that those reports generate. Each team is graded out of 10 points

We had two Year 12  teams competing against mostly Year 13 teams from 17 Auckland schools. Team 1 consisted of David Wu (captain), Jahnvee Solanki and Steven Ling while Team 2 consisted of Boaz Competente (captain), Jessica Yao and Bhavish Kapadia. At the start of the tournament, our students felt intimidated by the Year 13 students which may have led to their not doing so well in the first round of the “Physics fights”. However, once they overcame the initial fear and got used to the procedures involved, they gained valuable points in the remaining two fights.

Despite the two teams not finishing in the top 10, they must be praised for not only competing against some very capable Year 13 students, but who had a year’s advantage over them as well. The depth of the research they undertook in preparation for the problems will linger in their memories for a very long time.

With this year's experience behind them, they have already started the discussion for next year’s tournament. We are confident of having a good run next year.

Back Row from left:  
Jahnvee Solanki, Jessica Yao, Bhavish Kapadia

Front Row from left:
David Wu, Steven Ling, Boaz Competente
Physics Tourn1(copy)

Stunning Polyfest Performance

The images say it all. Congratulations to all our wonderful Kapahaka students!

P1050046(copy) P1040978(copy)
P1040967(copy) P1050015(copy)
P1050033 (1)(copy) P1040962(copy)

Principal Calls the Shots

When our principal arrived at Westhaven to watch Dragon Boating training on Wednesday afternoon, little did he know he would be made an offer he could not refuse! 


Having come straight from the office he was hardly dressed for paddling but he didn’t hesitate to accept the invitation to go out on the water. Mr Bovaird was expecting to be in the chase boat BUT we have just been granted funding for 2 teams so being short of a few crew for 2 boats, Mr Bovaird found himself in a Dragon Boat doing what he does best – calling the shots……..from the bow!  


He had a spell with both crews, doing a tricky on-the-water transfer from one boat to the other.  As our crews powered up there was intense competition followed by smiles all round as they returned to the pier rather wetter than when they started.


The one day secondary schools Dragon Boating regatta will take place on Lake Pupuke on Sunday 24 March.

Principal 2(copy) Principal 1(copy)


Wireless Network Throughout College


Lynfield College has just installed a comprehensive wireless network throughout the school. It has been trialled with the staff to ensure that any setup issues have been resolved. We are now in a position to open up the network to students so that they can use mobile devices at school to enhance their learning. The use of mobile devices in schools is becoming increasingly common and we believe that by providing access to the internet, students will be able to use it to gather, process and share information in support of their learning.

The school network comes with restrictions on its use and these are available to students in the “Acceptable Use Agreement (Wi-Fi)” which students must agree to follow before they can log in.

We currently have a number of classes in the junior school trialling iPads to support their learning. In 2014 we intend extending this by encouraging students to bring their own devices. At this stage we are still determining how we will implement this and incorporate the use of devices in class activities. Later in the year published guidelines will be made available to students and families.
We expect that students will appreciate the College‟s moves to enhance the learning opportunities for them through this initiative and will use the network in a responsible manner.

Lynfield's Human and Environmental Rights Committee

Our enthusiastic campaigners have been working hard already this year to make their voices heard and their actions count.


A significant action has involved the collection of over 180 postcards and signed letters to be sent to President Obama urging him to sign an Arms Trade Treaty which will regulate and monitor the global arms trade. This is a global campaign supported by Amnesty International and Oxfam. High School students around the globe are taking similar actions. The United Nations meet from March 18 to decide on a final treaty which would prevent sales of weapons to states that are known to use weapons against their own civilians or pass them on to countries which do.

The Lynfield College Human Rights group has been involved in this campaign for several years. The group sent letters to the United Nations in 2010 urging them to consider tighter regulations on arms (in conjunction with other Amnesty Groups).

Another regular activity for Lynfield College students is the Beach Clean-Up. And last Saturday thirty students and four staff scoured Lynfield Cove, Green Bay, Blockhouse Bay and Waikowhai beaches, picking up 2500 pieces of rubbish including glass, printers, tyres and clothing.

This beach clean-up was the college's contribution to Sea Week within our local community.
Beach cleanup1(copy) Beach cleanup 2(copy)

Year 9 Visual Artists at Lynfield Cove

Year 9 students in the Visual Arts option classes have been given the challenge of producing a panoramic painting. So recently they have been doing sketches of Lynfield Cove, and more detailed close-up drawings of rocks and plants. Back in class, they will be using their images and experience of the beach to make the panoramic painting.

IMG163(copy) IMG164(copy)


Digital Media Students Sketch at Museum

The current assessment for the 45 Year 11 Digital Media students is observational drawing. Mr Hambridge and Ms Van Heeswijk took their students to the Auckland Museum where they sketched Maori artefacts from the Maori court.

DSC 0014 1

DSC 0065


Rugby Boys Score Adidas Scholarship


Congratulations to our First XV boys who put together a video entry to the Adidas School Scholarship competition - and won! They were required to convince the judges that our 1st XV team members are “All in!” by displaying the Adidas values of fun, sportsmanship, dedication, camaraderie, school pride and community spirit. 


At the beginning of next term some of the current All Blacks will be at the college to present the team with their prize - which includes a complete 2013 kit (uniforms, footwear and tracksuits) custom designed by the team and supplied by Adidas.

The judging panel, headed by All Black Israel Dagg and Phoenix football player Jeremy Brockie, said


 "The calibre of entries was really high, we were impressed with the effort put in by the teams and their schools."

Another Step Towards Biology Olympiad

A massive congratulations to Akash Charles of Year 13 for being offered a place at the residential training camp this year in the New Zealand International Biology Olympiad. 

Akash has passed the second NZIBO exam (the entrance exam was in 2012) and is one of the top 20 students who will attend the residential camp held at Waikato and Massey Universities during the first week of the April school holidays.

 Laboratory experience and university style lectures will be followed by a final assessment to decide the four students who will go the international finals in Switzerland in July!

Congratulations Akash! and we hope you can win one of those four places.
Akash Charles


Art Students in the City

A group of senior visual arts students welcomed the opportunity to participate in the current Auckland Arts Festival at the Auckland City Art Gallery. The Year 13 and Year 12 students heard four artists talk about their work and artistic practice. The Year 11 students spent the morning viewing artworks in the gallery.


Then it was on to the Auckland Museum Winter gardens to draw from observation. This included drawing the sculptures, architecture and plant life. The three photographs show the students waiting to head in to the lectures and then sketching while at the Winter Gardens at the Auckland Domain.

DSC 0003 1



DSC 0089 1 DSC 0101 1

Impressive Western Zone Athletes


Following our successful in-school Athletics Day, a team of 30 of our most talented track and field athletes represented our school in the Western Zone Athletics meet at the Trusts Stadium, Henderson.  A number of our athletes placed in finals and some have qualified to compete in the Greater Auckland Secondary Schools meet late March.  Of note are:
Maddy Poland                         1st  Junior Girls High Jump
                                               1st Junior Girls 800m
Amy Pitout                              1st Intermediate Girls 800m (with a winning margin of 33s!)
Dale Pitout                              1st Senior Boys 800m
Noel D’Souza                          2nd Int. Boys 400m
Yana Dombrowsky                  2nd Int Girls High Jump
Holly Harrison                         2nd Jun Girls 100m
Adeleena Lee-Hussien             2nd Int Girls 400m
Brad Rodler                             2ND Int Boys Triple Jump
Intermediate Girls Relay           2nd
Maria Vehikite                         3rd 70m Hurdles         

IMG 4372 1 IMG 4417 1
IMG 4398 1 IMG 4469 1
IMG 4433 1 IMG 4407 1


Robotics Team wins NZ National Competition

Lynfield College Robotics Team 2915A was the Tournament Champion at the 2013 NZ National Vex Robotics Competition held at the TelstraClear Pacific Events Centre on March 1st to 3rd.  This fantastic result qualifies them to travel to their fourth World Championship Tournament in Los Angeles in April.

2915 Team members competing at the NZ Championships included Jack Barker, Nadia Gozon, Akash Charles, Nick Waddington, Anthony Chen, Campbell Foskin, Steve Barker, Grun Wua Wong, Robert Mi and Peter Harrison.

  robotics 2  



 New Japanese Student Exchange Established


Lynfield College is pleased to announce that it has formed a Student Exchange Agreement with Tama University Meguro Junior & Senior High School, Tokyo, Japan.

Lynfield currently already has an exchange programme with Shinagawa, Japan, where students from Lynfield visit Shinagawa for approximately TWO weeks. The next trip is scheduled for September/October 2014. The Shinagawa Friendship Exchange is designed to build friendship ties between Auckland and Shinagawa.

However, the recently established Tama Exchange Programme is for FIVE weeks. This is a language- focused exchange and gives students an opportunity to build their Japanese linguistic skills in an authentic environment. Students will depart in late December, just after Christmas and will spend the time attending school until their return at the start of February.

Each year THREE students will be selected to go. While at school the students will be immersed in regular daily classes with Japanese students. However they will be able to select the classes they enjoy at a level they feel capable with. One-on-one Japanese classes may also be offered. Students will also be involved in after school clubs if they wish (Manga Club, Kendo Club etc). If interested, students may have an option to take part in other school activities.

The exchange is reciprocal, and we look forward with anticipation to three Japanese students who are set to visit our school in Term 3 of this year.


Here are some images of our new exchange school, its gymnasium, a Science class, and students at kendo club.

Science 1 Kendo 1
Building 2 Azamino Gym


Year 12 Biology Students Explore Arataki


image 1  1



Over three days last week teachers led six classes of Year 12 Biology students on a field trip to the Arataki Nature Reserve. Assessment at Level 2 involves the study of this area, and the collection and analysis of data on community patterns.


The students always enjoy these offsite activities, and we look forward to the high quality of the resulting assessment submissions.

image 2 image 1

Peer Sexuality Support Programme

The PSSP was established in 1995 and runs in 25 schools in the greater Auckland region. At Lynfield the programme has been in place for a number of years and students Linden Rose and Chantal van Weelie are pictured with Auckland Sexual Health community youth worker Kat Davis.

pssp 1 Ms Davis says
‘‘The programme is based around the fact that most young people get their information around sexual health and sexuality from their peers. We think that is absolutely awesome and something we would like to keep going, we just want to ensure the information is correct.’’

Volunteers receive training on sexual health as well as issues that are regularly faced by teens, which can be anything from body image to drugs. Peer supporters do not replace counsellors but can help refer people on to further help.

 ‘‘You let them tell you the story, or as much of the story as they want to tell you and then you ask them if they want any more help with it,’’ Linden says. "If they do you send them off to the school counsellor or another organisation that might be able to help them.’’
Since joining the PSSP last year the 17-year-old has been approached by friends, schoolmates and even family for advice.
Chantal says the programme helped her become less judgmental.‘‘It is life changing,’’ the 16-year-old says. ‘‘I feel quite confident saying that people who go through PSSP wish that everyone could go through it. It would make the world a better place.’’

Adult ESOL Students Enjoy Fun and Games


The Adult ESOL Department recently met at Coyle Park in Pt. Chevalier for a morning of mini-Olympics.


Initially apprehensive about the idea of sport, they quickly got into the spirit of things. Students participated in quirky versions of Basketball, Cricket, Hurling (the iconic gumboot throwing), Hula Hoop Discus and Swiss Ball Hockey.


The events produced team spirit, emerging skills and good-natured competition. It was a great morning, enjoyed by all - as the images show.

Sports day 2013 015 Sports day 2013 019 1
Sports day 2013 030 Sports day 2013 038


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