October 2019

Senior Academic Prizegiving 2019

senior front
On Thursday 31 October and Friday 1 November we held our Senior Academic Prizegiving to celebrate those students who have achieved the pinnacle of academic success, or who have gained recognition for serving their peers and the College. Congratulations to all prizewinners.
Dux Litterarum Equal
Dux Litterarum Equal
Raymond Feng
Alex Chenqi Zhuang

University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship
University of Auckland Top Academic Potential Scholarship
Rachel Ling
Nene Matsuki
Emily Gossen
Ishaan Bhide
Raymond Feng
Harshal Damania

University of Otago New Frontiers Sustained Excellence Scholarship
University of Otago Vice-Chancellors Scholarship
Alan Chen
Aditi Pala

Victoria University Wellington Kahotea Scholarship Rachel Barrowman

NZIUU Language Perfect Scholarship Sam Mason

Prime Ministers Vocational Excellence Award Callum Boulton

Inspiring Individual Scholarship Award Matthew Sagote (Year 12)

Cadzow Family Trust ICT Hi-Tech Award Ahmed Absulaha

Alicia Taito, Joseph Hisayasu, Samia Jahangir, Tanishq Tailor, Eve Zhang, Alexandra Yap, Michael Howell, Shivani Kumar, Lily Chen, Jessika Varney, Vishesh Azad, Vedant Kaduskar

Tushar Bhowmik, Mishaan Doolabh, Emily Drage, Samantha Martin, Timothy Sanvictores, Bethany Moxon, Ben Fitzpatrick, Meenu Faraji Bakhtevari, Darshil Tailor, Matthew Ouyang

Sir John Turei Award
Ben Te Ninihi Tawhiti Memorial Award
D.H. Thurston Award, Top Service Award, Equal
Cathy Walker Cup, Service Award
Rotoract Cup for Service to the Community
Hannam Cup for Executive Efficiency
Mellor Family Cup, Learn to Live 
Challenge Award Cup
Jessika Varney
Tamara Davis
Michael Howell
Raymond Feng
Nivi Sharma
Alicia Taito
Harshal Damania
Marc Atherstone

Glassey Cup (Year 13 Writing)
Lorraine Wilson Cup for Public Speaking
Blockhouse Bay Lynfield Lions Peter Schultz Memorial Award
         (Top Year 13 Music Student)
Neil Scott Memorial Prize, Equal (Top Year 13 Languages Student)
Pauline Gillett Scholarship (Top Year 13 Humanities Student)
LCPPA Mike Blamires Memorial Cup Year 13 Geography (First Equal)
Mike Pero Excellence in Business Award Trophy
Alexandra Yap
Joseph Hisayasu
Timothy Sanvictores

Shyla Mani and Sam Mason
Ishaan Bhide and Nene Matsuki
Samantha Martin

Dux Ignatius Maher Memorial Prize Baylee Verzyde

Academic Honours: Puja Laxman, Aditya Shenoy, Devan Bhika, Kristijan Ilievski, Sam Boasman

Senior Merit Cup (Girls)
Senior Merit Cup (Boys)
Celesti Tan
Sam Boasman

Merit Awards: Freda Chui, Rosalyn Fononga, Sheila Macdonald, Harsh Sharma, Bhakti Tailor, Kendall D’Souza, Junior Iupeli, Trizhia Amon, Winona Lee

Lynfield College International Student Award Keito Ishii

Blamires Trophy Romina Leilua

G H Blair Shakespeare Cup Noah Tikoinamaka

Creative Writing Cup Kristijan Ilievsky

University of Auckland Faculty of Arts Award: Winona Lee (for excellence in Geography, History and Japanese)

Mike Pero Social Entrepreneur Award Equal Jasmine Ali and Shinel Nadan


Our Year 11 Prizegiving was well attended by family and friends wishing to support and acknowledge student success. Congratulations to all award winners.

Dux Griffen Memorial Prize Isha Ramanlal

Academic Honours: Tanvi Kher, Shaun Brown, Michael Jury, Rina Zhang, Ashley Mar

Merit Cup (Girls)
Merit Cup (Boys)
Shreeya Prasad
Sanat Sabharwal Singh

Merit Awards: Eliana Competente, Amanda D’Souza, Isha Ramanlal, Ashley Mar, Ginny Zhou, Lucia Zou, Jasmine Pickston, Andrew Davy, Rayna Gordhan

Creative Writing Cup Zain Najak

Speech Cup Damon Atherstone

Trevor McConchie Memorial Cup for Skills in Cabinetry Equal Callum Scott and Fergus Barber
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senior e senior f
senior g senior h senior i senior j

Announcing our 2020 Student Executive Team

student exec 2020
Head Students Noah Tikoinamaka and Victoria Tofilau
Deputy Head Students Rosalyn Fononga and Shinel Nadan
Sports Captains Sophie Stanimiroff and T.J. Piacun
Assistant Sports Captains Danielle Hewett and Devansh Chand
Arts and Culture Captains Celesti Tan and Abhay Verma
Assistant Arts and Culture Captains Becky Cheng and Frank Lin
Academic Captains Kendall D’Souza and Senu Senathirajah
Assistant Academic Captains Bhakti Tailor and Sam Boasman
Ambassador Co-ordinators Romina Leilua and Sheila Macdonald
Year 12 and Class Rep Co-ordinator Ankur Chakraborty and Kimberly Saldanha
Social Co-ordinators Imaan Brown and Trizhia Amon
International Representative Adam Doan
Board of Trustees Student Trustee Simote Funganitao

Eliana Competente, Amanda D’Souza, Rahul D’Souza, Michael Jury, Evana Chen, Shreeya Prasad, Luviah Saito Sililoto, Sanat Singh

Bray House
Fatialofa House
Faumuina House
Lewis House
Reid House
Zoricich House

Joanna Wu and Zoe Demmler
Serina Daunakamakama and Ronan Monteiro
Nathan Monteiro and Thomas Watson
Sourav Shastri and Eliza Blamey
Noam Lazarus and Keethanraj Vaidyalingam
Paris Phillips and Aditya Shenoy

Puketāpapa Youth Awards 2019

Friday 25 October was the annual Puketāpapa Youth Awards evening held by the Puketāpapa Youth Board. These awards celebrate the achievement of the rangatahi of Puketāpapa.

Lynfield College students were well represented at the event. Emily Gossen was Master of Ceremonies for the evening, Michael Howell spoke on his role as chairperson of the youth board and Tim Sanvictores played a music item.

This year’s prestigious Creative Leader Award 2019 was presented to Celesti Tan. The award is for youth leaders who excel in exemplary leadership in school and community activities in Music and Performance.

Special thanks to Raymond Feng for his photos.

puke d puke c puke a puke b

Te Pou o Rongo brought to Lynfield College

On Tuesday 24 October, 'Te Pou o Rongo' (Anchor of Peace), was brought to our Te Ringa Awhina Marae at Lynfield College. This impressive work was  created from the drawings and voices of those who attended wananga, Lynfield College where the marae-based Hui was held in February.

It was welcomed with a pōwhiri by students and attended by Whaea Frances Maihi, Principal Cath Knell, Whaea Jennifer Leauga, Deputy Principal Sandy Harris, Gabrielle Clark and Teacher Aide Vini Laga’aia. Tamati Patuwai, Eleanor Ah Chee and David Mitchell from Nga Herenga Waka were guests at the ceremony.  Tamilo Lamositele, Arts and Cultural Captain, spoke in Samoan at the pōwhiri.  
The pou was carved by Len Phillips and Te Aroha Witika of Ngati Whatua. The wood originally came from the St James Theatre. The kaupapa is cultural inclusiveness and shows stories gathered from Lynfield community hui.
Thank you to Hone Peri and his groundkeepers team who helped move the pou to where it currently stands, at reception. We welcome you to come and view this work while it is on site.

the anchor

2019 Festival Awards Evening

festival a

At this special occasion, held on Thursday 17 October at Eden Park, we celebrated the success of sporting, arts and cultural aspects of the College, with awards for outstanding achievement and contribution at the senior level. This is an evening of recognition and acknowledgement of the efforts that students, parents, staff and members of the wider Lynfield community have contributed to the College extra-curricular activities in 2019.

Our guest speaker was Sarai McKay, Deputy Head Girl at Lynfield College in 2015.

Congratulations to all those who have won awards, with particular mention of the following students who have achieved the supreme awards:

Dux Artium
Dux Ludorum (Boys)
Dux Ludorum (Girls)
Raymond Feng
Tanishq Tailor
Felicia Fakafanua

Dux Artium Runner-up 
Dux Ludorum Runner-up (Boys)
Dux Ludorum Runner-up (Girls)
Kyus Rodger
Callum Boulton
Lepa Finau

Lynfield College Sports Scholarship
Lynfield College Arts and Culture Scholarship
Ishaan Bhide
Nene Matsuki

Year 13 Musician of the Year
Year 13 Runner-up Equal Musician of the Year
Year 13 Runner-up Equal Musician of the Year
Tamilo Lamositele
Timothy Sanvictores

Emily Gossen

Year 12 Musician of the Year
Year 12 Runner-up Musician of the Year
Jazz Musician of the Year
Year 12 Sportswoman of the Year
Year 12 Runner-up Sportswoman of the Year
Year 12 Equal Sportsman of the Year
Year 12 Equal Sportsman of the Year
Sam Boasman
Celesti Tan
Sam Boasman
Danielle Hewett
Gloria Fononga

TJ Piacun
Ankur Chakraborty

Year 11 Musician of the Year
Year 11 Sportswoman of the Year
Year 11 Runner-up Sportswoman of the Year
Year 11 Sportsman of the Year (Equal)
Year 11 Sportsman of the Year (Equal)
Jasmine Pickston
Serina Duanakamakama
Shreeya Prasad

Luke Paton-Beverley
Nicolas Curin

Sports Team of the Year
Group of the Year
Team of the Year
Senior A Boys Tennis Team
Lynfield College Big Band
Impromptu Cup Debating Tournament Team
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festival g festival f festival h
festival m festival l
festival i festival j festival k


Athletics House Competition
Indoor Football / Volleyball House Competition
Road Race House Competition
House Quiz Competition
Touch Rugby House Competition
Netball House Competition
Bray House
Fatialofa and Reid Houses
Lewis House
Faumuina House
Zoricich and Fatialofa Houses
Faumuina House

Overall Winner of the House Award Fatialofa House

For their highly valued contribution to a range of extra-curricular activities: Lisa Norman and Sherry Wagner

Junior sporting, arts and cultural achievement will be recognised at our Junior Festival Awards Assemblies and parents/caregivers are most welcome to attend:

  YEAR 9    |   Wednesday 27 November, 8.45 am in the Hall
  YEAR 10  |   Tuesday 26 November, 8.45 am in the Hall

Child Cancer Foundation Hospitality Gala Dinner

Lynfield College was one of a group of six Auckland secondary schools to work with a top cookery training provider to prepare and present a three-course culinary feast for 100 guests on 9 October.

The charity dinner was hosted by Manukau-based private training provider Ignite Colleges, with five-star service provided by Ignite’s hospitality and cookery students. Event organisers raised more than  $8000 from ticket sales, with all proceeds going to the Child Cancer Foundation.

Melissa Nicholson and Alicia Taito will be preparing the chocolate and orange tart with citrus curd. Nikita Khatri and Reet Banga will be doing the bread for the tables (kumara crescent rolls) with a home-made date and rhubarb chutney and tomato relish, as well as one of the mains - and slow roasted horopito chicken breast stuffed with pancetta and buffalo mozzarella. The dishes are technical and will give students the opportunity to demonstrate their culinary prowess.

As well as raising money for children with cancer and their families, this event provided a fantastic platform for student chefs to get a taste of life in the hospitality industry.

Photographs courtesy of Lynette Hay Photography and Stephanie van Niekerk
ccfdinner f
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ccfdinner a

Danielle Hewett: NZ Gymnastics Championships

The 2019 New Zealand Gymnastics Championships were held during the first week of the October school holidays (2-5 October) in Auckland where all five codes competed together under the one roof in an outstanding week of competition.

Congratulations to Danielle Hewett (Year 12), on her impressive performance at the 2019 New Zealand Gymnastics Nationals.
danielle a danielle d danielle b


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