May 2014

Lynfield LynC - the Lynfield College App.

Two weeks ago the new Lynfield College app was launched to students and staff. This app enables the community to keep up to date with what is happening at Lynfield College.

Features of the app include:

  • Daily Notices
  • Newsletters
  • Events Calendar
  • Absence Form
  • Parent Portal access
The students are also able to access the:
  • Senior Assessment Calendar
  • Tuck Shop Price List
  • Exam Timetable
  • E-LynC

The app is available for free download from the Play Store on Android devices and the App store on Apple devices.



Thinking Conference for Gifted Students

19 of our students last week had the opportunity to discuss, debate and question some complex and open-ended philosophical, moral and ethical topics at the 2014 Gifted and Talented Conference. Each year a selection of our most able senior students attend, and this year we sent our biggest representation thus far.
Topics that kept the students concentrated were..
Justice, Truth, Beauty and Mathematics
Emotional Intelligence
Chaos and the Origins of the Universe
Oxbridge Question: Do you believe that statues can move?
The BIG debate: The precautionary principle.
Tracey Coffin 13MH has written about the day for us :

The gifted and talented conference addresses 'big issues' in a philosophical way, through musing about the universe trying to understand itself, figuring out the links between justice, beauty, truth and mathematics, and more. It challenges your view of the world and invites you to put yourself to the test of understanding. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting a clearer view of the world and themselves, those who are not afraid to question.


Workchoice Day 2014

This national event was attended by 25 Year 12 &13 Lynfield  students within three interest groups. Two different workplaces were visited by each group and students returned buzzing with new ideas about their career pathways. They saw employees in action, got an idea of the variety of job roles within each company and were encouraged to further their studies.

This year the companies hosting us were:

Jacobs SKM
Auckland Council -Economic Development
Above : Jacobs

                           Right : Telecom

Student response: “ I was amazed with the culture within the company, the vibe within the working space and the passion of the employees-I’d never thought about that before, but to be there ‘on the floor’ was an eye-opener."
workchoice1 workchoice2


Year 12 Geography Ruapehu Ramblings


While some people might shy away from an active volcano, the Year 12 Geographers recently experienced a three day trip on the flanks of Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand’s largest stratovolcano. Students compared differences in stream velocity, vegetation and slope between two locations, including a walk to Silica Rapids.


Working on two assessments, they also investigated the issue of ski field development on New Zealand’s first National Park (and a United Nations World Heritage Site). In stunning, sunny weather, a highlight was riding the chairlifts to New Zealand’s highest café at 2020 metres.

Winter Sports Underway

Last Wednesday there was an excellent afternoon of sport at the college.  All facilities were in full use and we are thrilled with the return of former students, who are very capably coaching and managing some of the current sports teams.

A brief summary of which teams played on Wednesday .. 
·         2nd XI girls football team versus Massey High
·         Junior girls football versus Waitakere College - coached by Stevie Harris, Year13, 2013)
·         Premier League game v MRGS (we lostL) – plenty of enthusiastic supporters
·         Junior  boys football training – lower field (student coaches)
·         3 netball teams – turf and courts ( student coaches for 2 teams)
·         2nd XI girls hockey team – turf (coached by Merlyn Lobo and Bonita Wong, Y13, 2013)
·         Fitness – on the driveway from courts to van shed (and not as risky as it sounds!)
·         Table tennis – Lower Gym
·         U17A basketball – Lower Gym then Upper Gym (coached by Colin Gao)
·         U19A & U19B basketball – Upper Gym
Great atmosphere!!  Photos below are of the 2nd XI girls football, and the League against MRGS – we lost 8 – 12
girls 2ndX1a Girls2ndX1b league1
league2 league3 league4
Furthermore, on Tuesday night every netball team won (except 1 who played another of our teams)!!    Especially pleasing was the win by the Premier 1 team who were minus key players Grace Kukutai and River Gavet as they faced Rangitoto (who finished 16th in the A grade at UNISS last year). Our  team won by 6.  It was a great game where we came back from behind.

The boys' soccer teams have begun their competitions too. A few photos from last Saturday are below:
soccer1 soccer2 soccer3

Year 11 Economists Explore the Business of McDonalds

Our Year 11 Economics students visited McDonalds in Royal Oak as part of their internal assessment investigating the decisions made by an entrepreneur. It was wonderful to see them getting some 'real world' perspective from Mr Maharaj, a very successful McDonalds franchise holder who owns several restaurants in the local community. Mr Maharaj used his considerable expertise and experience to provide clear links between the decisions he makes as a business owner and the impact of these decisions on productivity, profitability and the community.
The students also had time to enjoy a lunch break while taking it in turns to go behind the scenes of the restaurant. Many of them were surprised at the high level of technology involved in the process of taking orders and preparing food. Several of the students said that they will never look at fast food businesses the same way, knowing the complexity of the decisions and processes involved in making them profitable businesses. These comments, along with the valuable information provided by Mr Maharaj, made the trip a great success for the students involved.

Model United Nations Assembly

On the 16th and 17th of May approximately 300 students from around the Auckland region took part in the 2014 Model United Nations Assembly. Lynfield College's proud history of participation in this event was capably continued by our two teams of senior Social Science students. Gauri Prabhakar, Liam Bateman and Zachary Walker-Rendall represented Pakistan and Tian Cooke, Anton Stuart and Gavin Feng represented the nation of Libya.

As always, the teams needed to prepare and deliver speeches to the Model United Nations Assembly and engage in some frenzied coalition-building to get amendments passed and deals brokered. There was even a crisis the United Nations needed to urgently resolve (in this case, a Russian invasion of the Ukraine).
 Both Lynfield teams delivered rousing, well-considered speeches and performed well in debates. The Libyan team even managed to stage a coup to become the Bloc leader for Africa on the second day.
The 2014 Model United Nations Assembly was a tremendously successful event, with Member of Parliament Maryan Street (the acting Secretary General of MUNA) congratulating students on the manner in which they conducted themselves and the high calibre of speeches. It was a pleasure seeing our students immersing themselves in such a valuable and unique learning experience.

Greentown Yuhua Exchange

Nikki Singh, Year 12, reports on the recent trip to China..

19 students, Mr Prasad, Mrs Prasad and Mrs Fang made up the group who travelled from New Zealand to China on the 2014 Greentown Yuhua exchange. We didn’t realise how 18 days was all that was needed to change our lives for the better.

After 12 hours and 15min of sitting in a plane we arrived at our first destination: Shanghai China. The next four days in Shanghai were jam packed with activities such as visiting the World Financial Trade Centre (which is 100 floors high and the highest tower in the world), watching Chinese acrobats, visiting various temples, going to the Nanjing Road shopping street and riding in a bullet train that travelled at up to 433kmph. Nanjing shopping street was maybe the biggest surprise for all of us. In our minds we imagined a small run down road with little donkey pulled carts that sold handmade merchandise. Nanjing shopping street was however the equivalent of walking down Auckland city in the night time. Shops  ranged from beauty products like Chanel to clothing stores like Converse and Prada.. Our time in Shanghai disappeared with the wind and before we knew it we were sitting in a bus for 2 hours heading to Suzhou.
Suzhou was a beautiful city  but we only had two nights there. The only sight-seeing we were able to do was visit the Humble Administrator’s Garden which is the largest garden in Suzhou and the finest garden in all of Southern China. Most of the students didn’t want to leave our 5 star hotel in Suzhou but we had to because the most important part of our trip was coming up: our school exchange.

Going to Hangzhou all of us had the same thought running through our brains ... "What if we didn’t get along with our homestays?”...  When we arrived at Greentown we were greeted with a massive signboard that said "Welcome friends from Lynfield College New Zealand”. We all started to talk at once as excitement began coursing through our veins. The school itself was breath-taking! With 3 cafeterias, a giant all weather athletic track the size of Mt Smart Stadium, gyms, student dormitories, an archery centre and many different types of classrooms, Greentown Yuhua was a lot for most of us to take in, it was massive to say the least. Seeing the friendly faces of our homestays set us all at ease from our earlier thoughts and we were all able to fit in with the students from Greentown Yuhua.

School started at 7:30am and finished at 5:0 pm Monday to Friday. Such an early start meant that Lynfield College students had to wake up at at least 5:30-6:00am each day.  The students of Greentown Yuhua have 9 periods a day which means they have to sit through at least 9 hours of school and only have one break for lunch throughout the entire school day. Soon Lynfield College students were trying to get their sleep whenever they could! Our homestays treated us like gold! Some students went to ice-skating with their homestays, others went shopping at massive malls and others would go to amusements parks. The homestays completely spoiled us. When it was time for us to leave to go to Beijing we were all tearful because the homestays had become like family to us .Tearful farewells were wished and emails were exchanged so that none of us would lose touch with each other.

China trip collage2(copy)  

The final leg of our journey had arrived. Travelling in overnight train was another story in itself! With two bunk beds and 4 students per room we all had to find ways to stow away our luggage without blocking our walking area and squeezing ourselves onto thin beds. But we all had fun and arrived in Beijing ready to take on the world!
Beijing consisted mostly of sightseeing and buying last minute present for people back home. We went to see the Great Wall of China and climbed it for 1 hour. We saw the Forbidden City, Silk Street Market, Wangfujing Snack Street and the Summer Palace. And before we knew it our 18 days were up. We were sad going home because we knew that we would miss the friends that we had made along the way but we started to takea look at our life in New Zealand from a new perspective (such as appreciating the fresh air) Ms Fang had told all of us before we left to open our minds, open our hands and open our hearts. That is what we did and we had the experience of a lifetime!

Te Reo Students Return from Rarotonga

From Friday 2 May to Saturday 10 May, 10 senior Te Reo Maori Students visited  Rarotonga for a Cultural Exchange. The students were: Lute Sikalu (Head Girl), Eli Kaleta (Head Boy), Sarai Mckay, Hudson Read, Olivia Riggs, Shanaia Panapa-Ruri, Devoe Allen, Rosie Kennedy, Henry Samuels and Aussie Koha. Whaea Leauga accompanied the group and Ms Ridling arrived soon after to join the group.
Titikaveka College was our host school and our students enjoyed learning skills such as Lei and ei making,  preparing kai for an umu, hula dancing, drumming and weaving.
Furthermore the group were invited to perform at the Award Winning Highland Paradise as guests on stage for a large audience. Basic Cook Islands Maori words were learnt and many great friendships were made during our stay.
One evening  all students presented speeches expressing their gratitude to their host families and the school, and presented gifts and a taonga to the Principal Mata Hetland and families (Mr and Mrs Rangi. Mr and Mrs Tuoro and Mr Napa, and their children).
Lynfield Students also performed the School Haka and a repertoire of waiata as appreciation towards all who displayed manaakitanga.
Mihi atu ki nga tangata katoa kia pukumahi mo tenei haerenga. Hei hua he wheako miharo ma matou.

Some images of a memorable experience...

Rarotonga College sign arrival at Titikaveka College
day 3(copy) IMG 20140509 090424[1] IMG 20140506 085123[1]
Highland Paradise umu prep(copy) leaving Titikaveka College(copy)

Inspiration from Orion Visit

The students from Years 13 and 12 DTG (Digital Technologies )have just visited Orion Health, a software company that specialises in medical systems. As the students will soon be making decisions about their futures they were greatly enthused and inspired by learning what a huge demand there currently is in New Zealand for the very skills they are learning.

At Orion there is a huge variety of positions within the company with a great demand for workers who have a degree in computer science and software engineering. The company offers incentives to get these graduates to work for them  – including offering internships for students while they are studying. The company is 21 years old and has offices in 23 countries leading to increased opportunities for employees. The employees get free breakfasts each day, free fruit, flexible working hours, work in an open plan environment and can wear casual clothes to work. The company also supports younger students by running the Codeworx programming challenge and sponsors the ICT Connect program which sends people working in the ICT industries to schools to talk about their jobs.

orion1(copy) orion2(copy)

The students came away with a goodie bag, and a chocolate bar (and for Dilon Dhanji, winner of an ICT quiz, a box of Favourites which he generously shared around!) but most valuably they now appreciate the opportunities that await them should they choose to continue their studies in computer science and software engineering

Senior Students Explore Careers Expo


IMG 2976 The entire Year 13 cohort travelled in eight buses to the Careers Expo on Thursday 8th May with their form teachers, having prepared prior to the expo with an expo magazine and study resource as well as being given the chance to download the careers expo app, full of information.
Students took the advantage of the opportunity to talk face to face with the widest range of employers, industry, government departments, and training providers that New Zealand offers.

 Providers informed students on Vocational Pathways so that students better understand how they can be prepared for future employment or further education.
IMG 2980
P1020319 P1020316 P1020322

Grace Kukutai - NZ Secondary Schools' Netball Team!

       Grace NZSS netball Huge congratulations to Deputy Head Girl, Grace Kukutai (Year 13) who  has been selected as a member of the NZ Secondary Schools Netball Team.  This is an outstanding achievement!   The team is comprised of the top 12 school age netball players in NZ.

Grace has been a member of the Lynfield College Premier 1 netball team since she was in Year 10, playing in the mid-court, most often as Centre.  She was a key player when this team won the B Grade last year in the Upper North Island Secondary Schools tournament.  To be selected in the NZ team has been a goal of Grace’s for several years and she has worked tirelessly to reach this extremely high standard of netball.   She has been ‘put through the hoops’ by selectors at three different trials camps in the last few months.  The NZSS team will play in a Trans-Tasman tournament in Adelaide later this month, competing against their Aussie equivalents as well as teams from the Pacific region.

During her time at Lynfield, Grace has developed some great time management skills which allow her to meet commitments to her sport, academic studies (she passed NCEA Level 2 with excellence last year) and leadership within the school.  Six days each week she is working on her off-season training regime which consists of cardio work (a mixture of spin classes, road runs and strength training in the gym), ball passes onto the wall for skills and lots of core work.  Grace has also been fully focussed on nutritional and hydration requirements for netball at the elite level.  These are all indicative of the commitment and dedication which have been absolutely critical to her success.


Te Reo Students in Rarotonga

With much excitement our Te Reo students have arrived in Rarotonga for a week of cultural exchange. The photos below show them enjoying  Highland Paradise Cultural Centre, performing a haka and a waiata.

Lynfield at Highland paradise haka at highland 2 Lynfield waiata at Highland Paradise



Rainbow's End - and the Learning of Physics

The Rainbow’s End trip is an annual event in the Physics Department calendar. This trip aligns with the teaching of the Mechanics standard, which has concepts involving linear, circular and simple harmonic motion. The students are expected to not only experience the various rides but also measure and record relevant data that would be analysed back in school.

This year, 87 year 13 Physics students and 4 accompanying teachers went to the theme park. The students were divided into 4 groups and the majority of the first half of the day involved taking measurements,and  recording data in their Rainbows End workbook which was specifically designed around the majority of the rides.

Students busy taking measurements and recording data in their workbook.
Rainbows End1 Rainbows End2 Rainbows End3(copy)

The second half of the day involved students going in as many rides as possible and experiencing the forces acting on them, and in some rides like bumper boats and cars, the reaction forces acting on their colleagues.

Rainbows End4

The information gathered from the various rides was incorporated in the teaching of the Mechanics standard.

And this year, for the first time, the weather was favourable! and both the students and teachers had a great time.
Rainbows End6

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