August 2020

31 AUGUST 2020  |  WE'RE BACK!

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The New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad

Congratulations to Evan Huang (Year 9) who has made it to Round Two in this national competition. Round One consisted of a take home exam (a set of eight problems) which lasts approximately one month. Participation is open to any New Zealand intermediate or secondary level student. Round Two is a three hour exam in September. Participation at this level is by invitation only, based on results of Round One. The results of both rounds of the NZMO will be used to select about 25 students to participate in the NZMOC training camp, held at the University of Auckland in January.

We wish Evan well in his participation in this competition.

The New Zealand Mathematical Olympiad’s annual program consists of a number of mathematics extension activities for high school students, culminating in the selection and training of New Zealand’s team for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

The over-riding objective is to raise the level of motivation, enjoyment and achievement in Mathematics of all gifted students in New Zealand, so that ultimately they get a huge head start for mathematical tertiary study and life beyond.

evan huang

Debating Update

Congratulations to the two Lynfield Debating teams who reached the Semifinals of the Advanced Open and Premier Junior Grades in the Auckland School's Debating competition on Tuesday 25 August.


LYNFIELD 1: Aashish Ramanlal (Y12), Rahul Reddy (Y13) and Aiken Shadbolt (Y13)
LYNFIELD 2: Eliana Competente (Y12), Jasimine Pickston (Y12) and Michael Jury (Y12)

Two Advanced Open teams (above) competed in the Quarterfinal online on Tuesday night. The moot was "This house would legally obligate children to give a percentage of their income to their parents in old age." Unfortunately, Lynfield 1 lost their debate to Selwyn 1.

Lynfield 2 successfully negated the moot and moved directly to the Semifinal that immediately followed. The moot was "This house would allocate places at schools through a lottery system rather than by school zones." In what was a very high-quality and difficult debate to affirm, a 2-1 split decision, Lynfield lost to Selwyn 1.


Congratulations to Heather Mitchinson, Zoya Qureshi and Sophie Yang for winning their Quarterfinal debate last Wednesday night against Westlake Girls. They successfully affirmed the moot "This house regrets docu-dramas that ‘put people on trial’ after their exoneration or death (e.g. Leaving Neverland about Michael Jackson, The People v. O. J. Simpson, The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann)" 

They competed in the Semi-finals last night, also online, against the undefeated Westlake Boys 1. The moot was "THB that children should have the right to leave their parents for foster care under the state." In what was an incredibly outstanding debate, in a 2-1 split decision by the three judges, Lynfield lost to Westlake Boys 1.

We are very proud of all of the Lynfield debaters who have persevered through the challenges of Lockdown and the shift to debating online.

Sherry Wagner  |  ​​​​​​​TiC Media Studies, TiC Premier and Junior Debating

debaters 2020

Debating: Advanced Open Octofinals Results

Congratulations to the two Advanced Open teams who won their Octofinal debates online on Tuesday 18 August.

LYNFIELD 1: Aashish Ramanlal, Rahul Reddy and Aiken Shadbolt

LYNFIELD 2: Eliana Competente, Jasimine Pickston and Michael Jury

The moot was "That we should abolish the 5% threshold to party vote."

Next week both teams will compete in the Quarter and, if they win, the semifinal in a double-header! Exciting!


Wednesday night, one of our Lynfield Premier Junior Teams (Heather Mitchensen, Sophie Yang and Zoya Quershi) will compete in their Quarterfinal online.

Lynfield College Art Competition 2020

Our theme this year was Art re-creation. Students selected a famous portrait painting and recreated the image using the media of their choice. The competition was open to all students with prizes awarded to the best senior and best junior entry.

Issy Mason won the Senior Art Prize for the re-creation of 'Girl with the Pearl Earring' by Johannes Vermeer, painted in 1665. The Senior prize this year was a medium Wacom Intuos drawing tablet.

senior art winner

Laura Mcleod won the Junior Prize for her re-creation of the 'Laughing Cavalier'. This was originally painted by the Dutch painter Frans Hals in 1624. This year’s Junior prize was a collection of painting materials that consisted of Bockingford watercolour paper, a set of watercolour paints, a set of acrylic paint and a selection of art brushes.

junior art winner

Congratulations to Grant Angus

It was with pride, excitement and sadness, that a special delegation of Lynfield College staff and students travelled the 180km distance to Kamo High School to participate in Kamo’s mihi whakatau for their newly appointed Deputy Principal Grant Angus.

Grant first joined Lynfield College 1999 for two years then headed overseas for two years before returning in 2001 to continue in his role of Health and Physical Education Teacher. In the ensuing years he undertook a range of extra responsibilities such as Acting Faculty Leader, Acting Dean and more recently Specialist Classroom Teacher, a role he held for three years, supporting and mentoring our beginning teachers.

Grant’s extra-curricular support of student activities across a broad range of sport throughout made him a valued staff member throughout the College who will be missed by all our Lynfield College community.

He leaves with our very best wishes for the future.

grant large

Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra String Quartet Visit

On Monday 10 August students in the 11 and 12 Music Studies class were treated to a performance by the Jade Quartet which is a string quartet made up of players from the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra. This visit is part of the schools APO Connection Program. The quartet played a fascinating selection of music from the Baroque Era through to contemporary works. Then to conclude they played four compositions by members of the Music Studies class which proved to be a real highlight. The students who had their work performed by the quartet were Lorelle Kemp, Ava Shields, Crista Sanvictores and Eliana Competente.

Below are links to the student performances:
music film d

Music Group Filming

On Tuesday 4 and Wednesday 5 August the Music Department worked with a professional videographer to capture videos of most of the Music Department groups. These videos will be used to participate in a number of music festivals that have gone with an online format this year. This was a fantastic experience for the students and the end product will be a wonderful keepsake for them and their families. The videos will be posted on the Lynfield College Music Department Youtube Channel when they are finalised.

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Swimming Success for Kevin Zhang

On Sunday 9 August Kevin Zhang, 9MT, competed in the Auckland Secondary Schools Individual Swimming Championships. Entries for this event were much higher than usual because it was one of the first events to be held after Auckland came out of its second round of Covid-19 restrictions and because it was an ideal warm up event for those swimmers competing in the NZ Secondary Schools Swimming Championships, which were to be held in Hamilton a couple of weeks later.

Swimmers were restricted to four races at the Individual Champs. Kevin's events were in the Junior Boys division - 100m breaststroke (bronze medal), 100m backstroke (bronze medal), 100m freestyle (gold medal) and 200m Individual Medley (gold medal). Kevin's four medals, as our only competitor at the event, placed Lynfield College second in the medal count for the Junior Boys division, with only one other school with several competitors gaining more medals!

This was a great performance by a talented swimmer and Kevin was well placed for an assault on the medals at the NZ Secondary Schools Swimming to be held shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 situation led to a postponement of the New Zealand event. Kevin will now have to wait until the rescheduled time of mid-October to begin his next attempt to claim more medals.

We wish Kevin well for the upcoming event.

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Cook Islands Language Week, Sunday 2 - 8 August

Kia orana,

The theme for Cook Islands Language Week 2020 is “Kia pūāvai tō tātou Reo Māori Kūki ‘Āirani i Aotearoa” which in English means “That the Cook Islands Māori language may blossom throughout New Zealand.”

This theme was developed by the Cook Islands Teachers and Educators Collective New Zealand (CITECNZ), with a strong focus on utilising technology and virtual platforms as a tool to promote language, culture, and identity.

2020 marks the ninth year Cook Island communities across Aotearoa New Zealand are celebrating their language week. According to Statistics NZ, 20 percent of the Pacific population in New Zealand are from the Cook Islands.

Lynfield College will be celebrating Cook Island's language week with songs and dancing, learning the hula and wearing of traditional pareu/lavalava, sarong.

Our Year 9 students in the Pacific Form class have made a short video, with some Cook Island greetings/terms you might like to watch and share:

cook a cook c cook b

Cook Island Proverbs:

Te maata i taau ka oronga ko te maata rai ia i taau ka rauka.
The more you give the more you receive. If you give a lot you will receive a lot.

Na te rima uruuru tena i rave.
It was done by a clever person, or by an expert, or elderly person.

Eiaa e akatangi vave i te pu, e kare i maoa ake te varaoa.
Don't blow the horn till the bread is baked. Don't be boastful before the thing is really done.

Kia maru e vara e kai ei koe i te inuinu o Mangaia.
Be gentle and kind so that others may be friendly and helpful to you.

E ra ke ia na Tiaure ei.
“It's a different day,” said Tiaure. Tomorrow.

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Cook Island Songs:


"Enua Manea" Cook Islands TA'AKOKA Dance Troupe

New Zealand's Next Top Engineering Scientist 2020

The 2020 competition was held on Saturday 1 August. The question was posted online at 10.00 am and students had to compile a comprehensive report and email it to the organisers by the 6.00 pm deadline. This annual competition is a problem solving event for teams of three to four secondary students, organised by the Department of Engineering Science at University of Auckland.

2020 Question: How many satellites can be launched into orbit before astronomers on earth can no longer observe the night sky without interruption?

This year, we had five teams in total, consisting of Year 12 and 13 students. The judges (comprising PhD students and lecturers), at the university are now going through hundreds of reports. The results of the competition will be released next term.

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