February 2016

Student Rep Trains for BOT Role

Karan Kalsi is this year's Student Representative on the Lynfield College Board of Trustees.

He reports on his recent trip to Great Barrier Island..
"The five days I spent at Great Barrier Island as part of my Board of Trustees Training were some of the most amazing - whether it be the people I met, the places I saw or the activities I did.  All three have had a lasting impact on my life and I will forever cherish the memories and experiences they have given me.  But more importantly, I can safely say that I’ve returned with a vast range of skills and tools that will unquestionably help me not only during Board Meetings, but also in many of my future endeavours.
GrantsGreatBarrier-041-432 During my time there, I was introduced to a whole new way of living, one where nature took priority over the rush of city living and where the only connection available was human connection.  Kayaking, Hiking, Coasteering (Navigating your way around a tiny island) and Rock Climbing were amongst the many activities that my time was spent doing - and it’s fair to say that I was often pushed far out of my comfort zone.  At one point, I ended up having to abseil down a 20 metre high rock as it rained heavily, with the ground below me a distant blur.  If it wasn’t for my trust in my teammate hoisting me down, or the shouts of encouragement from down below, I doubt I would have been able to make it down.  And that’s when I realised what the camp was truly about - being able to work together with people from all backgrounds to achieve to our potential. 12605333 798397790290083 5842517439206099827 o-231

Although our Board meetings aren’t (thankfully!) preoccupied with getting people down from 20 metre heights, I feel that the Board of Trustees share many parallels with my experiences at training camp.  For instance, the common feature that unites everyone in each board meeting is the shared desire for wanting the best for our College - and the need for us to work together to achieve that goal.  The camp has helped me tremendously in advancing that idea through developing my ability to work in various team dynamics and situations - both of which are crucial in my capacity as the BOT Student Representative.
Last but not least, we started and ended our days with training sessions run by Tricia Chapman from the NZSTA (New Zealand School Trustees Association), who devoted her time to teaching us the practicalities and responsibilities of our role and what it means to be a student representative. Her passion and knowledge have inspired me to be more proactive in my time as a Board Member.
In short, the five days that I spent were some of the most jam packed, informative and enjoyable I will ever have.  The knowledge that I have gained from my time there is priceless, and I will treasure this experience and the lessons that it taught for the rest of my life.  I’d like to thank the Lynfield College Board for funding this trip and giving me the opportunity to make a positive difference in the school."
Karan Kalsi, BOT Student Representative

NCEA Information Evening Thursday 3 March 7pm in Staffroom

Parents/caregivers are invited to attend this informative evening to strengthen their understanding of NCEA and to learn how they can best support their students in their academic endeavours.

If your student is in Year 11, 12 or 13 or in a Year 10 class that is sitting a Level 1 course this year, then this is an opportunity to hear an overview of the NCEA system and to have your questions answered.

A City of Contrasts for Media Class

Year 12 Media kicked off the year with a task that got the creative juices flowing and the opportunity to get familiar with the challenges of shooting video footage...or at least shooting it well.

Students were challenged to capture buzzing inner city life and juxtaposing this world with tranquil scenes of nature. So Ms Tregedeon, accompanied by Ms Wagner,and the Year 12 Media students set off to the CBD. Students filmed shots around Britomart and up and down Queen street in the morning, and then shifted to the Auckland Domain in the afternoon to shoot in the park.

It was an enjoyable start to what will be a fun and challenging year in Media.


A Unique Experience for a Fortunate Student

Shahin Najak reports on the honour and experience of participating in a Sir Peter Blake Trust Expedition..

14 students from around New Zealand were selected to travel to the Sub Antarctic with the Royal Navy and a team of scientists to help collect data and research in order to build a scientific research centre there, in Sir Peter Blake's honour.

12729083 996330723794709 6896697461422522355 n-999 20160212 111758-145
I was chosen as the youngest and the only 16 year old to undertake this expedition.

We spent time collecting soil samples along a transect which will be analysed in the Waikato, University of Colarado and in South Korea for the fertility of the soil and the bacteria present within it. New Species of seaweed were also found as well as Zooplankton which has been taken back to the University of Otago for further research. 

We had the opportunity to spend time hiking and exploring the wildlife with the crew of Polaris II,  who were in the same area as us collecting research for the Otago University geology department. We were able to see NZ Falcons, Sealions, penguins, dolphins and flying fish. The terrain was so pristine and untouched and the ocean was so clear, we were able to see 7m below the surface.

P2093114-936 Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 7 P2093172-673

It was a truly a life- changing experience and I was able to learn so many things from such experienced people as well as create memories that I will treasure for a lifetime."

Historians Research Significant NZ Events

On Thursday  February 18 70 Year 13 History students visited the Auckland Museum and the Central Library in order to complete their research assignment into an event of significance to New Zealand.

Topics the students have chosen include the 1981 Springbok Tour, the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the Erebus disaster, the nuclear free New Zealand movement, the 1951 Waterfront Strike, the Bastion Point Occupation, the impact the Great Depression had on New Zealand, the campaign to get women the vote and New Zealand’s contribution to the Boer War. Library-658 Microfilm-136
Museum 1-489 The first stop was the Auckland Central library where they used the research centre and special collections to look up old newspapers on microfilm and Hansard parliamentary debates. The librarians were kept very busy fulfilling all the orders the students made for books from the basement which they dusted off and used for their research.

The next stop was a visit to the Auckland Museum where students had an opportunity to gather information about their event. The students need a range of primary evidence so the artefacts in the museum are a useful source for the students' research.

A good day’s work was completed by all the students. They will continue with this assignment for another week at school.

Individual Sports Achievers...Congratulations!

Congratulations to our students who have achieved outstanding results in their chosen sports:
Sam Hudson (Y13) won two gold medals in the NZ Archery championships during January.  He won the Recurve Target competition and was also a member of the team which one the Open Teams Recurve Matchplay competition.
Maddison Wesche (Y12) is now the NZ U18 Women’s Shot Put Champion after throwing a personal best of 15.93m.  She then smashed this to throw 16.07m at the Porritt Classic in Hamilton last weekend, dominating the event with the best throw by an opponent being 1.8m less!
In December she won the NZ Secondary Schools Senior Girls Shot Put with a throw of 15.37m (1.82m further than the 2nd placed thrower).  Her Personal Best improvement is staggering!
Samantha Martin (Y10) won two golds and two silvers in the Anthony Mosse Swim Classic last week.
And an update on two former students..

Katie Bowen (Y13, 2011)
has now almost finished her degree at the University of North Carolina and has been selected as the ‘number one choice’ to play for FC Kansas City.  Having captained the NZ U20 team in the World Cup, she has her sights very firmly set on the Rio Olympics.
Tyla Nathan-Wong (Y13, 2012) was recently named “2015 Women's Sevens Player of the Year”.  She has been part of the New Zealand team to take out the World Rugby Women's Sevens Series for three consecutive years.  Her success was also recognised by prominent world rugby website Scrumqueens.com who in December named her “Under-23 Player of the Year” and by Sport Waitakere when she was jointly named “Sportswoman of the Year” for 2015.  She too has her sights on the Rio Olympics.

Year 9 Students Settling into Life at Lynfield

Starting secondary school can present a number of challenges as well as opportunities and our Peer Support and orientation programmes which all Year 9 students experience in the first few days are designed to make the transition to college an enjoyable one.
We have visited a number of Year 9 classes today and the images below show the students engaging across a range of subjects.

The Year 9 Dean Mr Christie is keeping close contact with students to resolve any issues which might arise. (Please contact him at rchristie@lynfield.school.nz should you need to check on your child's well-being or academic programme).
Social Studies
IMG 1578-494
IMG 1571-781
Digital Competency
IMG 1550-130
Physical Education
IMG 1557-600
Digital Competency
IMG 1554-816
GermanIMG 1577-59
IMG 1562-39
IMG 1566-290
IMG 1548-754

Athletics Day - this Friday 19 February

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers but this definitely does not cover all info needed to have a smooth, enjoyable day:
Q.  What should the Y9 & Y10 students wear?
PE gear or PE shorts and an official House T-shirt (sold through the Sports Office – some spares available $20).  

Q.  Can Y9 & Y10 wear PE gear to school?
Yes.  Any extra adornments in House colours to enhance their PE uniform is to be brought to school in their bags and added once at school.  NO body paint of any kind.

Q.  What should the Y11, 12, 13 students wear to school?
Appropriate mufti in House colours, suitable for participating.  Any extra adornments in House colours to enhance their mufti are to be brought to school in their bags and added once at school.

Q.  Will the school day begin and end at the usual times?
Yes, 8.40am – 3.10pm as usual.  

Q.  What if it is wet or the forecast is promising rain?
If there is a passing shower or it is overcast when students leave home and the rest of the day is likely to be fine students should come prepared for Athletics day dressed in PE gear. 
If it is pouring with rain when they leave home all students must bring their normal Friday books and wear their usual full school uniform.
Q.  How will a cancellation be communicated?
If the decision is made to cancel Athletics Day this will be communicated to parents by 7.45am via the website, email and twitter and normal Friday classes will run throughout the day.
Q What should the students bring?

  • Sun protection – sunscreen, hats
  • Mature, responsible behaviour
  • Loads of House support
  • Water bottle
Q What must the students leave at home?
  • Water pistols
  • Water balloons
  • Face or body paint (brought or applied)
  • Masks
  • All valuables
  • Electronic devices
Q.  What is the golden rule?
  • Normal school rules apply

We look forward to an enjoyable and successful day.
Thank you,
Felicity Walbran
Director of Sport

Congratulations! 2015 Scholarship Winners

NZQA has announced the following successes in the Scholarship examinations held at the end of last year. Congratulations to all our students and we wish them well as they commence their tertiary studies.
Arian Bai Biology, Chemistry
Abhinav Behal Calculus, Chemistry and Physics
Yen How Chen Accounting
Adya Choudhary Calculus
Noel D'Souza Physics
Edmund Hodges Statistics
Sumin Kim Biology, Earth and Space Science
Jake Krishnamurti Music
Prashant Kumar Statistics
Raynil Laxmidas Statistics
Yuliang Liu Calculus, Physics
Hannah McIntyre Classical Studies
Alice Neville-Smith Biology
Eilish Out-O'Reilly Design and Visual Communication
Hanwei Peng Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics
Gauri Prabhakar Classical Studies
Harshaa Prasad Classical Studies
Meryl Saldhana Biology
Andrew Sampson Economics
Meera Sharma Biology
Mingxuan Su Calculus
Raksha Tiwari Physical Education
Sarah Tribble English
Kieran van Leeuwen Classical Studies, History
Numa Wadhwania Statistics
Zachary Walker-Rendell Statistics
Shirley Xiao Biology, Statistics

Current Upgrading of Music Facilities

We are excited that the long awaited refurbishment and expansion of our music facilities are now underway. Despite the obvious disruption that building projects create in a school environment the end result will be greatly appreciated.

Refurbishment of the classrooms and specialist teaching rooms will be completed by the end of the month (we hope) and a large earthmoving exercise is the first sign we are seeing of a large rehearsal space and recording facilities.

At the back of the music suite a few weeks ago..

20151222 143740before music-489
And then the earthworks began..
And the back of the Hall was demolished..

Music refurb-882
Architects' drawings of what we can look forward to..
Classroom 1-995

Computer facilities for music students
computer room 1-279

Recording facility looking through to rehearsal space


Changes at Senior Staff Level

At the end of 2015 we farewelled a number of staff who have each given many years of service to Lynfield College. And in 2016 we have welcomed new staff at all levels.

Farewell and thank you ….

Mrs Margaret Lane has retired after 43 years in teaching. After holding senior positions in other secondary schools Margaret came to Lynfield in 1988 and has been responsible for the Adult ESOL programme. Over 100 ESOL adults each year have had their language skills and lives enriched by the activities they have enjoyed with Margaret and her staff.

Mr Ron Delgrosso began his teaching career at Lynfield in 1973 and aside from a short stint in Nuie as Head of Social Science, has remained at Lynfield, most prominently in his role as Dean of Administration Services. He has been a key figure in moving the college through the developments in information management. Ron’s contribution to extra curricular activities and outdoor education was also recognised at his farewell

Retirement also beckoned for Deputy Principals Mr Alistair Aitken and Mr Murray Black.

 Mr Aitken began at Lynfield in 1985 as Head of Social Studies, progressing to lead the Social Sciences Faculty and then to head some key aspects of school  operations in his Deputy Principal's role. Alistair’s long and dedicated career has been highly valued by his colleagues and the many students he has taught.

Mr Black came to his Deputy Principal (Curriculum and Assessment)  role in 2002 after previously teaching at Waitakere College, Avondale College and Mt Roskill Grammar. A respected teacher and leader of Science learning Murray has been the recipient of a Woolf Fisher Award and his love of Science and his  innovative teaching have inspired many students.

Mr Dennis van Dijck has also retired and in his Dean’s role since 1999 he has overseen the academic and pastoral well-being of hundreds of students. He will also be remembered as a passionate teacher of Chemistry at senior levels, and as a strong advocate and practitioner of restorative justice practices in our pastoral system.

Welcome to Lynfield College..

We have two new Deputy Principals Mr Steve Mouldey and Mr Richard Winn.

Mr Mouldey was last at Hobsonville Point Secondary School in a  Learning Specialist role and his enthusiasm for the possibilities of influencing learning through thinking skills and e-learning will  continue in his new role.

His responsibilities include elearning, Professional Development, Teaching as Inquiry, Pacific Achievement, Reporting and Parent Evenings, and the School Calendar.

Mr Winn has come from Papatoetoe High School where he was Head of Physical Education for 10 years, Prior to this he taught at Mt Roskill Grammar and Manurewa High School. He feels his experience in a range of different schools has set him up well to work here at Lynfield College.His DP's portfolio includes NZQA and Assessment, Health and Safety and Professional Learning and Development for staff.

“I feel students at Lynfield college are lucky with the opportunities available to them  both in and out of the classroom. I am looking forward to working with the students to ensure they make the most of these opportunities to achieve well so they can have choices once they leave school.”

Keeping Students Safe Online

Safer Internet Day is celebrated worldwide to encourage the safe and positive use of the internet and digital technologies such as mobile phones, especially among children and young people. New Zealand’s Safer Internet Day is being coordinated by NetSafe, the online safety and security organisation.
NetSafe have partnered with Project Positive (https://www.facebook.com/HeyAwesome/) to create a focus on creating positive online interactions on Tuesday February 9th.

At Lynfield College, we will participate in Safer Internet Day by setting students a challenge to send 3 compliments to friends over any form of Social Media. Please ask your students about the compliments they send to see if they met the challenge.
One form of Social Media that many students are using is Instagram. Instagram is a simple photo- and video-sharing app with a huge and growing following, especially among young people. It is used to capture special moments, but also to carry on conversations in a fun way – using photos, filters, comments, captions, emoticons, hashtags and links elsewhere to talk about things and share interests. For more information about Instagram and how you can help your teenager stay safe, please use this great Parent's Guide to Instagram, created by NetSafe.
Happy Safer Internet Day, and in the spirit of the Compliments Campaign:
Everything would be better, if more people were like you
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