December 2014

Junior Festival Awards Honour Extracurricular Achievements

The gym was full, the awards well-deserved and the Junior Festival Awards afternoon was a fitting end to a year in which so many junior students participated in the sporting and cultural life of the college.

Here are the major award winners, together with the comments accompanying the presentation to each.

Group of the Year : Lynfield 1 Debating Team

Congratulations Karan Kalsi, Jia Dua, Paarth Rajpal and Kitty Sun for having an outstanding year, reaching the semi finals in the Auckland Schools Debating Junior Open and the quarter finals of the ASD Championship rounds.

In order to fully appreciate what a stunning achievement that was, you need to understand that most of the top teams had much more training and far more experience than they had. With each debate, they learned, and they grew until finally achieving 3rd equal in the whole of Auckland. This rapid, stunning performance did not go unnoticed by the Auckland University Law student adjudicators who have invited Lynfield 1 to compete in the Junior Premier Open (which includes Years 9,10 and Year 11) next year. They also made a very strong impression on the top teams who could be heard whispering “there’s Lynfield”, when the group took their seats at the ASD prizegiving ceremony.

They have put Lynfield in high esteem. Lynfield 1 is our Junior Group of the Year for 2014 and receive the  Group of the Year award.
Group of the Year Lynfield 1 Junior Debaters
Year 9 Performer of the Year: Jayshri Ratnam

Jayshri is an amazing dancer. She performed in 6 different groups this year including the Cook Island, Fijiaan, Diwali, Indian, Indian Junior, and production.

She performed at Polyfest, Cultural Day, the Diwali festival and the Production. She receives Service for year 10 Diwali, Indian and production groups and was the most outstanding performer for the Fijiaan, Indian and Indian Polyfest groups.

Congratulations to  Jayshri Ratnam
Jayshri Ratnam Year 9 Performer of the Year
Year 10 Performer of the Year : Andrew Isdale

Andrew is a talented athlete and musician. He is the Most Valuable Team Player for Intermediate Boys 1 Tennis and the Runner-up Year 10 Boys Tennis Doubles champion. Don’t get near him with a racquet.

He also seems to have come from a very healthy gene pool of musicians. A talented saxophone player, Andrew was the Most Outstanding Junior Performer for Big Band.  He received Junior Colours for Big Band and Jazz Combo A. Andrew also received an Excellence in Music award and the Junior Music Cup.

Congratulations, Andrew: Year 10 Performer of the Year for 2014, who received the Year 10 Arts and Culture Award Cup.

Andrew Isdale Year 10 Performer of the Year
Junior Team of the Year : Girls Under15 Hockey

This was a difficult decision as 3 junior teams performed extremely well in their competitions.  This year’s Team of the Year began as a group of enthusiastic but inexperienced players, half of whom had never played the sport before!  Their commitment to training and their team saw them go from strength to strength throughout the season and culminated in their winning the Girls Under15 Central/West Competition.
Congratulations Junior Girls Hockey Team, you are our Junior Team of the Year for 2014
Team of Year - U15 Girls Hockey
Year 9 Sportswoman of the Year : Danielle Matthews

Danielle is a fully committed athlete who has represented our school in 2 sports.  She was the Most Valuable Team Member of the Orienteering team. 

It is in netball that Danielle really excels.  She was a member of our 9A netball team and was the first Year 9 ever to be a member of our UNISS netball team.  This team competed in the A grade and finished 11th out of 116 top teams in the Upper North Island Secondary Schools Netball Tournament.  She receives the Warren Cup for Merit in Junior Netball.
Congratulations Danielle, you are our Year 9 Sportswoman of the Year for 2014
              Y9 Sportswoman of the Year - Danielle Matthews
Year 9 Sportsmen of the Year

Sin Young Lee
Sin Young has represented our school in 2 sports and has shown both individual excellence and great team spirit.  He is the only Year 9 player and the Most Valuable Player in the 14th grade Boys Football team.  He is also the Most Valuable Team Player in the Junior Boys Volleyball team and receives the Junior Boys Volleyball cup

Francis Loa (right)
Francis has represented our school in 3 sports, showing versatility and commitment in both individual and team situations.  He is the Year 9 Athletics champion, receiving the Form 3 Boys Athletics cup.  He represented us at Western Zone Athletics where he placed 2nd in the Junior Boys Long Jump and was a member of our Junior Boys relay team which also placed 2nd.  He went on to finish 5th in the Junior Boys Long Jump at the Greater Auckland Secondary Schools Athletics meet.  He also receives Colours for Athletics.
Francis was also a valued member of both our Junior Boys Volleyball team and 13th grade Boys Football team.

Congratulations Sin Young and Francis, you are our Year 9 Sportsmen of the Year for 2014.

               Y9 Sportsman of the Year - Francis Loa
Outstanding Achievement Award : Maddison Wesche

This award is presented only if a student has performed at an exceptional level, regionally or nationally.  Maddison Wesche has certainly done this!
 Maddi is an extremely committed and talented athlete who has chosen to focus specifically on one event – Shot Put.  After taking up this discipline half way through last year, she has excelled at all levels. She..
  • Placed 1st in Intermediate Girls Shot Put at the North Island Secondary Schools Champs setting a new North Island record (14.92m) for this event.
  • Won the Western Zone Intermediate Girls Shot Put setting a new Auckland Secondary Schools record (14.26m)
  • Placed 2nd in Greater Auckland Athletics Intermediate Girls Shot Put
  • Is the NZ Secondary Schools Junior Girls Shot Put champion
  • Won GOLD in the U18 & GOLD in the U20 Women’s Shot Put at NZ National Athletics Champs
  • Won Silver in the U16 Shot Put at the Australian Athletics Champs.
Maddi has this weekend been competing in the NZ Secondary Schools athletics championships and
Congratulations Maddi, in recognition of these successes you are the recipient of an Outstanding Achievement Award.
Year 10 Sportswoman of the Year
Maddi is our Y10 Girls Athletics champion and receives Junior Colours for Athletics.  She receives service awards for managing both our U19A and U19B Boys Basketball teams.
Congratulations Maddi, you are our Year 10 Sportswoman of the Year for 2014

               Y10 Sportswoman of the Year - Maddi Wesche

Year 10 Sportsmen of the Year : Daniel Adams and Jonathan D'Souza

Daniel is a committed athlete who was the Year 10 Boys Athletics Champion and represented our school at the Western Zone Athletics meet where he placed 1st in the Junior Boys Discus. 

He then went on to compete in the same event at the Greater Auckland Secondary Schools Athletics meet.  Daniel receives Colours for Athletics.

Jonathan D’Souza

Jonathan receives Junior Colours as a member of Jazz Combo A who were the Auckland Jazz and Blues winners and an Outstanding Achievement Award for music as the winner of an Auckland piano competition.

Jonathan was the Most Valuable Player in the U15 Boys Basketball team and Runner-up in the Year 10 Boys Road Race.

Congratulations Daniel and Jonathan, you are our Year 10 Sportsmen of the Year for 2014.

              Y10 Sportsman of the Year - Daniel Adams                                              Y10 Sportsman of the Year - Jonathan D'Souza

Finalists in Junior Designer Competition

On Friday 5 December Sewtec Fashion Academy had their annual fashion show at the Mangere Arts Centre. This year was the first time they had set up the ‘Sewtec Junior Designer Competition’.

Our Year 12 Fashion and Design class eagerly participated - they had a 2 day workshop where they had to draft and create a dress block which they adapted into their own creation.

sewtec2 sewtec1

We had 9 students selected as finalists who had their designs modelled in the show. Unfortunately  they did not win the top prize. However, Lynfield College had the largest number of finalists and students took away a lot of new knowledge by participating in the competition.

Student's Short Film Selected for International Festival

Year 12 Media student Ashleigh Harris has every reason to be excited - the short film entitled "As Is"which she submitted for assessment at NCEA Level 2, was subsequently entered in the Buffer Film Festival in Toronto, Canada.. She received advice that..

"Out of all of the videos submitted, we’re happy to announce that your film was selected within the top 10 films of Buffer Festival 2014 UpList. As being part of the top 10 your film was screened at Buffer Festival during the UpList screening."

Congratulations Ashleigh!  The film can be viewed at..

As Is
As Is Screenshot
Above is a screenshot from "As Is".

Caring for Our Community

It is that time of year again - our Year 9 and 10 students are again participating in our annual Caring for Our Community project. And the range of activities, all with a common thread of assisting others, has broadened yet again.

Many students with their staff coordinators are working at the college...
  • baking Christmas cakes (to be distributed by Age Concern)
  • baking gingerbread stars (for Starship Hospital)
  • knitting for babies at Middlemore Hospital
  • designing and painting murals for the Lynfield Creche and for Sunset Rest Home
  • assembling/sewing for the "500 poppies" project for the Gallipoli Centenary.
  • rehearsing for variety concerts at local Rest Homes
  • Making Christmas gifts for charity
  • sewing Santa sacks for Starship Hospital
  • assembling BBQ tables for local childcare centres

While off site student groups are...
  • at the Guide Dogs Centre in Manurewa and the Cats in Need Cattery in Mangere
  • helping Beautify the Bay (Blockhouse Bay Beach reserve, Margaret Griffen Park, Wattle Bay Reserve)
  • preparing for the Blockhouse Bay Santa Parade
  • gardening
  • Helping Hands at local primary schools (Chaucer, Glenavon, Marshall Laing, May Rd)
  • providing digital workshops for older people
  • spreading cheer at the Auckland City Mission
  • mentoring young debaters at local primary schools
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