April 2015


Great Start for the Human and Environmental Rights Group


2015 has got off to a great start for the Human and Environmental Rights Group. Monday lunchtime meetings in B19 have been well-attended, with more than 30 students regularly turning up to discuss Environmental issues, Human Rights and plan some practical actions in and around the school.

The first major event the group carried out was the Annual Beach Clean Up during Sea Week. This has been an annual event for the group for many years, but the 2015 was by far the most successful clean up in the history of the group. Dozens of volunteers gave up their Saturday morning on March 7 to clean up Blockhouse Bay Beach, Green Bay, Lynfield Cove and Waikowhai Bay. An extraordinary amount of litter was cleared from the shoreline and therefore kept out of the marine environment.

Volunteers from the group also created history at the Lynfield College Culture Day Festival. For the first time in the history of the event a comprehensive recycling system was introduced. The delicious food offered by the different cultural groups was even served on plates made out of bamboo and sugar cane, which can be composted along with any leftover food. To make this work a large team of keen volunteers from the Human and Environmental Rights Group monitored the stations to ensure the food waste, plates and cups went into the right bins. The impact of the new system was significant, with an 87% reduction in waste going to landfill and a massive amount of ‘rubbish’ ending up as compost.

The group also organised E-Activism sessions in E-Block, where students could learn more about and discuss Human Rights issues. One notable and very well-attended session in E2 involved the discussion of the ongoing health and environmental problems that were caused by Bhopal gas leak of 1984. Students discussed the background of the disaster, the issues have been left unresolved and had an opportunity to learn more about some of the organisations urging more support and compensation for victims of the disaster.

The leadership of the group were actively involved in environmental events outside of school. The Deputy Chairperson of the group, Shahin Najak, was selected for the Sir Peter Blake Enviroleaders Forum. Gauri Prabhakar, the Chairperson of the Group, was chosen by the Auckland Council to MC the Term One Green Jam event and also attended the Make A Difference Sustainability Forum in the Term One break. Both Gauri and Shahin will feedback to the group in Term Two.

Sir Peter Blake Enviroleaders' Forum

In Term 1 Shahin Najak, the deputy Chairperson of ur Human and Environmental Rights Committee, was selected for the 2015 Sir Peter Blake EnviroLeaders Forum in Rotorua. This continues Lynfield College's close involvement with the Forum, with Gauri Prabhakar also being selected in 2014. This is a wonderful opportunity for our students as only 50 students of the hundreds who apply are invited to attend.
The 2015 Forum took place in Rotorua. Students from Year 11 to 13 met with scientists, politicians, staff from the Ministry of the Environment and other experts to discuss the issues of freshwater management and the environmental impact of tourism. In addition to the issues-focus it was also a tremendous opportunity for students to meet with like-minded peers and further develop their leadership skills. There were also a lot of fun team-building activities and a chance to experience some of the activities on offer in Rotorua! 
Shahin reports..
"This year the Sir Peter Blake Trust Young Enviroleaders Forum was held in Rotorua and the two focus points were Freshwater Management and Ecological Tourism. We began the week long forum at the Navy base in Whangaparoa where they took us through tactical breathing and the defence force leadership training.  We were then asked to complete rotations where we put those leadership skills into action, even the 7 Sharp team was with us for the two days. The rest of the week was spent in Rotorua meeting local businesses and conservation projects.  We also were given the opportunity to work with Tamati Coffey, a publicist and the editor in cheif of the Daily Post. The ministry of environment and conservation had representatives present at the forum who talked through the Rotorua freshwater lakes project and held a debate where we could ask questions and give our opinions on the resource management act. On our final day all 52 delegates were asked to present in front of honourable minister Todd Mclay along with parents and the Trust team.  The Forum was incredible and I learnt so much not only from the ministry and the local community but also the other delegates as we had all very different perspectives on what a good leader was.  An absolutely incredible experience that has changed the way I look at New Zealand."

shain1 Shahin2

Shahin will be discussing some of the issues raised at the Forum at HERC meetings in Term Two. 
Any students interested in learning more about the Sir Peter Blake Foundation or the work carried out by the Human and Environmental Rights Group can attend the group's Monday lunchtime meetings in B19. 

Fashion and Design Remembers Anzacs

Fashion and Design students celebrated the centenary of ANZAC by creating paper doll  fashion garments which were inspired by the uniforms and colours of ANZAC.
IMG 3548 IMG 3547 IMG 3534
IMG 3553 IMG 3540 IMG 3542

Students Create Field of Remembrance

Technology students have created a Field of Remembrance at our college. The images below show students with their teacher at the beginning of the project and then the finished result.
P1070238-1 P1070248
P1070247 P1070249

Our Field of Poppies

planting1 planting2
planting3 planting4

 War Memorial Plaza Opening

As well as undertaking many varied activities within the classroom to commemorate the Gallipoli landings (see details below) students and staff are attending community events.

Yesterday 21 April four senior students and Mr Bovaird attended the opening of the new Mt Roskill War Memorial Plaza. The Plaza includes a formal roll of honour and its design results from a community design competition. Adjacent to the plaza is the Field of Remembrance and the crosses there were blessed yesterday. The crosses represent the lives lost from our communitiy.

MtRoskill2 MtRoskill1



Taste of Anzac

For your enjoyment..all of our Food classes have baked these special biscuits in the week leading to Anzac Day.
1 c self-raising flour
1 c rolled oats
1 c sugar
1 c coconut
125 g butter
2 T golden syrup
3 T hot water
1 t bicarbonate of soda (baking soda)
Combine flour, rolled oats, sugar and coconut in a large bowl
Heat butter and golden syrup in a pot until it boils, then remove from stove
Mix together hot water and baking soda and add to pot and stir until frothy
Quickly pour contents of pot into dry ingredients and mix well. Use a rubber scraper to remove all wet ingredients from the pot
Place teaspoonsful on a tray lined with baking paper and flatten slightly. Allow space to spread
Bake at 180°C, with tray just above the middle in the oven, for 15 minutes until golden brown
anzac biscuits


Vex Robotics World Champions Again!!

April 20 2015

Lynfield College students are once again the World Champions at the Vex Robotics World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. They successfully defended the High School World Champion title they won at last year’s championship in Los Angeles by winning the finals this morning (NZ time) in a tightly fought best of three games. They also won the Science Division top award. They competed against around 450 high school teams from 28 other countries.

Steven Barker's and Conor Thomas's teams were in different divisions. Unfortunately Conor's team didn't get the best alliance partners and was not selected by one of the top teams to continue into the division finals
  robotics champs

Steven's team had a great run in the division play offs and was ranked 3rd going into the division finals. As captain Steven got to choose his alliance partners for the finals.

The High School grand finals were a real trial with all rounds going to 3 games and all games played only being won or lost by a few points. The Lynfield College team led by Steven Barker was the eventual winner of the World Championship High School Title. Steven also came 3rd in the world for the High School driver skills competition.

All the students worked really hard throughout the competition. Their team work was outstanding and it was fantastic to see Conor's team jump straight in to help Steve's team once they had been knocked out.

VEX is the biggest and fastest- growing classroom based robotics competition in the World and we are at the top of it. More than 33 countries and 11,000 teams compete worldwide to attend the World Championships and only 450 make it to the High School Championships. To win is a magnificent effort that cannot be overstated. There is intense competition in the division rounds with ten separate games. To then win both their division finals and the semifinals in the same day before taking out the world Championship finals is a great achievement. 

20150419 014522 resized

All participating students are to be congratulated for their dedication, hard work and team efforts leading up to and during this competition.

These photos were taken in Louisville during the world championships.
20150418 012211 resized
20150418 041024 resized        20150418 012252 resized


Year 9 Students' Anzac Quilts

This is the first of three quilts that are being made for Anzac day in the Year 9 Soft Materials classes. Students had to design their own quilt square as part of the project. The finished quilt is on display in reception at the college, and when all quilts are complete they will be donated to the community rest home
                    Anzac quilt  

Gallipoli Commemorative Activities


To commemorate the centenary of the ANZAC landings on the Gallipoli Peninsula, Lynfield College students will be taking part in a cross-curricular initiative in Week 1 of Term 2. Each faculty has organised a range of activities which will enrich students’ understanding of this historic occasion. The activities will culminate with Lynfield College student leaders attending the Mt Roskill ANZAC Dawn Service on Saturday 25 April.
 Social Sciences Faculty
 Years 9 and 10 Social Studies
 Students will examine the history of New Zealand’s involvement in Gallipoli; this includes teaching the broader context of world War  1, what happened at Gallipoli, and why Gallipoli is a significant event in NZ history.
 Years 11 - 13 History
As for Social Studies and also includes the home-front situation, including for example, the role of women, and conscientious objectors.
 Language and Languages Faculty
 Students will examine a range of texts from and about Gallipoli, including poetry and personal stories.

 Arts Faculty
 Years 9 and 10 Visual Arts
 Students will research the events of Gallipoli, and produce a mural to be exhibited in the school hall.
 Years 11 Digital Media
 Students are engaging in a year-long programme about New Zealand’s involvement in World War 1. Examples of digital paintings of   the Gallipoli landscape will be exhibited in the school hall.
 Years 9 and 10 Music
 Students will listen to and compose music influenced by events and images of Gallipoli.
 Year 9 Drama and Year 9 Dance and Drama; Year 10 Drama and Year 10 Dance
 Students will investigate texts and performances influenced by the events of Gallipoli.

 Technology Faculty
 Year 13 Gallipoli project: Students are designing a memorial structure for Gallipoli at Lynfield Cove. Work will be exhibited at the     Technology Showcase at the end of Term 3.
 Year 9 students are creating a Gallipoli inspired quilt. All other year levels will be creating a figure mural to be displayed in the D  block foyer. Mini figures will be decorated with paper and material to create a garment inspired by symbols and uniforms from  Gallipoli.
 Students are baking ANZAC biscuits to sell. They will study the Catering Corp and what was fed to the soldiers.
 Food Technology
 9FOT is making Anzac biscuits and poppies for a mural in the corridor.
 10FOT is making Anzac biscuits and labels to be put on the tin for a soldier. These will be displayed in the corridor of D Block.
 Year 10 Peace Poppy Project. Students made poppies in Week 10 Term 1. The poppies will be planted in the Kowhai garden on  20 April and will stay there until after 25 April, when the students can them give them away.
 Hard Materials & Electronics
 12TEM, 11TEL/12TEL Fields of Remembrance. Students will be assembling crosses from the ‘Fields of Remembrance’ kit the school received. These will be planted in the grass area outside the upper Gym on Wednesday.
 Food and Nutrition
 11, 12 & 13FAN are researching the food and drink available to World War 1 soldiers, the meaning of the saying ‘an army marches  on its stomach’ and the availability of food in New Zealand during the war. They will be presenting their findings on Google docs.
 Beauty Therapy
 Students are exploring wound makeup techniques.
 13PAW is undertaking statistical analysis, writing code to work out if they would have been likely to die on the first day of at war.
 13ISM is making interactive websites on a Pacific aspect of the war
 TIMB are making a display of commemorative words to plant in the poppy fields.
 TIMA are producing posters about Gallipoli
 9CAP are researching a soldier (either related to them or someone famous), and telling their story.
 Science Faculty
 Year 9 Science
 Students, as part of their “Whats in our Food” topic, are investigating food preservation at Gallipoli, and the problems they would have faced preserving food.
 All other students will read the poem “Dulce et Decorum” which highlights the reality of fighting in WW1, and they will be making links between the poem and the Science that relates to it.
 Mathematics Faculty
 Year 9 and 10 Maths
 Students will examine code systems within communications used during WW1, and calculations and problem solving related to logistical support.eg transportation of troops from New Zealand to the war fronts.
 Health and PE Faculty
 Students will examine mental health and personal well-being
 WW1 PE -  Fitness for war “Drill”
 Student Services
 Movies will be shown in B5.
 Library display – extensive resources on display in the library.
Plans for a whole-school WW1 ANZAC Amazing Race are also underway.


Most Outstanding Jazz Combo

On Saturday 4 April the Lynfield College Jazz Combo, directed by Paul Norman, travelled down to Tauranga to compete in the National Youth Jazz Festival.

The seven piece group played a demanding programme of jazz standards and contemporary tunes and was very successful winning the Most Outstanding Jazz Combo trophy. 

Individual students also impressed the judges, Lyu Kodama (Year12) won best drummer, Dylan Goodisson (Year13) won best trumpet player and Jake Krishnamurti (Year13) won best original composition.

Great news! The Jazz Combo continues to impress.


 Jazz Combo

World Champs Here We Come!

Robotics team

Hopes are high that our Lynfield College Robotics  team members can repeat the successes of the past few years and return home World Champions!

The team and supporters are pictured at Auckland Airport before departure for the USA.

Wishing you all the success you are capable of!!

German Trip - First Days

The Lynfield College students who are currently touring Germany were welcomed to the Ernst-Haeckel-Gymnasium (High School) in the town of Werder, 30 minutes outside Berlin in the former East Germany.

Following a welcome lunch at the school the students went off on a walking tour of Werder. They called in on the Deputy Mayor who explained  local Government in Germany. 

Despite the wet and cold the students had a wonderful time with their host students exploring a totally different semi rural environment. 
Follow their trip on

P1020487 P1020506
P1020493 P1020509

Poppy Project Progress

As reported last month our students are engaged in making poppies for Anzac Day. These photos were taken at the end of term as the poppy-making got underway..

poppy2 poppy1 poppy3


Swimming Successes 2015

A strong turnout for the time trials for Zone team selection was an encouraging start for swimming in 2015. Several very successful senior swimmers who had supported the sport throughout their time at the College left at the end of last year, so we were hoping for a replenishment of talent from students new to the school, especially the Year 9s. Fortunately, this proved to be the case.

Thirteen swimmers were selected to represent the College at the Zone Meet:
Amy Bernstone, Leland Clarke, Sophia Clark, Amy Cui, Shaun Davy, Lisa Davy, Breanna Magee, Samantha Martin, Rohan Mukherjee, Jackson Potauaine, Brecon Rose, Aaron Tahu, Luke Tahu

Top three finishers in their events at the Zones were Luke (four top three finishes), Leland (three), Samantha (two) and Brecon (one). The relay results were very good, with the Junior Boys team of Aaron, Jackson, Luke and Rohan winning both the freestyle and medley races.

The results of the Intermediate Girls team were also encouraging as the team consisted of three Juniors and only one Intermediate aged swimmer. They finished with a third place and a fourth place. This bodes well for next year.

Getting through to the next stage is a much more difficult task. Only the top eight from the four Auckland Zones qualify for the Champion of Champions, so it is possible to win a race at the Zones and still not get through to the finals.

Luke was the only swimmer to qualify for an individual race at the Champions Meet, the butterfly.

The Junior Boys relay team at right, qualified in both the freestyle and medley races. At the Champions Meet, results went largely to seedings, but the freestyle relay team improved to a creditable fourth placing.

Coming up later in the year are the North Island Secondary Schools Championships in Palmerston North and the NZ Secondary Schools Championships in Hamilton. We are hoping for some entries and some good results from those events as they include longer distances than the 50m races in the local events.

Congratulations and thanks to all of the swimmers who trialled, made the Zones team or qualified for the Champions Meet. Thanks also to the parents/ caregivers who were able to offer their time to help out. The strong Junior contingent, in particular, is very encouraging. We wish those competing in the upcoming events all the best.

Mr Delgrosso took the photos below during the swimming season
swimtrials1-1 swimmer2 swimmer-1


Cultural Day - a colourful celebration of dance and food

On the last Saturday of Term 1 Lynfield College held its annual Cultural day, a fitting celebration at the end of Cultural week.

The event involves students, parents, staff and the wider community coming together to share food and performances from many of the ethnic groups which make up the Lynfield College community. The event started at noon with a Powhiri from the College's Kapa Haka group.

Despite the weather the crowds turned up to try the food from around the world. A new rubbish recycling system was also introduced this year to try and reduce waste and protect our environment.


P1020446 P1020433 P1020439

The limitations of our current hall were obvious as it had difficulty accommodating the crowds who had come to support the various acts! Nevertheless the occasion was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone and the images below indicate how many students had been involved with the various cultural dance groups. Hours of practice were very evident in the polished performances.

photo 5 photo 1 photo 3
photo 4 Tongan group photo 14
photo 13 photo 12 photo 11
photo 10 photo 9 photo 8
photo 7 photo 6 DSCN9740

Special thanks go to Mrs S Wagner, the College cultural co-ordinator, and the Cultural captains for  their tremendous organisation.  This event is now a Lynfield institution and is looked forward to by so many students.

Karan Kalsi, Year 11, selected for Regional Debating Team

Karan Kalsi continues to exceed expectations and defy the limits of what you can achieve in debating as a Year 11.
Karan has been selected to compete in the NZ Secondary Schools Debating Regional team, which will compete at Nationals in May.
He is among the top 6 debaters in the region, and, at Year 11, the youngest debater to be selected for the team in a decade.
Here is an extract from the letter from the NZ Secondary Schools Debating Association:

"I first would like to make clear what a wonderful achievement being selected for the team is. The regional tournament this year was one of the most competitive in memory, and to be selected as one of the top six debaters in a region as large as Auckland is a mark of an incredibly high level of both analytical and communication ability."

The NZ Schools Debating Championships (Nationals) are to be held from the 22nd-25th May. Up for grabs is obviously the ability to be crowned champions, but also the potential to be selected in the NZ Secondary Schools Debating team to attend Worlds (which will be held in Singapore this year). 
Congratulations Karan, Lynfield is so very proud of you!
Karan Kalsi

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