January 2020

2020 Student Senior Leadership and Team Building Course  

The Lynfield Student Executive 2020 spent 23 and 24 January participating in leadership training.

Beginning with a jam-packed day at Unitec’s Adventure Works, the Exec were challenged to step out of their comfort zones as they participated in challenges, team-building and leadership development activities.

A personal highlight of mine was conquering the climbing structure. The challenge was designed to foster trust as you relied on your team mates to belay you, while you climbed up a tall pole then jumped off the top, aiming to swing off a hanging trapeze. This activity was exhilarating and gratifying.

The next day consisted of furthering our sense of teamwork as we enjoyed some friendly competition over the course of the day’s activities. The most challenging part for many was learning the school haka, but we all came together in the end to present a proud, powerful and passionate performance.

Overall, the two days were enjoyable and tested our strengths and weaknesses. We came together as a team and are all much more confident and excited to be leaders within Lynfield College.

Amanda D’Souza

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Welcome to 2020 at Lynfield College

It is always exciting to see new students arriving to begin their secondary education journey. This year we are welcoming 360 new Year 9 students. We are also delighted to see last years student's returning to continue their learning with us at Lynfield College.

And a special welcome to our new staff. We are fortunate to have attracted a very high calibre of new staff. Below is a photo of most of our new staff who attended our staff induction day held on 24 January.

new staff big
Back row from left to right: Sai Sivoravong, Ben Underhill, Aziz Shahnad, John Bower and Corey Walters.
Front row: Billie Lal, Tanika-Jazz Bell, Sãdelle Fe'ao (new in Term 3, 2019), Rachael Stevenson, Natasha Samson and Doug Bryan.


Tanika-Jazz (TJ) Bell: Physical Education and Health John Bower: Social Science
Doug Bryan: Technology Diveck (Billie) Lal: Physical Education and Health
Jennifer Moss: Language and Languages Faculty Leader Natasha Samson: Physical Education and Health
Azizur (Aziz) Shahnad: Mathematics and Statistics Somphonsay (Sai) Sivoravong: Mathematics and Statistics
Rachael Stevenson, Learning Assistant Ben Underhill, Social Science
Micky Van Schie de Pont, Learning Assistant Corey Walters, Social Science

Susan Allpress: Arts Faculty Leader, and Sheena Matheson: Technology

Sarah Reynolds, Year 10 Dean

Estelle Buchan: Physical Education and Health, Greg Burne: Physical Education and Health, Dorothy Connew: Physical Education and Health, Jenny Han: Mathematics

NCEA Results for 2019

2019 saw some great results achieved by our Year 11,12 and 13 students in Level 1, 2 and 3 respectively.


Year 11: 70.3% gained L1 certificate
Of these 20.9% had their level certificate endorsed with Excellence and 37% endorsed with Merit.

Year 12: 81.9% gained L2 certificate
Of these 19.6 % had their level certificate endorsed with Excellence and 32.7% endorsed with Merit.

Year 13: 76.9% gained L3 certificate and 60% gained UE, which is above the national statistics of 46.8%.
Of those receiving their L3 certificate 15.2% were endorsed with Excellence and 26.5% at Merit.

A reminder, that the last day for a review and reconsideration of exam papers is 21 February.
The link is: http://www.nzqa.govt.nz/ncea/ncea-results/reviews-and-reconsiderations/

Scholarship Exam Results For 2019

27 Scholarships were awarded to 13 Lynfield College students across 12 subject areas for 2019. These included two Outstanding Scholarships (Geography and Accounting) and one Outstanding Scholar Award. This is a fantastic result and indicates the high achievement by this group of students. Top achievers in the Scholarship results were: 

Their success will be celebrated with staff and families at a special Scholarship Breakfast held in the Staffroom on Wednesday 20 February.


(Outstanding Scholar Award Winner)
Outstanding Scholarship in Geography
Scholarship in Calculus
Scholarship in Economics
Scholarship in Media Studies
Scholarship in Physics
Scholarship in Statistics

NENE MATSUKI Scholarship in Biology
Scholarship in Chemistry
Scholarship in Geography
Scholarship in Japanese

RACHEL LING Scholarship in Biology
Scholarship in Chemistry
Scholarship in Physics

(Outstanding Scholar Award Winner)
Outstanding Scholarship in Accounting
Scholarship in Economics

All students who gain a scholarship receive a monetary award towards their university study. The College is very proud of each student who gained one of these top academic awards and recognises the work done by the teachers to prepare and tutor these achievers.

Accounting (1)    
Chemistry (3)     
Economics (2)     
Statistics (1)
Biology (3)    
Classical Studies (2)
Geography English (2)
Media Studies (2)     
Calculus (3)
Drama (1)
Japanese (1)
Physics (5)

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