April 2022

Good Luck Team 2915U

Our Robotics Team 2915U departed for Dallas last night. They are competing in the VEX Robotics World Championship. We wish them every success but know that this dedicated and determined group of students will make the most of every opportunity.

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Prior to their departure Team 2915U accompanied by Cath Knell and Craig Yearbury, were invited by sponsors Vista to provide a demonstration of their robot and their skills.

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Vista is the world leader in cinema management software solutions. Founded in Auckland in 1996, their growth has led to installations in more than 100 countries and an estimated 51% global market share of the large cinema circuit outside of China. Vista provide software and technology solutions across the global film industry sectors of distribution, exhibition, and the end consumer, moviegoers.

Vista's love of cinema is evident from the innovation of Vista products through to industry dedication, along with the extraordinary skill set of the team and ability to adapt to the ever-changing consumer landscape. These attributes combined with the service provided to their global community of customers have made Vista the industry leader they are today.

Our appreciation to all those that donated or contributed to support the team to travel to the United States and to the following sponsors:

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Plumbing World Logo

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  ElectricKiwi Logo   Gas Appliances Logo

ANZAC Day  |  Lest we Forget

The effects of Covid meant that the Mt Roskill ANZAC Day service had to be adapted to prioritise the health and wellbeing of veterans and attendees. ANZAC Day 2022 was instead held as a private online ceremony at the Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall with no parade. We were represented by Head Girl Sophie Yang, Deputy Head Boy Oliver Pracey and Principal Cath Knell with past Head Boy (2021), Sanat Singh who was representing the Puketāpapa Youth Foundation. 
anzac b anzac a

Swimming Success Update

Kevin has just competed over six days at the 2022 Apollo Projects New Zealand Age Group Swimming Championships held at the Wellington Regional Aquatic Centre from 19 April to 24 April.

He competed for the Roskill Swim Club in the 15 year old boys category. Kevin swam in several team events for the club and also entered the following eight individual events:

Freestyle: 50 metres, 100 metres, 200 metres and 400 metres

Medley: 400 metres and 200 metres

Breaststroke: 50 metres and 100 metres

And won all eight.

Kevin in action below. Fabulous photos thanks to Mr Delgrosso


kevin medals

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Welcome to our Newly Elected Member of the School Board

Congratulations to Jessie Chen (Year 13), our new Student Representative on the School Board.
Her election speech is below.

Hi everyone,

I cannot promise you a perfect school but it is in my best interest to strive for one. I’m running for the position of your student representative on the Board of Trustees as I hope to create a greater impact on our wider community by not only expressing the opinions of those closest to me, but every single one of you.

I believe that Lynfield should have an environment where our students feel safe and their needs met. To achieve this I am ready to dedicate my utmost contribution to this role in hopes of a brighter future for our school. As someone approachable and reliable; I am eager to help and communicate openly with you. It would be my greatest honour to have your entrusted faith.

To be on a governance focused board can be intimidating but I am prepared and driven by my passion to serve you. So please, use my voice as your voice. And vote Jessie as your student representative 2022.



Special Mention for Outgoing Student Representative Sophie Yang

Sophie was elected Student Representative two years ago when she was in Year 11. The role of Student Representative is for one year only but the New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA), deferred elections due to Covid, extending Sophie's role until now.

Sophie has been an exceptional student representative providing thoughtful insights, considered decisions and always working to uphold the trust students gave her when they voted her on to the Board as their representative. Sophie has been commended by the Board for her comprehensive reporting, committment and support over what has been two complex years for teaching and learning due to Covid. It has been a pleasure to have her as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees Student Representative Election Results

Mahant Agrawal
Calum Bint
Carey Chen
Jessie Chen
Uzair Khan



Scarlet Kwon
Aaron Lobo
Stanley Long
Shaan Manilal
Kenisha Mediratta



Isabella Penney
Hemani Savaram
Harshikesh Singh Nadan
Nuha Wadhwania
Invalid votes



I hereby declare Jessie Chen duly elected.

Neil Waddington  |  Returning Officer

Scholarship Success for Deevya Shah (11MTH)

Experience Germany ONLINE

This year’s PAD scholarship allows outstanding students of German from all over the globe to take part in an exciting virtual German immersion programme this winter. The PAD is Germany’s public organisation working on behalf of the Federal States to promote international exchange and cooperation in the school sector.

After a successful selection interview with the Goethe-Institut Neuseeland, Deevya Shah from Lynfield College was selected as one of three students from New Zealand participating in the one week programme in July.
The course runs for four hours a day for five days and focuses on the students’ conversational skills in German as well as aims to deepen the understanding of Germany’s cultural offerings. Students work together in international groups of 10 to 15 students to research, understand, present and discuss a variety of topics in German. The sessions are led and supervised by a team of students and university teachers of the Teaching German as a Foreign Language programme at Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn.



Junior Boys Cricket

Lynfield College Boys Junior cricket team are proud winners of the Boys Junior Cricket Championship for 2022. The first debacle in the opener, in which the team lost to Westlake Boys High School and the challenges faced due to Covid did not deter the team from winning the championship to display a picture of true resilience and teamwork. The team was led to victory by the captain, Shiv Patel who contributed both with bat and ball and ensured the team always played up to their potential. He was well supported by the entire team.

The bowlers were led by fiery Runako Halligan who unleashed a spell of fast bowling that often caught his opponents by surprise. Ayush Swarnapuri, Parthiv Yeddula, Rudra Pandya and Yug Sharma were the pick of the bowlers who ensured that they continue taking wickets at regular intervals through the season.

The openers, Atharva Muley and Vyom Barot got the team off to a flying start in the finals. Atharva continued with his splendid performance with the bat by scoring an unbeaten 52 in the finals which laid the foundation for the win.

Special thanks to coach, Mr Zubin Irani for the engaging sessions making sure that each player is involved and progresses, regardless of effort and to the team manager, Mrs. Stephanie van Niekerk for always being supportive and managing the team.

In the end, it was sweet victory for the boys, as the team was able to win the final match comfortably against the same team, Westlake Boys High School, against whom they had lost the opening match. It was a commendable performance for the boys and many of them look forward to play for the Senior Lynfield College team next season.

jnr cricket
From left to right: Stephanie van Niewkerk (Team Manager), Aryamaan Nannegari, Het Patel, Rudra Pandya, Ayush Swarnapuri, Parthiv Yeddula, Kasim Khan, Affan Kamran, Shiv Patel (Captian), Bhavya Seth, Zubin Irani (Coach). Front Row: Vyom Barot, Yug Sharma, Runako Halligan, Atharva Muley, Izak van Niekerk.


Great Golf Win for Jayden Baek

Well done to Jayden Baek who hit some of the shots of his life in a thrilling round to become the first winner of the New Zealand All Abilities Championship

The championship was held over two days at the very scenic Muriwai Golf Club in West Auckland. The full story of both days' exciting play from GolfNZ is a great ready and can be read at the link below:


Jayden’s family would like to thank the teachers and the staff who look after Jayden, and who encourage him to be strong and brave so that he could feel confident and competent during the competition.

Many thanks to the GolfNZ for their photo
of Jayden and his winning medal.

jayden and medal


Staff V Students Tapuae Game

A fun and challenging game of Taupuae was played between staff and students. Staff were the clear victors, much to the disappointment of the students. The smiles say it all! The final score was 5:3.

tapuea d tapuea b
tapuea a tapuea c

Support the Lynfield College Robotics Team
and their Give a Little Page

Lynfield College Robotics Team 2915U has qualified to compete at the VEX Robotics World Championships in Dallas Texas, USA. The team has set up a Give a Little page to help them attend this competition.
The link below will take you directly to their page. If you are willing to assist the team in reaching their goal any donation would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your support of these fine young men and their high quality machine. The page closes soon - so please be quick.
Give a Little page link: https://givealittle.co.nz/cause/please-help-the-lynfield-college-robotics-team
The team also has a number of donated items for sale on Trade me. These items have generously been donated to the team by BedsrUs and the Bricklane Restaurant in New Lynn. Here are the links for these auctions:

bedsrus bed

Community Week

Over the last few weeks, the Student Executive have been working to generate more student involvement both within the school and in the wider community. Aiming to connect the Lynfield College community and be active outside of it following a challenging term, the idea of a ‘Community Week’, held during Week 10 of Term 1 came to life.
The house system was used to raise school spirit and support various different charities. Activities throughout the week included raising awareness and writing appreciation cards in house stalls, lunchtime performances, a non-uniform day and a students vs staff game of Tapuae to finish the week. All proceeds raised will go towards the charities supported by each house.
Community Week was a huge success with high engagement from students and staff across the school. A clear sense of community was felt throughout the school; a fitting and enjoyable way to wrap up a heavily disrupted start to the school year.

Some of the Appreciative Comments to Staff

You're an amazing teacher. Thank you for being you!

Just like the rain - you are the best!

We are so grateful to have you as our teacher!

Thank you for being a wonderful teacher. You have helped us a lot. We would not have achieved things without you!

Thank you for your tremendous support with my work. It's a pleasure to be in your class.

Thank you for being a very kind, generous and friendly teacher. You have helped me so much.

zorocich faumuina
fatialofa lewis
bray reid

Learning Supports Students Enjoy Non-Uniform Day

Our Learning Support students exhibiting the key competencies of participating and contributing and relating to others during a collaborative task - and of course enjoying their learning on non- uniform day!

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