April 2017

Community Farewell to Mr Bovaird

I wish to thank the Lynfield College community for the opportunity you have given me to lead your school for the past 15 years.  It has been a real privilege to work with the community, students and staff in such a positive, cooperative and successful school.  This school has been my life's work for 20 of the past 41 years that I have been working in schools.  As I leave Lynfield College I know it is in good heart and has a very positive future ahead of it.  We can all be very proud of the students that leave our school.

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Spotlight on SPEC

Junior SPEC students worked on a school based project this term where they designed and produced a large number of $1 tokens for the Cultural Day. The students worked tirelessly to meet the deadline and handed over the new tokens to Mr. Bovaird.  These students were extremely proud of their achievement and gained the Principal’s Award from Mr Bovaird.

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English Globe Theatre Trip

Getting spattered with fake blood was all in a day’s learning for two Year 13 English classes on their visit to the Pop-up Globe’s production of Othello.

The students are studying Shakespeare’s tragedy as part of their course, but reading the play hadn’t prepared them for the menace and violence of the production. Participation was encouraged, and our students booed, jeered and gasped with the rest of the audience. Having the actors perform among the groundlings was a highlight, although a blood-stained prop knife spinning our way was too close for some!

For some students, it was the first time they’d seen a live show, and to experience the whole Globe experience added to the spectacle.

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Germany Trip

Only 5 more sleeps until we (19 students and three teachers) leave for Germany. Everyone is very excited and looks forward to 3 and a half weeks in Germany.

Here is the link to our blog. 

NZQA Fees and Financial Assistance

Domestic student fee:  $76.70, with a maximum of $200 per family.

Scholarship fee: an additional $30 per subject.

Online payment via the Parent portal is available. Invoices for the extra amount for Scholarship candidates will be issued later when Scholarship entries have been finalised.

International student fee: $383.30. Scholarship entries are $102.20 per subject. Financial assistance cannot be claimed for International fee paying students.

Financial assistance is available for those who meet one of the following criteria:

  • currently receiving a Work and Income or Study Link benefit, or have a current Community Services Card (benefit-based applications)
  • are not currently receiving a benefit, or do not have a current Community Services Card, but do have a joint family income that would entitle you to receive a Community Services Card (income-based applications)
  • have two or more children who are candidates, irrespective of family income, and the total fees you would have to pay would otherwise be more than the $200 multiple candidate maximum (multiple candidate applications).

The fee for those qualifying for financial assistance in the first three categories is $20, with a maximum of $30 per family.

Full financial assistance details, including income thresholds for entitlement for a Community Services card can be viewed at:


You must fill in an application form to receive financial assistance.

A new application has to be filled in each year – if you received financial assistance last year it does not automatically carry over.

Financial assistance application forms are now available from the Deans’ Reception. The form should be completed and returned to Mr Delgrosso’s office as soon as possible. The fee charged will be adjusted as soon as the application is processed.  The process can be shortened if the student brings in the $20 fee when they return the completed Financial Assistance form.

Invoices will be issued early in Term 2. We would like the payment to be made by the end of the Term (7 July). Please plan for this payment so that you can help us to meet our NZQA deadlines. For most students, the fee will be $76.70.

There is an extra fee for entry in Scholarship subjects - $30 per subject. Scholarship entries will not be done until later in the year when there is more data on student performance. A supplementary invoice will be issued at that stage.

NB: If payment is made at the Accounts Office, rather than online, the printed invoice should be handed in at the Accounts Office at the time of payment.

Lynfield College Jazz Combo

On Friday 14 April the Lynfield College Jazz Combo performed in the NZ Youth Jazz Festival held at Baycourt Theatre in Tauranga. At the awards ceremony they were presented with a Gold Award and the trophy for Most Outstanding Jazz Combo. This is the third consecutive year the Lynfield Combo has won this trophy and are the only group to do so in its 35 year history. Andrew Isdale also won the trophy for Best Saxophone Player for the second year in a row as well as the very prestigious award for Most Outstanding Musician. This is a fantastic achievement for the group and their director Mr Paul Norman.

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Year 13 Early Childhood Education

The Year 13 Early Childhood Education class are currently looking at the importance of play for young children and are in the process of developing resources that they will take with them during their up and coming centre visits. Students will assess the learning opportunities that their play resources will develop in young children. They are enjoying developing finger puppets and will later focus on play dough and its many uses in child development.

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Yoyo-Champion Visit

On Tuesday 21 March the German learners at Lynfield College were in for a special treat. Upon invitation of the Goethe Institut, Dave Geigler, five-time European Yoyo Champion, visited from Berlin to offer German learners at New Zealand schools some hands on experience at the trend sport. Under Dave’s expert guidance each student had the opportunity to give it a go while incidentally practicing their language skills. Most of the students had not played yoyo before – a little-known cultural difference as most kids in Germany would have owned a yoyo. Nevertheless, it did not take long before they could all register their first successes. The luckiest of them will be able to continue practising even after Dave’s departure as they mastered the trick to catch the yoyo in their pocket and were allowed to keep them as a prize. Together with the National German Adviser, Dave moved on to Wellington and the South Island to visit more German students at more NZ schools and to perform at the Cuba Dupa Festival in Wellington.

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Year 10 Year 12


Foster Hope Charitable Trust

On Friday 10 March, Foster Hope came in and spoke to our Year 9 Soft Materials classes about their organisation and what they do to improve the lives of children in foster care.

This is the second year Lynfield College Soft Materials students work together in groups make quilts which are then donated to Foster Hope to give out. This is the first project for the students and the appliqued quilts will be finished by the end of Term 1.

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Lynfield took part in the National Schools Debating Auckland Regional tournament on Saturday the 25th of March at Diocesan.  36 of Auckland’s top teams - mostly Year 12 and 13 - competed. The main purpose of the tournament is to select the top six debaters for two Auckland Regional teams, including two reserves and six younger debaters for the development squad.

Mrs Wagner and Mrs Wiggins took three Lynfield Teams to this tournament:

The Premier Advanced (Year 13): Kitty Sun, Karan Kalsi and Jia Dua

Junior Premier team (Year 11) : Raymond Feng, Michael Howell and Sarah Young

A selection team: Harry Ashley (Y12), Nicole Johnson (Y12) and Joshua Boasman (Y12)/Kyus Rodger (Y11)

By the end of the first day, the Premier Advanced won all 4 debates and had the highest speaker points across all teams. They were in 1st place heading into the final rounds which took place on Sunday 26th March. They won their Quarterfinal against Maclean’s, and then won their Semi-final against Selwyn (by only .5 pts). And, for the 2nd year in a row, they debated in the Grand Final. In what was a much better performance than last year, they unfortunately narrowly lost to Westlake Boys in a 1-2 split decision, and took 2nd place overall in the tournament.

Pleasingly, Lynfield did well in the individual selections:

Results of the tournament:

Harry Ashley (Year 12) and Raymond Feng (Year 11): Selected for the NZSD Development Squad

Jia Dua (Year 13): Highly Commended Speaker award NZSD Regional Tournament

Karan Kalsi (Year 13): selected for Auckland White Regional team

This is the third year in a row that Karan has been selected for an Auckland regional team. The previous two years, Karan’s team went all the way to the Grand Final at Nationals, but lost to Wellington twice. We are hopeful that three times is a charm and that he and his team can win Nationals in May and bring back the cup to Auckland.

Congratulations to all of the debaters who took part in the tournament and we wish them luck in their respective competitions underway in Auckland.

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