October 2018

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Student Leadership Positions Announced

Year 12's final assembly on Wednesday afternoon on 31 October culminated in the announcement of Student Leadership and House Captains' positions for the 2019 year. Our student leaders are not only role models for students of all year levels, they will also be involved in decision-making and event organisation throughout 2019.

The smiles say it all as our Year 12 students share their success with our Year 13 leavers.
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Head Girl
Head Boy
Deputy Head Girl
Deputy Head Boy
Board of Trustees Student Representative
Sports Captain (F)
Sports Captain (M)
Arts and Culture Captain (F)
Arts and Culture Captain (M)
Academic Captain (F)
Academic Captain (M) 
International Student Representative
Environmental Coordinator
Assistant Sports Captain (F)
Assistant Sports Captain (M)
Assistant Arts and Culture Captain (F)
Assistant Arts and Culture Captain (M)
Assistant Academic Captain (F)
Assistant Academic Captain (M)
Year 13 Social Coordinators
Ambassador Coordinators Year 13
Year 12 Ambassador and Class Rep. Co-ordinators
Year 12 Year Level Representatives
Jessika Varney
Michael Howell
Eve Zhang
Aaron Tahu
Raymond Feng
Sophie Booth
Mishaan Doolabh
Nene Matsuki
Tamilo Lamositele
Emily Gossen
Vedant Kaduskar
Jessica Xi
Rachel Barrowman
Pritika Patel
Nick Talosaga
Bella McAlister
Ishaan Bhide
Rachel Ling
Daniel Torrey
Alicia Taito, Giordi Gambassi
Kealen Pillay, Tanishq Tailor
Shreeya Bhargava, Harshal Damania
Samantha Marton and Vishesh Azad

Year 12 Student Executive
Leiola Aloua, Anish Bhalla, Imaan Brown, Rosalyn Fononga, Shinel Nadan,
Senu Senathirajah, Celesti Tan, Victoria Tofilau


 Bray House: Harsh Sharma and Ella MacKenzie
 Fatialofa House: Noah Tikoinamaka and Sophie Stanimiroff
 Faumuina House: Reuben Taylor and Liz Li
 Lewis House: Kyle Paala and Romina Leilua
 Reid House: Danielle Hewett and Kimberley Saldanha
 Zoricich House: Paris Phillips, Simote Funganito and Iris Huang

Project Runway and Judy Gao

It is always exciting to see and hear how our Lynfield students are progressing in their chosen career paths. Judy Gao was a student at Lynfield until 2012. She found her passion for Couture when she designed her own high school ball dress and now wants to share this passion with the world. After leaving Lynfield she went on to complete a conjoint degree at University before founding the Judy Gao Couture label in 2017.

Recently Judy has been a contestant on the first Project Runway NZ. In the 4th episode her challenge was to produce a reusable supermarket bag for New World and to design a 'red carpet' look using the bag design as inspiration.

Judy's red carpet gown was inspired by the beauty of nature incorporating hand-made roses into the collar piece and shoulders. Judy won this particular challenge and New World is using and selling her bag.
judy dress judy gao judy bag

Lynfield College joins the worldwide network of PASCH schools

The German department is excited to announce that Lynfield College has become part of the worldwide network of PASCH schools. PASCH stands for the “Schools: Partners for the Future” initiative. The aim of PASCH is to create and strengthen a global network of some 1,800 schools that place a high value on German, have special links to Germany and are dedicated to offering their students the best possible education. Understanding that in our times of globalisation it is of paramount importance to offer students as many options as possible in the pursuit of their future careers, these schools realise that the thorough teaching of modern languages is a decisive tool in this endeavour. Learning other languages helps people to have a better understanding of their mother tongue as well as opening their hearts and minds to other cultures, other ways of viewing the world and other ways of expressing themselves.

On the 29th of October Principal Cath Knell met with Judith Geare from the Goethe Institut Wellington, German teachers Lorraine Delgrosso and Heike Zimmer to sign the memorandum of understanding. Also present were Rachel Barrowman and Faye Hine (Year 12) who have both been awarded a the first two PASCH scholarships to travel to Germany in January 2019. They will participate in a three week German language course at the Goethe Institute in Frankfurt where they will attend German lessons in the mornings and be involved in cultural activities with international students of German in the afternoons.

Becoming a PASCH school means that there will be more scholarships to the school’s German teachers and its best students of German to attend language courses and professional development opportunities in Germany. Students will also be offered do the internationally recognised benchmark examinations, Fit 1, Fit 2 and Zertifikat Deutsch für Jugendliche. The Goethe Institut will also create an interactive website for both teachers and students where they can exchange ideas with partners from other schools and/or countries and have access to specific information and online-language courses. They will assist both the school and the teachers with up-to-date resources on language, culture and technology.

The German department is now looking forward to 2019 to engage students in local and international German language projects and competitions. More information about the PASCH programme and its goals is available in German and English on www.pasch-net.de
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2018 Festival Awards Evening

festival header

At this special occasion, held on Thursday 18 October at Eden Park, we recognised the efforts of students, parents, staff and members of the wider Lynfield community, who have contributed to the College extra-curricular activities in 2018. We celebrated the success of sporting, arts and cultural aspects of the College, with awards for outstanding achievement and contribution at the senior level.

Our guest speaker was Elizabeth Fa’amamafa, Deputy Head Girl at Lynfield College in 2016. Congratulations to all those who have won awards, with particular mention of the following students who have achieved the supreme awards.

Congratulations to all those who have won awards, with particular mention of the following students who have achieved the supreme awards:

Dux Ludorum (Boys) 
Runner-up Equal Dux Ludorum (Boys)
Runner-up Equal Dux Ludorum (Boys)
Kieren Chhiba
Lawrence Vui
Joshua Boasman

Dux Ludorum (Girls) 
Runner-up Equal Dux Ludorum (Girls)
Runner-up Equal Dux Ludorum (Girls)
Danielle Matthews
Teigan Cedric
Rowena Brunt

Dux Atrium Stefenie Pickston

Lynfield College Sports Scholarship
Lynfield College Arts and Culture Scholarship
Rowena Brunt
Stefenie Pickston

Year 12 Sportswoman of the Year
Year 12 Sportsman of the Year
Year 12 Runner-up Equal Sportswoman of the Year
Year 12 Runner-up Equal Sportswoman of the Year
Year 12 Runner-up Equal Sportsman of the Year
Year 12 Runner-up Equal Sportsman of the Year
Year 12 Musician of the Year
Lepa Finau
Mishaan Doolabh

Sophie Booth
Felicia Fakafanua
Toby Runting
Tanishq Tailor
Tamilo Lamositele

Year 11 Sportswoman of the Year
Year 11 Sportsman of the Year (Equal)
Year 11 Sportsman of the Year (Equal)
Year 11 Musician of the Year (Equal)
Year 11 Musician of the Year (Equal)
Danielle Hewett
TJ Piacun

Sam Boasman
Sam Boasman
Celesti Tan

Sports Team of the Year
Group of the Year
Team of the Year
Tennis Senior A2 Boys
Lynfield College Big Band
Robotics NZ Nationals Team
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Athletics House Competition
Indoor Football / Volleyball House Competition
Road Race House Competition
House Quiz Competition
Touch Rugby House Competition
Netball House Competition
Reid House
Fatialofa House
Reid House
Faumuina House
Fatialofa House and Reid House
Reid House

Overall Winner of the House Award Reid House (166.5 points)


Ms Bronwen Wilson For her highly valued contribution to a wide range of Extra-Curricular activities

Junior sporting, arts and cultural achievement will be recognised at our Junior Festival Awards Assemblies and parents/caregivers are most welcome to attend:

  YEAR 9    |   Wednesday 28 November, 8.45am in the Hall
  YEAR 10  |   Tuesday 27 November, 8.45am in the Hall

Gateway Student Successes

Congratulations to Sara Yelverton, who did Gateway this year, has just been signed up as an apprenticeship with the Audi group at Continental Car Services in Newmarket. She will be their very first female apprentice and they have been so impressed with her passion for cars and her work ethic. They are very excited to finally have a young woman getting into this industry with them. Well done, Sara!

Puka Tauia has just received one of only four Hirepool Northern Regional Chief Executive Service Excellence Award for … “going above and beyond for all customers. He shows great respect towards them and always has them leaving with a smile. Although, only being with Hirepool for less than a year, he receives praises left, right and centre from cash customers as well as some high profile trade customers. Puka’s nomination included two customer emails who stated that he was pleasant, polite and friendly and worked safely and efficiently. One customer said that they would have him on their team any day and another said he was a credit to Hirepool and far exceeds the standard set by many in customer service roles.” Congratulations Puka, on earning this Award, on your own merits in the workplace.

We wish both these students every success in their chosen career.

sara tauia

Pasifika Fiafia Night

Our Pasifika Fiafia evening, to farewell our leavers and celebrate their success, was held on Thursday 25 October. This was well attended by current and future students, families and staff.

Our Pasifika families were recognised for the wonderful support they have given their children throughout their time here at Lynfield College. Our Pacific Pride Student Leaders acknowledged and thanked those staff who made a significant contribution to their education. Not only was this an evening to celebrate our students and their families, it was also an opportunity to say farewell to those who are leaving to embark on the next stage of their careers.leavers as they embark on the next stage of their career. We are proud of your achievements and wish you all the best.
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Harry Hodgson Brings Home the Goods

Congratulations to Harry Hodgson on his outstanding win at the Off Road Racing National Finals Championship 2018 held at the Canterbury Offroad Racing Club in Christchurch on 20 - 21 October 2018. Harry’s title is 1NZ Off-Road National Youth Champion. This is the third year out of four that he has won this title which is pretty cool!

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International Youth Silent Film Festival Results

Exciting and well-deserved results from our Silent Film Makers ...

THE TERRORIST WHO TRIPPED: Tremaine Leaso, Abigail Blackie, Rose MacClure, Kunal Vallabh, Daniel Brown, Taina Pere, nominated for best editing and actor (Tremaine Leaso)

OVER-EXPOSED: Harry Ashley, Raymond Feng, Shamir Sarif, nominated for best shot and best director and won best cinematography (Raymond Feng), best editing (Harry Ashley), best production design and came second overall.

ATTACK OF THE DEATH ROBOT: Joseph Hisayasu, Matthew Tribble, Kais Azimullah, nominated for best production design and won best director (Joseph Hisayasu) and came first overall.

For a total winnings of $4,500!

More information can be found at: http://www.scoop.co.nz

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Taichi Nakao Selected to Represent New Zealand

Congratulations to Taichi Nakao who was selected to represent the U19 Baseball New Zealand College Select team competing in the Arizona Fall Classic located in Peoria, Arizona USA from 8 to 23 October. This team consists of the best under nineteen Kiwi baseball players from across the globe. They will be have the opportunity to compete in front of professional scouts and college recruiters in the hopes of signing a professional or collegiate contract.

This Baseball New Zealand under nineteen Select Collegiate Team was hand selected by New Zealand national coaches, all of whom were former professional and collegiate players themselves. These young men have been training extensively their entire lives to prepare themselves for this rare opportunity.

New Zealand’s baseball program is considered one of the fastest growing baseball programs in the world, and we are fortunate to have received an invitation to the prestigious series known as the Arizona Fall Classic Showcase. Over the past four years the Arizona Fall Classic has afforded over ten Kiwi baseballers with college scholarships in the USA. This is a once in a lifetime experience that can change a student’s life forever, providing Taichi with world experience and the opportunity to acquire an education.

Shinagawa, Japan Trip 2018

On Friday 12 October 15 Lynfield College students and two teachers, Kat Wells and Jay Kim, returned to Auckland after almost three weeks of experiencing and enjoying Japanese culture. 

Visiting Shinagawa, Japan has been a life changing experience. The food, the culture, the scenery and our amazing homestay families have all contributed to memories that fifteen lucky Lynfield College students will never forget.

The trip provided a unique opportunity for us to learn more about the Japanese language and culture while forming new friendships with our host families, the Shinagawa students, and the other Lynfield students we shared many great times with. We visited Shrines, schools, scenic and historic sites, and toured on trains, buses, bikes and on foot. We’ve stayed in apartments, traditional accommodations and in family homes, and we’ve found ourselves fitting in regularly as members of our host families.

Overall we feel like the Shinagawa Japan Trip has allowed us to grow as people and widen our horizons. If any current or future Lynfield College students are presented the opportunity to go on this trip, we strongly recommend that you take it.

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Silent Film Makers in National Finals

Three films from Lynfield College are finalists in the International Youth Silent Film Festival (NZ Nationals). The IYSFF is an international competition which challenges filmmakers, aged 20 and under, to create a three-minute silent film set to one of 10 musical scores composed especially for the festival.

This year’s competition attracted 35 entries across the genres of hero, romance, mystery, noir, Motown, western and slapstick. They were reduced to the top 12 silent films after a robust examination by a panel of jurors.

The winners of the International Youth Silent Film Festival will be decided by actor and director David de Lautour and Bay of Plenty Film CEO and director Anton Steel. The winners will be announced at the 2018 New Zealand National Awards at Baycourt Community and Arts Centre in Tauranga on October 17.

This year the Top 12 finalists are competing for a prize pool of $6750 across 10 categories, which includes $2000 for the first place winner, $1500 for second place, $1000 for third place and a $750 Highly Commended prize. The top films selected will go on to represent New Zealand at the IYSFF Global Awards 2019 in Portland.

Our Lynfield College films and makers are:

OVER-EXPOSED (Noir): Writer, Director and Editor: Harry Ashley, Cinematographer and Colourist: Raymond Feng and starring Shamir Sarif

ATTACK OF THE DEATH ROBOT (Hero): Writer and Director: Joseph Hisayasu; Cinematographer, Editor and VFX: Matthew Tribble and Starring Kais Azimullah and Harry Ashley (as the robot)

THE TERRORIST WHO TRIPPED (Slapstick). Writer, Director, Cinematographer, and Editor Tremaine Leaso. Contributing crew: Daniel Brown, Abigail Blackie, and Kunal Vallabh and starring Tremaine Leaso and Rose MacClure.

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