June 2012

Vocabulary Champions on Top of the World




Our language students have once again proven they are worldbeaters by scooping major prizes in the Language Perfect World Championships 2012. The students were tested on their reading, listening and writing skills in German, Japanese and Chinese, gaining points by learning words, and as they reached certain thresholds earning certificates and medals.


Lynfield College students were among 140,000 students from more than 800 schools from 10 countries and they answered 511,147 questions gaining 174,907 points which equal about 1,087 hours of online language learning.


The results this year have been outstanding with Demi Cox(below left) and Sarah Plank(right) winning First and Second Prizes respectively. Both girls are outstanding German language students, and Demi certainly looks the part in her photo!

Demi Cox Sarah Plank

Congratulations also to the Elite and Gold award winners:
Kevin Yu, Casey Crooks, Andrew Kim, Johnson Zhuang, Jennifer Chen, Sumin Kim, Penny Liu, Vincent Liu, Ashley Lee, Mason Ng, Jinsu Choi

Youthline Benefits from Mufti Day

On Friday morning Mr Stephen Bell, CEO of Youthline and Ms Cherrill Rave, Youth Worker, received a cheque from Mr Bovaird, Principal, for $1500.00 of funds raised by students in support of our own Safe School day (celebrated on the National Pink Shirt Day to raise awareness for the prevention of bullying).

Youthline supports students with national phone counselling and transition services. In addition Youthline caters for schools by offering training seminars for students to build self-esteem and self-awareness as well as developing leadership skills.

Youthline cheque Youthline graduates
the images above show Mr Bovaird presenting the cheque to Youthline, and four students – Destiny White, Sydnee Taulapapa, Shabana Nisha, Shana Sharma - who graduated yesterday from Standing Tall, a Youthline programme which ran during Term 2 at our College.


Caring with Music and Morning Tea

On Wednesday June 26th Lynfield College and Age Concern held a concert in our school hall for  elderly members of the local community.


We welcomed  90  rest home and local residents who listened to the Lynfield College Big Band, Jazz Combo and Choir. Each group performed a range of items throughout the morning.


Morning tea and coffee with mini quiches, scones, slices, biscuits and asparagus rolls were provided and served by the Year 13 Hospitality students from Mrs Townsend’s class.


The college has grown a strong connection with Age Concern through our Caring for the Community programme, and the concert is a popular event for the students as well as the invited audience.

DSC 0014 1 DSC 0031 1 P1080751 1

Some comments from our guests:

  • “The music was terrific”

  • “The food and hospitality was just right- every thing was tasty and presented very well.”
  • “The student helpers were just that - helpful, polite and very respectful of the older people who were there”
We are glad everyone enjoyed the occasion which was organised by staff member Ms Bronwen Wilson and Age Concern's Ms Maureen Craven.


Calligraphy, Yumcha and a Buddhist Goddess

David Johnson, 9ET, thoroughly enjoyed the Chinese language students'  excursion. His report follows:


On Thursday 21 June Ms Fang organized a trip for all Year 9 students who studied Chinese this semester. We went to learn some Chinese calligraphy in Panmure, to eat Yumcha, and to visit a Buddhist temple in Grey Lynn.
We learnt calligraphy from an expert, Eva, who spoke little English (Ms Fang was her interpreter). We learnt the six basic strokes of Chinese calligraphy. You had to follow the brush strokes, so you could paint the character correctly. You also had to sit up straight, legs straight, shoulders even, and the brush vertical. You even had to hold the brush in a certain position. I found this a challenge, as did  many other students, as I had never before done calligraphy painting. This certainly was a wonderful experience. I would recommend it to anybody. Just give it a try!

calligraphy class 1 calligraphy lesson


Next we  headed to try some Yumcha which is a lunch of Chinese food dishes.  We all had prawn dumplings with and without spinach, pineapple buns, sweet and sour pork, pork filled buns, beef bits, egg omelet, chomien, and to crown it of, a small cup of tea. Pineapple buns were by far the favourite of the day, followed closely by chomien.

We crossed the road and headed to the Chinese Buddhist temple, dedicated to a Buddhist Goddess. We were all amazed at the number of artifacts, and their beauty, especially those coated in gold. The statue of the Goddess took centre stage, dominating the main room in the temple. Ms Fang showed as how to worship her - if done correctly this will bring you good luck.
yumcha 1


Ciming Temple ciming temple 2 ciming temple front gate

We headed back to school after a day of fun and learning for all students. It was a great experience for me, to learn how in Auckland many people maintain their culture, ways of life and  beliefs.
A big thank you to Ms Fang for her teaching and for organising this day for us.


More Medals for our Best Baristas


Mrs Rhonda Weeks, Technology Faculty, whose students regularly compete and succeed at Hospitality competitions, reports on their latest achievements:


We had another excellent MIT Schools Barista Competition yesterday 21st June. Our two contestants both earned gold medals. Mele Cama with a score of 90 out of 100 and Dan Aitchison with a score of 98 out of 100.


The distinctive thing this year was the difference in our two Baristas, with very different styles. Dan is  a very technically precise Barista, who perfected the art with a mathematical, analytical approach. Dan has a strong passion for coffee,  and he works at The Lodge café in Mt Albert over the weekends.


Mele Cama is a more creative person who mastered her skills with elegance and artistry.( I always said to her that she would win over the judges with her beautiful smile!)

DSC00999 1 DSC01029 1 DSC01025 1

Both have been working since the last holidays, in their own time to master the sensory and technical skills of the Barista. Students easily spend over 100 hours on the coffee machine in the quest for a gold medal.  Having our own cafe at school gives Lynfield College students a special training facility and an edge over our competitors.


Our thanks again go to the support of Karajoz coffee and especially Justin the training Barista at Karajoz.


Possum Project not for the Squeamish!

One of the more unusual occupations offers secondary students a chance to experience their craft and eight of our senior boys took up the opportunity recently. They learned how to trap and skin possums at a two day Gateway work experience at Muriwai Beach in June.
IMG 0892 1 Besides learning why possums are a threat to the environment they learned how to harvest the possum fur to make money. They learned to use a plucking machine, how to hand pluck possum fur and how to skin possums for fur recovery.

IMG 0910 1

The work experience was provided through the Kaipatiki Environment Centre and the students worked to achieve related unit standards at NCEA Levels 2 and 3.

Childcare Students Experience the Real Thing

For the last two weeks, students from the Childcare Advanced class have spent Tuesdays at various local early childhood education centres. They gain valuable practical experience in a realistic work environment which helps them with the theory requirements of the course.


In addition, several assessments must be carried out in an early childhood education centre, so students gain credits from this exercise.

Childcare 1 Childcare 2 Childcare 3

Gillian Rushton, who leads our Early Childhood Education courses comments : "The students really enjoy their time working with the children, and we are very appreciative of the welcome and support given to our students by early childhood teachers in our community."

Year 9 Dean on Leave Next Term

For Term 3 Mr Dennis van Dijck will be on a Ministry of Education Secondary Teachers' Sabbatical. It is one of 40 for teachers with over 20 years of continuous service and is designed for both some personal study and refreshment.


Mr van Dijck have been teaching continuously for 37 years. He will be using his term's leave to extend his expertise in Higher Order Thinking particularly as it relates to the teaching of skills to our senior Chemistry classes.


In Mr van Dijck's absence the Year 9 Dean will be Mr Shane Isdale. He will be available on 6270600 ext 726 and his email address is sisdale@lynfield.school.nz

Fast Track to Ferrari

Just a few years ago he was at college here - and now look where he is!

Nick Gateway Ferrari

Nick Marevich, has recently completed his apprenticeship at Continental Cars, Ferrari Division in Newmarket.

Nick left school at the age of 16 years and went on to further training in the automotive industry, securing his apprenticeship through hard work and a determination to work within the high end luxury car market. The references he received after work experiences in a number of workshops praised Nick for a strong work ethic, commitment and passion for this industry.


As a result of his dedication to his job, Nick has now been sent to Italy to the Ferrari factory to learn about the latest mechanics and electronics of the new Ferraris. All his expenses have been paid by the company.



Nick believes that with a strong belief in yourself and a drive to achieve what you want, there is nothing stopping you from getting it. Nick had a passion and a goal and he achieved it before he turned 21 years old. Congratulations Nick.


First Sculpture an Architectural Success

Naakori Taniera  has always wanted to be an architect. He has dreamed and designed, imagining how he can more closely connect people with their community and culture. So when the Year 13 student was invited to participate in 'The Roots - South Pacific Architecture' he seized the opportunity, and had a "brilliant experience."


With Pacific Island students from other secondary schools Naakori worked as part of the Oka Tribe to create a sculpture pavilion from bottles -2000 green ones to represent the Earth element - in the Otara Town Centre. Two days of intense design and build culminated in the Oka tribe winning the Roots competition.


It is the design process that fascinates Naakori and his academic programme has included study in Graphics, Art Design and Photography - all relevant to further study, qualificatons and a career in architecture. The photo below is of Naakori(second from right) and the Oka Tribe's sculpture, and linking to  http://martinleungwai.wordpress.com/ will provide further details and photos of the Roots event. 

  Nakoori Taniera Roots Architecture  


Romeo and Juliet

DSC06654 1 1 DSC06662 1 1 DSC06683 1 1
  Romeo Juliet  


And to answer your questions...


Don't we only do musicals at Lynfield College? Is it Romeo and Juliet - The Musical?


Does it have music?


And dancing?



Isn’t Shakespeare too hard? Won’t it be too difficult

to understand with all that Shakespearian language?          No


Why stage Rome and Juliet?


Firstly, Romeo and Juliet has remained in the global canon of literature because one of the greatest poets from the past 400 years of Western Civilisation wrote it. Secondly, for the enduring theme : that prejudice has tragic outcomes.


Writing in Europe in the 1600s, William Shakespeare saw exactly the same human frailties as we witness today: ingrained regimes of culture, religion, politics and wealth; social states that define, and confine, individual freedom.

One only has to consider the current world situation to recognise the relevance of William Shakespeare’s theme:

Christian / Muslim; Israeli / Palestinian; Tutsi / Hutu; Sunni / Shiite; Mongrel Mob / Black Power; Rich / Poor; Crip / Blood; Left / Right; East / West; Black / White; Montague and Capulet


The story is a tragedy about the futile deaths of the young in society. The universal theme is personalised effectively to reach both young and old.


The resultant horror expressed in the play by the families and the authorities at the demise of the two lovers, combined with the emotional sense of loss experienced by the audience, creates a potent opportunity for insight.


The purpose of art, the purpose of literature, is to hold up a mirror so that we might see ourselves and the world we inhabit, more clearly.


That is why we are producing, Romeo and Juliet. Come. See for yourself, whether it be Art or not.


PS : Further details about our production, the students with major roles etc are available in our May news. Here are a few pictures to whet your appetite for our modern production of the classic.
DSC 0077 1 DSC 0087 1 DSC 0103 1

Congratulations! - more sporting stars

As always we acknowledge students who are competing and achieving in their chosen sporting fields. Since reporting on Cora Munt's pistol shooting success in the USA we have had the following students achieve highly:

Nick Weaver – selected for NZ U17 Baseball team for tournament in Guam.

Jason Pimenta – Auckland U16 Singles Tennis Champion

Michael Carswell – 2nd Bay Of Plenty Mini Tour Cambridge (cycling)

Shantael Ligaliga – 1st Auck SS Golf Strokeplay Championships in the Nett Division,

Esmeralda Ligaliga – 2nd Auck SS Golf Strokeplay Championships in the Nett Division

Maddy Poland – finished 25th in the Y9 NZSS Cross Country (field of 126 runners)

Amy Pitout - finished 26th in the Y9 NZSS Cross Country (field of 126 runners)

Dale Pitout - finished 105th in the U19 NZSS Cross Country (field of 242 runners) Dale is one of the youngest competitors in this grade so this bodes well for the next couple of years.


The Proof is in the Rubbish

Payton Rodger of 9WI reports on the most recent Environment Group mission:


"Around 20 passionate students gathered in the Lynfield College van shed on Saturday 9 June to complete a waste audit of the 170kgs of waste that was produced on the previous Friday.


The rubbish was all poured onto a tarpaulin as each student watched in horror at what we were about to sift through. Waste was sorted into key categories so our efforts could easily provide different data and make comparing amounts of waste a simple task. Time passed at a brisk pace as the van shed was cleared of a barely pleasant smell. Food scraps, lunches (untouched), pens, paper were expected; but then umbrellas, sneakers and other unusual items were retrieved in laughter and it seemed as though everyone was enjoying being united as a group and assisting the community.

Waste audit 1 waste audit 2 waste audit 3

The data totals grew, uncovering some shocking information, including the discovery that 69% of what is sent to landfill could be simply recycled. Food scrap data also made us gasp as we audited a total of 38kg that was mainly rotten fruit and abandoned lunches.


This successful waste audit collected almost 8kg of paper-weight wrappers! That's a huge amount for such a light material. Stationery was also regularly found beneath piles of waste and gained a total of 0.35kgs, meaning that we toss away 70kgs of working stationery each year!

Although these totals are shocking and concerning, it only gives each and every student another reason to work towards environmental change. Just by consuming your packed lunch instead of purchasing a second one or by reusing that pen that you don't like the colour of, you are making a difference. A difference, that has now been proved, will change the environment for the better."


PE in the Mist

Staff and students may not have relished the idea of heading out on to the fields for PE lessons on the cold mornings last week - yet the photos taken by Mrs Henderson make it all look rather lovely!
DSC03476 1 DSC03477 1

Te Reo Maori Students Visit Rotorua

At the end of last month 16 Te Reo Maori senior students travelled to Rotorua with staff for a memorable learning and cultural experience.


On the four day visit students were faced with a list of expectations : find out the history of the rohe, speak Te Reo Maori, learn tikanga of the marae, understand the history of the Maori Battalion, look at traditional cooking methods, visit Maori villages, deliver a pepeha on a given kaupapa, prepare a meal together in a wharekai using manaakitanga and have some FUN!


Staff members Jennifer Leauga and Carol Te Bay accompanied the group as they visited Whakarewarewa, Te Puia, the Polynesian Spa, Rotorua Museum,Skyline Gondola and the Luge.

050 1 051 1 055 1

The group stayed at the beautiful Taheke Marae, Opatia, where Manaaki Marae Assessments and speeches took place.

060 2 064 1

The knowledge and cultural experiences that the students gained were Taonga that will never be lost.

He haerenga kia maumahara mo nga ra e heke mai nei, tena koutou ki nga tauira katoa e manaaki ana, ka miharo nga whanaungatanga kei roto i te roopu nei, he mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa!

Year 13 Careers Expo Visit


Year 13 students attended the Auckland Careers Expo on Thursday 7 June.

A range of tertiary providers were on hand to answer questions and provide resources for students to contemplate as they continue research into future pathways.
IMG 1286 1 IMG 1289 1
IMG 1298 1 IMG 1299 1 SDC10730 1
SDC10734 1 SDC10742 1 SDC10738 1

Gateway Experiences in Farming and Flying


The Gateway programme continues to provide students with extremely valuable experiences as they work through possible career options. In fact the demand for Gateway placements is so high that our Gateway Co-ordinator Raewyn Fairley would love to hear from professionals/tradespeople who would like to participate in the programme. Her email is rfairley@lynfield.school.nz and her telephone number 6270600 ext 745.


Two senior students are learning about what is required to becoming a pilot. Tarun Lalwani and Anas Bennabi are completing their Gateway work experience placements at Auckland Aero Club in Ardmore. The boys attend one day a week for 10 weeks and are working on unit standards related to aviation in New Zealand and the principles of aircraft flight. The students experience four flights with a flying instructor and are given the opportunity to take control of the aircraft during their flight time.

Gateway pilot gateway pilot 2

  Alvand Azimi is considering a career in agriculture research and is looking to attend Lincoln University in 2013. He has taken advantage of a Gateway work placement opportunity on a farm in the Hunua Ranges. Alvand works on the farm every Monday, completing set tasks and learning new skills. He is working to achieve unit standards related to farming from installing electric fences to working with livestock. Alvand was able to choose a calf that he will be responsible for during his time on the farm.

  Alvind calf photo  
Gateway Alvind Gateway Alvind 2


Second Success Story for Teacher Susan Jacobs

Staff member Susan Jacobs last week launched her second publication - In Love and War. Colleagues joined Susan at The Booklover bookshop in Takapuna for the official launch.


In Love and War tells of liaisons and love affairs between New Zealand soldiers and their Italian sweethearts during World War Two. Some of these relationships resulted in marriage, leading to a new and often strained life for Italian war brides on the other side of the world.


Some of the liaisons ended when the Kiwi soldiers were posted home, although some unknowingly left behind children who would grow up without knowing their natural fathers.

These are touching stories about a human side to an occupying force and the lives that can change because of wartime romance.


The photos below, taken at the launch, show Susan with her book, and then with two of the Italian war brides whose stories of how they met and married their Kiwi husbands are told in the book. On the left is Dina Cassin (85) who came to NZ and went on to have 18 children! The other lady is Piera Sexton (89).

Susan Jacobs Susan Jacobs and war brides

Susan Jacobs was born and raised in Auckland. After completing a BA in Italian at the University of Auckland she travelled overseas. She lived in the Umbrian and Tuscan regions of Italy for nearly nine years, gaining an Advanced Diploma from the University for Foreigners at Perugia and teaching English in Siena.


After returning to New Zealand she tutored for many years in Italian literature and language at the University of Auckland, completing a Masters degree and finally a PhD in Italian, while bringing up a family of four daughters. She also qualified as a secondary school teacher in English and Art History. For a further eight years she occupied a number of lecturing and managerial positions in a private tertiary institute.


Susan currently works as a teacher at Lynfield College and freelance writer and lives in Auckland with her family. Susan's first book Fighting with the Enemy: New Zealand POWs and the Italian Resistance (Penguin Books) was published in 2003.


Lynfield College congratulates Susan on her new book!


Sports Leadership Students' Day Out at MIT

Mr Burne and Mr Ng took the Year 12 and 13 Sports Leadership classes to an event day at the Manukau Institute of Technology School of Sport on Wednesday 30 May. The students took part in a series of activities run by MIT students, testing their physical, mental and interpersonal skills against students from Pukekohe High School and Southern Cross campus.

IMG 0359 1 IMG 0351 1


The students gained valuable skills and knowledge in how sport and recreation and events are coordinated and managed, all of which will be valuable as our students begin their assessments on this topic.


Success for Young Enterprise Teams

The Waitakere Regonal finals for the Young Enterprise Scheme 2012 took place recently at UNITEC in Henderson.


Our two teams - Colourado (Year 12) and Polished (Year 13) delivered impressive presentations of their Business Plans and were rightfully proud of their efforts in the competition.


Below we can see two of the Colourado team members presenting to the adjudicators, and the Polished team (with teacher Mrs Prasad on the right) after being presented with their 2nd placing certificate.

YES regional 2 YES regional 3

The Lynfield Teams now face the challenge of turning their Business plans into actions!

Soccer Star Katie Bowen in US University Soccer Squad


At the end of last year we farewelled Katie Bowen as she headed off on her US University of North Carolina soccer scholarship.


Best wishes, Katie, for an enjoyable and successful year not only at the University but at the Under-20 World Cup to be held in August in Japan.


Year 12 Cora Munt Right on Target

Our students are active in so many sporting codes! Cora Munt, Year 12, has just returned from the United States where she represented New Zealand in two major competitions in her chosen sport.


In Missouri Cora competed in the National Rifle Association ‘Bianchi Cup’  and was placed 3rd in the Junior Competition.
There were two Michigan competitions. The first was the National Rifle Association Action Pistol Championship (the ‘Apple Blossom Cup’) in which Cora won both the Junior and Women's divisions.

Then in the Regional Action Pistol Championship (the ‘Sunset Coast Regional’) Cora won the Junior competition and was placed second in the Women's competition.


Well done, Cora!



Congratulations Taeo, Annie and Ms Fang

As reported in May Lynfield College students shone at the fifth "Chinese Bridge" Speech competitions for secondary students, held at the Confucius Institute at the University of Auckland. The competition  celebrated the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between China and New Zealand.


The prize giving ceremony was held in 29 May 2012. Annie Lee, Year 12, and Taeo Kim, Year 10, both won special prizes which qualified them for the national competition. Images below were taken at the ceremony.

Chinese speech 6 Chinese Speech 3  
Chinese Speech 5 Chinese speech 8  

They went to Christchurch last Saturday, 26 May, for the national competition. Taeo won first prize in the intermediate category and Annie  won second prize in the secondary category which gives her an opportunity to travel to China, with her flights, accommodation and food in China being covered by the organizer.


Our teacher of Chinese, Judy Fang, was awarded a Best Coach Certificate.


Congratulations to Taeo, Annie and Ms Fang.



My Exchange Time in Spain. Nicole Kitchen reports..


Hola a tots

As you all know from my previous emails I am currently in Spain on a ten month exchange. I’ve been living in a small town called Tàrrega which is about 100km from Barcelona. I am fortunate enough to be living in Catalonia, which means I’ve had the opportunity to learn two languages. I now speak three languages, Spanish, Catalan and English and also I have experienced life in not only one, but two cultures very different from the New Zealand culture.


I  have been in Spain for exactly nine months, and I only have one month left until I will be returning to New Zealand.


I am studying the ‘primer Batxillerat’ which is the second to last year left in High School here in Spain. I am enjoying school, but it is a lot more advanced, but I try my best. It is also hard as I am living in a place where I have had to learn two languages in only ten months. Coming from New Zealand and not knowing absolutely anything in Catalan and only the basics in Spanish,  I am now able to write, and have conversations in both languages without problems.

Spanish exchange 1
I have made a lot of amazing friends, and I have met some incredible people who I will always remember. I have also made a best friend, her name is Marta and we do everything together. I have a good social life, and I spent a lot of time with my family.  I am living with a family with three children, Arwen (5 years old), Nahuel (15 months old) and Enzo (who is only two weeks old); they have become a second family to me.
Spanish Exchnage 2

This has been the best experience I have ever been though and it has taught me so many things about myself and my future.  I have learnt who I am, the real me. I have gained confidence and I now believe I can do anything I put my mind to.The truth is, I don’t want this experience to end, but it is what is. The other day, a friend told me something that has made a lot of sense to me ‘an afs exchange is not only one adventure, but two because returning home is another adventure’. The friendships you make with AFS are different from the friendships you will have with different people, as exchange students are in or have been in the same situation as you, so it makes it easier to speak to them as you have a different sort of understanding. I have grown to love each student, for who they are and it still amazes me that people from all around the world, with different languages, cultures, and lifestyles can all get together and have such an incredible time together. I would love to be an AFS volunteer when I get home, as I would love to be able to help and give advice to students who are going or who are being hosted in New Zealand. I would like to give back to AFS, for giving me this incredible opportunity. 


At the end of the day, I would not be here and I would not have been through this experience if it wasn’t for Fletchers Building, who gave me a scholarship, I could not have done it without your help. Thank-you for supporting me and giving me the opportunity to learn about the real me and become the person I’ve always wanted to be. I would also like to thank everyone at Lynfield College for helping me with all the AFS papers, and supporting me through this exchange. And also for the help you are going to give me when I return in July to finish my NCEA Level 2 and 3.My dad is also the person that has helped me and supported me throughout these past two year. 


Lastly, THANK-YOU AFS INTERCULTURAL PROGRAMMES! Thank-you for creating such an incredible opportunity for teenagers all over the world. I would like to encourage as many teenagers to go abroad, experience another culture, and learn another language, live life to the fullest. An AFS exchange has changed me for the better, I have now become the person I have always wanted to be and I would not hesitate to recommend doing an exchange to a different country as it is worth every second!!


I hope you have enjoyed my email, with a little bit of information about the finals days of my exchange. I cannot believe how fast this year has gone, and in one month I will be in New Zealand, this last month is going to be tough for me. As I don’t want to say goodbye, but goodbye is a word you have to learn in your life. But goodbye isn’t forever.

Yours sincerely,
Nicole Kitchen


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