February 2014

Biologists’ Field Trip to Arataki

Investigating a Pattern in an Ecological Community is the current Internally Assessed Level 2 Standard for our Biology and Biology Advanced students.

Fortunately there is ample opportunity  very close at hand when the students need  to collect and log data to help them identify a community pattern amongst plant life– the Arataki Reserve in the Waitakere Ranges is the ideal "field laboratory" for the students who used data loggers to collect abiotic samples.

As well as following a plant identification trail and having teachers provide plant adaptation tours, the students obtained further information from the Visitors' Centre.

Fun and Learning for everyone!
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IMG 1750 IMG 1754 IMG 1758

PE Award Presented

Liam Hunt (Year 13 in 2013), is pictured with his teacher Mr Christie, receiving the PENZ (Physical Education New Zealand) award for his work on Drugs and Sport in NZ society.

This was an essay competition that was open to all senior PE students in Auckland. Liam received  Highly Commended for his essay which means he was one of the top 3 students in the competition.

We wrote about Liam's achievement towards the end of last year and are so pleased he was able to return to the college for the award to be presented to him.

Congratulations, Liam!
Liam Hunt PE Award

Capturing Our Brilliant Athletics Day February 21

Lynfield's annual Athletics Day was held in great weather last Friday and the following photos capture the colour, spirit and competitive action. Being the first House competition event of the year there was the usual effort by all Houses to make a serious impression on the points table. Results for the day should be available shortly! (Reid was in the lead at lunchtime...)

IMG 3156 IMG 3180 IMG 3191
IMG 3196 IMG 3205 IMG 3213
IMG 3223 IMG 3224 IMG 3237
IMG 3241 IMG 3249 IMG 3261

Our Golf Team is a Winning Mix

IMG 2966(copy) Our golf team of Shantael Ligaliga (Yr11), Jocelyn Katu (Yr12), Brock Dormer (Yr13) and James Samountry (Yr13) have played 2 games so far and this week had their 1st ever win over Kings College.

Although our team is comprised of both boys and girls, all the other teams in this division of this competition are boys only. Our opposition is learning not to take the talent of our girls lightly - Shantael is the current AKSS girls’ Strokeplay champion and Jocelyn is the U19 North Island Strokeplay champion
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IMG 3052(copy) IMG 3089(copy) IMG 3103(copy)

Senior Historians Research Significant NZ Events

On Wednesday February 19 90 Year 13 History students visited the Auckland Museum and the Central Library in order to complete their research assignment into an event of significance to New Zealand.

Topics the students have chosen include the 1981 Springbok Tour, the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi, the Erebus disaster, the "Nuclear- free New Zealand" movement, the 1951 Waterfront Strike, the Bastion Point Occupation, the impact the Great Depression had on New Zealand, the campaign to get women the vote and New Zealand’s contribution to the Boer War.

The visit to the Auckland Museum was an opportunity for the students to gather information about their event. The students need a range of primary evidence so the artefacts in the museum are a useful source for the students' research.

Museum Logan Lydia

The next stop was the Auckland Central library where they used the research centre and special collections to look up old newspapers on microfilm and Hansard parliamentary debates. The librarians were kept very busy fulfilling all the orders the students made for books from the basement which they dusted off and used for their research.

A good day’s work was completed by all the students. They will continue with this assignment for another week at school.

Congratulations to our 2013 Scholarship Winners

3 top scholars NZQA has published the results of the 2013 Scholarship exams and we are very excited that so many of our top students have gained Scholarships - some being endorsed as Outstanding.

The three top students from last year  - from left Tim Hight, Mason Ng and Andrew Coffin gained 14 scholarships between them.

This photo was taken after Senior Academic Prizegiving in November last year.

  • featuring in the impressive results are two Year 12 students - Steven Ling, and David Wu, who gained scholarships in Calculus.
  • Johnson Zhuang is the first Lynfield student to gain a Scholarship in Music.
schol winners

Many of the scholarship- winning students gathered at the college last week to receive congratulations from Mr Bovaird and their Year 13 Dean Mrs Clark. The photo  shows these students  and they can feel justifiably proud of their efforts.

We wish them all well as they now begin their tertiary studies.
Here is the full list of Scholarship winners:
Student Year Level Scholarships in..
Charles Akash 13 Biology, Economics
Lydia Choo 13 Biology, Statistics
Julie Cleaver 13 Media Studies
Andrew Coffin 13 English (Outstanding), Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Statistics
Campbell Foskin 13 Biology (outstanding),
Max Greubner 13 English
Georgia Harris 13 Media Studies
Mallory Heslop 13 Biology, Classical Studies (Outstanding)
Tim Hight 13 Biology, Chemistry, Physics (Outstanding), Calculus (Outstanding), Classical Studies
Vanessa Hook 13 Physical Education
Hannah Joyce 13 Statistics (Outstanding)
Steven Ling 12 Calculus
Lydia McNicholl 13 Physical Education
Chhaya Mistry 13 Accounting
Mason Ng 13 Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space Science, Calculus
Nilay Patel 13 Physical Education
Grace Smith 13 Physical Education
Sophie Smith 13 Physical Education
Holly Sun 13 Physical Education
Chantelle van Weelie 13 Biology
Nicolaas Waddington 13 Calculus
Yinli Wang 13 Physics, Chemistry, Calculus
David Wu 12 Calculus
Kevin Yu 13 Calculus
Johnson Zhuang 13 Music


Athletics Day – Friday 21 February 2014

Dear Parents and Caregivers
The following information is essential for our students to know about Athletics Day this Friday..
Q.  What should the Y9 & Y10 students wear?
PE gear or PE shorts and an official House T-shirt (sold through the Sports Office – some spares available $20).  Any extra adornments in House colours to enhance their PE gear are to be brought to school in their bags and added once at school.
Q.  Can Y9 & Y10 wear PE gear to school?
Q.  What should the Y11, 12, 13 students wear to school?
Appropriate mufti in House colours, suitable for participating.  Any extra adornments in House colours to enhance their mufti are to be brought to school in their bags and added once at school.
Q.  What if it is wet or the forecast is promising rain?
If there is a passing shower or it is overcast when students leave home and the rest of the day is likely to be fine students should come prepared for Athletics day dressed in PE gear. 
If it is pouring with rain when they leave home all students must bring their normal Friday books and wear their usual full school uniform. If the decision is made to cancel Athletics Day this will be communicated to parents by 7.45am via the website, email and twitter and normal Friday classes will run throughout the day.
Q.  If the skies open during the day and there is a deluge, what next?
Students will go to their usual Friday classes.


  • Sun protection – sunscreen, hats, water bottle
  • Mature, responsible behaviour
  • Loads of House support
  • No water pistols
  • No water balloons
  • No face or body paint (brought or applied)
  • No masks
  • Normal school rules apply
  • All valuables
  • Electronic devices

We look forward to an enjoyable and successful day.
Thank you
Felicity Walbran
Director of Sport


BYOD in Action in Science


Our Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programme has been eagerly prepared for and with all Year 10 students bringing their own ipads, tablets or similar to classes each day we can show you already how blending traditional teaching with digital learning is transforming the way  we teach and learn.

The Year 10 Advanced Science class has begun its NCEA Level 1 course and the first Mechanics standard has employed the blended e-learning approach.

The students were required to build a roller coaster on which a ping pong ball could travel. They then used their devices to record the ball’s journey, timing its travel between different points and then after graphing the data they calculated the speed the ball was travelling at various stages of its journey.

So Science students still do experiments and reach conclusions based on evidence – but technology adds another dimension and ensures our students are keeping up with the opportunities digital devices present.
DSCF0134        DSCF0136


Exchange Takes Students to Japanese School and Winter

During the summer holidays when many students were enjoying the balmy weather in New Zealand, three current Year 12 students were taking part in a once in a lifetime experience in Japan.

Sumin Kim, Serene Lee and Penny Liu, all students of Japanese, took part in a 5-week exchange program in Japan. They were selected as members of the first group to visit Japan in our recently established exchange programme with Tamadai Meguro High School, in Tokyo.

After a week exploring the sights of Tokyo, they all attended school on a daily basis for four weeks. Outside the classroom they had further chances to immerse themselves into everyday life in Japan and as a result returned with significantly improved Japanese language skills together with many interesting stories to share in their Japanese classes.

The exchange programme continues in 2014, with students from Tamadai arriving in July, while the next group of Lynfield students will depart in December later this year.

1000 936


Further information regarding the programme together with a powerpoint slide show of their exchange can be found at




Student Leaders Attend Training Camp

Senior Leadership and Training Camp, held 30-31 January launched the Prefects That Peak Training Programme for our leadership team for 2014.

The aim of the camp is to enhance leadership skills and develop team spirit.  This year the Leadership team of forty two Year 12 and 13 students  attended the camp based at the AUT Campus.

The programme consisted of leadership training, team building, individual development planning, event planning and other tools to help develop the stucents as leaders and to support them in achieving their own and the school’s objectives during the year.

On the final day parents were invited to share a BBQ with the students.

A few images below are followed by the Student Leadership Team names.

IMG 3060 IMG 3051
IMG 4861 IMG 4847
Head Students Eli Kaleta and Lute Sikalu
Deputy Head Students Edward Kennedy and Grace Kukutai
Sports Captains Shee Nathan-Wong and Jonty Pendigrast
Arts and Culture Captains Craig Hebblethwaite and Kathleen Tomacruz
Academic Captains Boaz Competente and Jahnvee Solanki
International Students Representative Amy Liu
Board of Trustees Student Representative Renay Duffy
Asst Sports Captains William Peung and Jemma Read
Asst Arts and Culture Captains Lygia Verhoven and Gavin Feng
Asst Academic Captains Steven Ling and Jessica Yao
Social Committee Year 13 Rohan Botica, Mohammed Chiraagh,  Tialena Evening, Natasha Sathyan
Student Executive Year 12
Jay Asiata, Erica D’Souza, Raynil Laximidas, Sarai McKay, Alice Neville Smith, Gauri Prabhakar, Andrew Sampson, Oksana Zhang.
Ambassador Coordinator Year 13 Bailee Hughes
House Captains    - Bray Kalei Kennerly and Bianca Leilua
                           - Fatialofa Martin Bahmani and Sachi Rathod
                           - Faumuina Akanesi Fakafanua and Brian Wang
                           - Lewis Mohammed Chiraagh and Adeleena Lee-Hussein
                           - Reid Chiara Golbin and Peter MacClure, Asst: Mine Dube
                           - Zoricich Lanuola Seumanutafa and Simon Yang

Year 9 Students Welcomed to Lynfield College

The images below show some of our new students for 2014. As the week has progressed the Year 9 students have found their way around the large campus and met their various teachers. There are a number of differences from their Intermediate schools, one of the main ones being having a different teacher for each subject and moving between the classrooms every period. However staff and students both report everything is going smoothly and students are enjoying a successful transition into their secondary schooling.

IMG 3785 IMG 3778
IMG 3783 IMG 3782
IMG 3784 IMG 3779

Students Enjoy Leadership Experience

Six of our students were chosen to attend a Hine Toa Camp in the last week of the school holidays. These students- Alia St John, Olivia Riggs, Shanaia Panapa-Ruri, Thailesha Tamapolu, Sarah Hough and Rosie Kennedy were identified as future female leaders and were privileged to participate in a number of activities which challenged them about their aspirations and talents.

Activities included kayaking, Kapa Haka, going on a shopping spree, meeting with a make up artist, attending a formal dinner and spending time with other female leaders from Auckland. A meeting with some Shortland Street stars was a special moment! (the girls are pictured with Amanda Billing).

Whaea Leauga was very proud of each of the girls who displayed mana and kaha on the camp. Big thanks to Holly Kairua and all of the team who made this amazing experience possible. Hine Toa ! Hine Kaha! Hine Manawanui!
Hine Toa Camp

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