September 2017

Auckland Goethe Society Prizes to Jackie and Michelle

goethe winners
Above left to right: Jackie de Pont (1st Prize) with Kjirsti Pedersen (2nd Prize) from Westlake Girls' High School and Michelle Strapajevic (3rd Prize).

Congratulations to Jackie de Pont (Year 12) for gaining 1st Prize and Michelle Strapajevic (Year 12) for gaining 3rd Prize in the annual Auckland Goethe Society Examinations. Jackie and Michelle received their awards at the prizegiving ceremony held at University of Auckland on 27 September.

Another commendable achievement was made by international student Giacomo Agugini (Year 12) who received 2nd Prize in the Year 13 category together with Iain Purdie (Year 13) who came 3rd overall. Elaisa Glampe (Year 13) was awarded 1st Prize in the Advantaged Speaker category.

Altogether 48 Year 9 to Year 13 students from Lynfield College participated in the examinations in 2017 with 18 students gaining Distinction.

Jackie de Pont Awarded Scholarship to Germany

Congratulations to Jackie de Pont (Year 12) who has been awarded a scholarship to travel to Germany at the end of 2017 where she will spend 10 weeks with a host family, attending school and being immersed in German culture. Jackie has written an article about her journey of learning German.

My Journey to Winning a Scholarship to Germany by Jackie de Pont

Choosing to continue with German in Year 10 has provided so many new experiences and opportunities, most recently a scholarship to study in Germany for 10 weeks this Summer. After going on the Lynfield College Cultural Exchange Programme earlier this year, I had no hesitation in applying for the scholarships offered by the Society of New Zealand - German Student Exchange, organised by the Goethe-Institut. I saw this as an opportunity to get back to Germany and to experience something many of us never will - the snowy winter wonderland that is Europe at Christmas time.

After sending in my application, I stuttered my way through a 10-minute interview (in German) with the German National Language Advisor, Heike Papenthin, and was one of 14 students who were selected to be interviewed further at the Goethe-Institut in Wellington on a weekend. I didn’t sleep for a week leading up to it, I was so nervous, but upon meeting the other 13 lovely applicants I gained a feeling of camaraderie, with all of us there making the most of the chance we had. Walking around Wellington city during the day, climbing Mt Victoria, and playing some getting-to-know-each-other games (as much as you can when speaking amateur German), I forgot myself and had a really enjoyable weekend. After our final interviews on the Sunday, I was almost sorry to be leaving the friends I had met and the great hospitality of the Goethe-Institut.

Of the two scholarships I applied for; one for one month in July that would take me sight-seeing and to many parts of Germany with a group, and one for 10 weeks this December to next February, I had my heart set on the latter. Although the longer exchange means a longer time away from home (and in fact, attending school for most of the two months I am there) I was willing to sacrifice the tourist experience for full immersion in the culture and the chance to see what it would really be like as a teenager living in Germany. And I was lucky enough to get exactly what I wanted.

I don’t yet know where I will be staying or who my host family will be, but I know that this is a once in a lifetime chance and I will definitely make the most of it. I owe a big thank you to Frau Zimmer for pushing me to continue with German because I can say now that it has really changed my life. Thank you to NZGSE and the Goethe-Institut for providing me with such a great opportunity.

jackie pretzel big
Above left: Jackie enjoying traditional German cuisine while on the Lynfield College Cultural Exchange Trip to Germany 2017

ICAS Reading Competition Results

ICAS (International Competitions and Assessments for Schools), is an independent, skills-based assessment program which recognises and rewards student achievement. Congratulations to these 13 students who gained Distinction in this competition.

YEAR 13:  Jia Dua and Daniel Adams

YEAR 12:  Jackie De Pont, Katherine Diep and Maya Micklefield

YEAR 11:  Joseph Hisayasu, Faye Hine and Rachel Ling

YEAR 10:  Carissa Huynh, Shaquille Khan, Aiken Shadbolt, Olivia Summerhays and Celesti Tan.


XLAB International Science Camp in Germany

by Kitty Sun, (Year 13)

kitty germany

For the month of August, I had the privilege of attending XLAB International Science camp in Göttingen, Germany with the Royal Society of New Zealand. Along with students from around the world I spent the month at the lab on weekdays and on excursions during the weekend without a moment in between. Being an aspiring scientist I had always envisioned a lab as being the epitome of practicing science, so actually being there, every day, was certainly surreal at first and it most certainly did not disappoint.

The month gave me invaluable insights into science lab work, allowing me to put all the theory I’ve learnt at school in the past years into practise. I was able to have first-hand experience of conducting science experiments and practising scientific techniques in the field of biology - everything from dissections to inserting electrodes into microscopic cells. In just a month we did courses in molecular biology, anatomy and neurophysiology.

I spent the last week of the camp at the Max Planck Institute of Experimental Medicine. Here I was given the opportunity to work beside and learn from practising scientists, doing research in molecular neurophysiology. My experiences over the week showed me what my potential future as a scientist would look like and thus has me excited and motivated to continue studying science.

One of my greatest takeaways from the camp was the international friendships that I was able to make over the course of the month. It was the perfect venue for me to meet and work with peers that shared the same passion for science as myself.

The camp came at the precise time where I had to make perhaps the most significant decision of my life to date - what course I was going to do at university. Having seen for myself what a career in science looks like I can now confidently commit to pursuing it, starting with university next year.

Lastly I have to mention that I would not have been able to make it to Germany without the support of all my teachers at Lynfield College over the past five years. They have helped every step along the way in every way possible whether it be writing me a last minute reference or replying to my constant emails. I am now better equipped and more willing than ever to pursue a future in science.


Accounting Students Gain Second in NZCETA Competition

Above left to right: Angela Zhang, Zaynah Khan, Helen Xia, Jun Zheng, Jessica Zhang

New Zealand Commerce and Economics Teachers Association (NZCETA) seeks to promote the teaching and learning of commerce and economics, and to stimulate interest in the study of commerce and economics.

Congratulations to Year 13 students Angela Zhang, Zaynah Khan, Helen Xia, Jun Zheng and Jessica Zhang, who came second in the NZCETA Accounting Competition on Wednesday 20 September.

Your Invite to our Technology Showcase

web invite

Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori at Lynfield College

maori week a maori week d
maori week c maori week b

In celebration of Wiki o Te Reo Māori, we experienced a range of activities throughout the week and hosted Kahui ako kura representatives from local schools Halsey Drive Primary, Blockhouse Bay Intermediate, Waikowhai Intermediate and Marshall Laing Primary. Akonga worked throughout the day building matauranga in a reorua (bilingual) environment, learning about the importance of taking care of body, mind, spirit and heart.

Ata Houpapa from the University of Auckland spoke with akonga about scholarships, career pathways and played games in te reo Māori at Te Ringa Awhina Marae.

Students were invited to learn the school haka, attend mau rākau workshops (lead by two specialist tutors from Te Whare Ahorangi, Rotorua) and waiata. Staff participated in a morning quiz and had the opportunity to enjoy a delicious hangi, steam pudding with custard, watercress salad and fried bread lunch on Friday.

Whaea Leauga would like to acknowledge all of the kaiako, akonga and whanau who helped make this event a great success.

Ka nui te mihi ki nga kaiako o te ra ko Whaea Rau raua ko Matua Ue.
Mauri Mahi Mauri Ora.
Whakanuitia te wiki o te reo Māori!


NZ Secondary Schools Winter Tournament Week

rugby a hockey a badminton a
soccer a netball a rugby b

The winter sports season wrapped up with NZSS Tournament Week (4 - 8 September). This year five Lynfield teams competed in various tournaments, playing schools from all over the North Island. The experience for the players is far greater than just the time actually playing the games. It is a unique and invaluable opportunity for many of our best sportspeople to be part of the intensity of a top level competition, day in, day out for a week and also to share the highs, lows and fun with other like-minded players and school mates.

Congratulations to all our players who represented Lynfield with pride and passion, playing hard but fair. This year's game results were again impressive:

1st XI GIRLS FOOTBALL: 4th in ‘Kathy Seaward’ tournament (24 teams competed in Whangarei)
1st XI BOYS HOCKEY: 7th in ‘Olympic Stick’ tournament (15 teams competed in Pukekohe)
1st XI BOYS FOOTBALL: 3rd in ‘Trident’ tournament (24 teams competed in Hamilton)
Jnr BOYS BADMINTON: 21st in ‘Senior Boys Badminton’ tournament (25 teams in Napier)
PREMIER 1 NETBALL: 2nd in ‘Upper North Island Secondary Schools’ B grade (120 teams competed at Mt Wellington)

The 1st XI Boys Hockey team played some excellent hockey, against some fairly stiff competition. Two head injuries (nothing too serious) proved to be a bit of a challenge throughout the week. However, although they didn't win the tournament (as much as they wished they might have), the boys were very pleased with their win over Mt Roskill on Friday, which secured them 7th place overall in the tournament.

Auckland Schools Debating Prizegiving

debate a debate b debate c
debate d debate e debate f
Lynfield College teams did exceptionally well at the Auckland Schools Debating Prizegiving on Wednesday night, bringing home the most awards of any school.

Premier Advanced Grade: Karan Kalsi 5th Place
Junior Premier Grade: Kyus Rodger 2nd Place and Raymond Feng 9th Place
Senior Open Grade: Marnsi Sharma 2nd Place and Nicole D'Souza 5th Place
Junior Open Grade: Isha Ramanlal 5th Place and Tanvi Kher 9th place

Karan Kalsi and Jia Dua

Marnsi Sharma, Mahima Sharma, Nicole D'Souza, Shreya Singaraju and Eve Gabor

Michael Howell, Raymond Feng and Kyus Rodger

Mrs Sherry Wagner

Lynfield's success can be attributed to the wealth of talent found at the school, including the dedicated coaching by Karan Kalsi and members of the Junior Premier teams who coach younger debaters. Many thanks to the dedicated teachers who have been involved in debating and who have helped establish a culture of excellence.

Mrs Lucy Wiggins (Junior Open, Junior Premier and Advanced Premier)
Ms Catherine Christie and Mrs Tina Carswell (Senior Open)
Mr Chris Bangs (Advanced Open)
Ms Catherine Barker and Ms Natasha Leafberg (Junior Open)

Junior Premier Debating Team wins Grand Final

junior a junior b

Congratulations to the Junior Premier Debating Team who won their Grand Final debate against Westlake Boys’ High School on Wednesday night at Lynfield College. Michael Howell, Raymond Feng and Kyus Rodger successfully negated the motion “This house regrets the concept of an after-life”, in a 2 – 1 split decision.

Kyus Rodger was named Best Speaker in the debate. Next year, this team will move to the Premier Advanced Grade, the top grade in Auckland.

Senior Debating Team wins Grand Final

debating team debating speakers b

Congratulations to the Senior Open 2 team who won their Grand Final debate against King’s College on Tuesday night. Speakers Nicole D’Souza, Mahima Sharma and Marnsi Sharma successfully negated the moot, “This House would use military action against North Korea for the specific purpose of taking our Kim Jong-Un.”

Special thanks to Senior Debating team manager, Ms Catherine Christie.

NIWA Science Fair 2017 Prizewinners

niwa fair
The following Year 9 and 10 students were recognised at the NIWA Science Fair on Friday 1 September.

2nd Place in the Living World category Dev Dixit and Sanat Singh with ‘Chemicals vs. Bacteria’. Highly commended Jasmine Pickston with ‘To Drink or Not to Drink’, Harshil Jogia and Ezra Satrio with ‘Magnets vs. Temperature’ and Joash Kommunuri with ‘Music and Concentration’.

Lynfield Grand Finals in Debating

debaters group

Lynfield has enjoyed another unprecedented level of success once again! Seven Lynfield Debaters have made the Top 10 Speakers for their grade, up from four in 2016. There are two grand finals that Lynfield teams will compete in this week, up from one in 2016.
Date: Tuesday 5th September
Location: King's College
Time: Motion announcement at 6:30: Debate starts at 7:30
Coach: Catherine Christie
Date: Wednesday 6th September
Location: Lynfield College Library
Time: Motion announcement at 6:30: Debate starts at 7:30
Coach: Karan Kalsi, Sherry Wagner and Lucy Wiggins

Here are more details and the results of Debating success for 2017:

FIFTH GRADE JUNIOR OPEN: Roshni Bhatti, Ishaa Ramanlal, Tanvi Kher, (reserves Aashish Ramanlal and Vibhuti Patel)
  • 3rd Equal in Junior Open
  • First Year 9 Lynfield team to ever reach the Semi-final of the Junior Open!
  • Top 10 Junior Open Speaker Awards (still waiting)

FOURTH GRADE SENIOR OPEN: Marnsi and Mahima Sharma, Shreya Singaraju, Nicole D’Souza and Eve Gabor (Year 12s)
  • 1st or 2nd in the Senior Open: Will compete in the Grand final Tuesday Night at King’s College
  • Top 10 Senior Open Speaker Awards to Marnsi Sharma and Nicole D’Souza

THIRD GRADE JUNIOR PREMIER: Michael Howell, Raymond Feng and Kyus Rodger (Year 11s)
  • 1st or 2nd in Junior Premier: Will Compete in the Grand Final on Wednesday (here at Lynfield)
  • Top 10 Junior Premier Speaker awards to Raymond and Kyus

SECOND GRADE ADVANCED OPEN: Nicole Johnson, Aleece Monkman and Kieran Murphy
  • 16th equal in their grade

FIRST GRADE PREMIER ADVANCED: Karan Kalsi, Jia Dua, Kitty Sun and Harry Ashley
  • 1st Impromptu Cup (Auckland) Best Speaker Award: Karan
  • 2nd Auckland Regionals: Highly Commended Speaker Award for Jia and Selection for Auckland White Regional team.
  • 3rd equal in the Premier Advanced (Top Grade in Auckland)
  • Top 10 Premier Advanced Speaker award: Karan

REGIONAL TEAM: Auckland White
  • 2nd Nationals (Karan representing)

In what was their final debate of their High School debating careers, the Premier Advanced debaters Jia Dua, Karan Kalsi, Kitty Sun and Harry Ashley (Year 12) reached the semi-final of their grade, but were defeated by Kings College in what was a very close debate. This team has worked incredibly hard, winning the Junior Premier, Premier Advanced, Impromptu Cup and debated in countless finals and semi-finals.

They will be greatly missed next year.

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