March 2012

Departure for China only 2 Sleeps Away

Saturday 31 March has been looked forward to for many months by the 23 students and 4 staff who will depart for China to meet up with our friendship school, Greentown Yuhua.


The group goes to Beijing, then takes an overnight train to Hangzhou where students are homestayed by Greentown School for a week.


Then it is on to the bullet train to Nanjing ,then by bus to Shanghai and ...home again on Wednesday 18 April.


This is our third trip to our friendship school there. However, for the first time we are including four students and one staff member from Waitakere College.


Students are very much looking forward to the sights, the shopping and the cultural experience of the most populous country in the world.


Below we see students unpacking and trying on the polar fleeces especially manufactured for this tour.

China 1 China 2

This is Cultural Week

Every year at this time we celebrate the multicultural diversity and richness which is special to Lynfield College.


During this week lunchtime activities include zumba dancing, and a fashion show of cultural dress. On Thursday students can leave their school unfiroms at home and wear instead the clothing that identifies their culture.


Saturday we will be hosting a cultural day for the community. Food stalls and a cultural concert will give all students opportunity to sample important aspects of the many cultures that make up the character of Lynfield College. This proud occasion is always memorable and we hope local residents will join us and our students and families to enjoy the day. 


Programme for the day.


Sports Headlines

Hundreds of students have been involving themselves in summer sports events this term, and now attention has firmly moved to the selection and training of our winter sporting teams.


Noteworthy team and individual achievements this term include :


Under-19 Boys Basketball : After a very successful 2011 season these boys had the opportunity to compete against their Kelston Boys counterparts for a place in the Premier League for the 2012 season.


The match last week was keenly anticipated, very exciting, drew a large crowd of supporters - and the Lynfield boys won comfortably 68-47. So for the first time we will have our eyes on the Under-19 Premier competition this year.


Ice Hockey - two Year 11 students, Keegan Maisey and Richard Sanft-Dawson have travelled to Bulgaria as members of the New Zealand Under-18 Ice Hockey Team. Congratulations Keegan and Richard!


Womens Touch Rugby - Tyla  Nathan-Wong (Year 13) has once again made the NZ Women’s Touch Blacks Team which will be travelling to Australia in April.

YES Programme begins for Enterprising Students


Once again we have many students eager to test their entrepreneurial skills through participation in the YES (Young Enterprise Scheme) competition. Lynfield Business students have proven successful in recent years, reaching the national finals in several cases.

E Day on 14 March was an opportunity for our 5 senior Business Studies teams to meet with real world business people and share and test their ideas for products and for strategies for success.

We wish all teams a successful YES year and look forward to more outstanding results!

Eday2 1


EDay1 1 Eday3 1

Historians visit Auckland Museum and the City Library

History Trip 2

On Tuesday March 13th 135 Year 11 History students visited the Auckland Museum and the Auckland Central Library to gather information on New Zealand involvement in World War II.  The students were gathering this information for their History Internal Assessment assignment.

Students used a combination of traditional research methods such as reading and note taking as well as using new technology such as mobile phones to help them with the research process. Many students used their mobile phones to record and store information  from people they interviewed at the museum and exhibitions they photographed. At the Auckland Central Library students used the microfilm machines to view old newspapers that gave them first-hand accounts of events from World War II.


History Trip Boys History Trip 1


Beach Clean-up by College Environment Group

On Saturday 10th March around 40 students and 4 teachers from Lynfield College Environment Group held a beach clean-up. Students were spread across the coastline of Manukau Harbour including Green Bay, Blockhouse Bay, Lynfield Cove, Wattle Bay, Waikowhai Bay and Faulkner Bay.


Through this event students became more aware of the consequences that litter and plastic have for our sea birds, mammals and fish. The most important thing is realizing how the problem can be greatly reduced by taking small steps to improve this situation.


We managed to pick up 349 pieces of plastic, 126 pieces of glass, 52 cans, 42 plastic bags, 23 wrappers, 165 miscellaneous items, cigarette buds, cardboard and ceramic, 62 pieces of metal, 6 pieces if rubber, one bicycle wheel, 2 large piece of wood and 2 cockroaches!

Beachcleanup1 1 Beach Cleanup2

Everyone had a great time doing something for the local environment!

Pacific Islands Parents Evening


The first meeting of the year for parents of Pacific Islands students was held last Thursday.


The focus was on communication and information availability, particularly how to access information on learning and achievement.

To that end Mr Bovaird showed the parents the extent of the college website information, while Careers Advisor, Mrs Wendy Keir introduced Li Ilolahia (pictured here) from Best training in New Lynn who spoke of the vocational pathways that Best offers PI students. An ex-Lynfield student spoke of the opportunities in travel and tourism that she had accessed through Best.

Mrs Keir then spoke about the value of as a source of information. She highlighted an important Digital Careers event – Accelerating Aotearoa’s Talent - on April 14, and also Auckland University’s development of career opportunities in engineering for those students achieving in Maths and Physics.

PI Parentsevening3

Mrs Hameed is the Year 13 Dean and, with Mrs Keir, is keen to meet with parents who would like some assistance with designing their children’s futures after school.


Our Head Boy Jonathan Feki (below right) introduced himself and spoke of his career goals. He is the first Tongan to hold this student leadership role.

PI Parents PI Parents evening2

After a performance by the Samoan girls’ group, (rehearsing regularly for Culture Day March 31) and a reminder of Progress Conferences to be held Thursday 29 March and Tuesday 3 April, the evening concluded with a meal.

Martha Johansson (Board of Trustees) organises these meetings and is keen to enlist the help of other parents to assist. She reminded the families that Mr Russell Su’a, RTLB,is no longer on staff at the college; instead he will be based at Newmarket Primary School but continue to visit Lynfield College to meet with students who need his help. This is in line with government re-structuring of the RTLB (Resource Teacher, Learning and Behaviour) system.


Success and Mana at 2012 Polyfest



We did it!!!

Lynfield College Kapahaka group performed at not only the concert but in Competition round with other secondary schools at the ASB POLYFEST  and placed 3rd in Mau rakau!!!

Head of Te Reo Maori Department Jennifer Leauga comments "I am amazed at what was accomplished in 3 weeks but also so proud and ecstatic that this has built a strong platform upon which the students can build.


Our leaders Eli Kaleta and Olivia Riggs were outstanding and I am so grateful to everyone who helped.

Support has been the key element to our group, from Mr Bovaird, tutors, and staff. Whanau also played a major role in allowing their children to participate and get to rehearsals; believe me we can only get better.


Set high expectations and they will get there!"

  Polyfest AutoCollage 15 Images  


On Friday morning the Lynfield College Kapa Haka group returned to the ASB Polyfest venue to support the speakers at an official ASB Polyfest media and sponsors presentation. The guest speaker was Beatrice Faumuina – a former Lynfield College student. It was only fitting that this group of students should perform a Waiata at the end of her speech. They then went on to support all the speakers, including the Lynfield College principal who is the chairman of the Polyfest Trust.


The skill and superb presentation of the Lynfield group impressed all those attending. This was a fitting recognition of the outstanding effort put in by these students over the past month.

Introducing our Learning Charter to the Students

Every year level in the College has enjoyed a presentation at their weekly assembly to launch the new Learning Charter.  Students were asked to consider the history behind each of the symbols on our school crest which contribute to our identity as Lynfield Learners and which forms the basis of the Learning Charter.

Head and Deputy Students have been asked to reflect on the Learning Charter statements and present their thoughts at assembly over the next four weeks. 

 So far our Deputy Head Girl, Nishita D’Silva, has reflected on the meaning of the statement connected to our Plough symbol

"I have been thinking about the symbol of the plough and that in our learning charter this stands for the resourcefulness and inventiveness of our student body. To me, it means we have the power to get what we want and where we want to be, through setting goals and being determined.  

Resourcefulness is about finding the tools or help we need to get to where we need to go and inventiveness is creating different ways to get around obstacles that our in our way.

Last year I had to set achievement goals because I wanted to get my Level 2 certificate endorsed at Merit or Excellence.  I knew that I was going to put in more work for to achieve Excellence in my Science programmes.  I knew that I was going to have to ask my teachers questions and at times, for more support.  I also knew that I was going to have to put in the study hours to reach my goal.  This meant that I had to make decisions about how I spent my time and it while it wasn’t always easy I was determined to reach my goal.

I think this symbol is helpful because it reminds us that we all have the fire in us to get far in school, and beyond.  It won’t happen by magic and we have to find the motivation to go for it.  And that is why the plough is on the crest, to remind us of how we can get to our goal.
I really encourage you all to think about your goals and what you are going to need to do to make them happen."
And Head Boy, Jonathan Feki, has spoken to all assemblies about what the Kowhai symbol and Learning Charter statement means to him: 
"We are reflective and respectful; if you look down at your crest these are the important aspects that are represented by the kowhai leaves.
Personally it means that we, as students, are able to walk into any situation and really think about it.  Taking a moment in our school lives - so that before we react to someone, an idea or incident we have thought about an appropriate response that respects the people and environment involved. This would mean that in effect we can encourage growth within our learning and social environment.
This year I knew that in taking on such a huge role as Head boy being reflective and respectful would certainly come into play. Being a member of the ball committee, many decisions are made so that we can ultimately create a successful ball for the seniors this year. During these meetings I have found that there are some things that I may have not totally agreed with, and this has been a time where I have taken a moment to myself.  This is because I have learnt that there are some things, that whether or not you may agree with something you can try to understand someone’s point of view and give a response that Is respectful. And this is what encourages growth within any structure of learning. 
But this is not limited to my experiences and for you this may have happened in a subject class or even out of school.
I think this symbol tells us if we can take our time to really think about what could be a challenging idea or activity we will be able to humble ourselves to act respectfully to enable growth in our learning and social environment."


This week students will hear from our Head Girl, Maddie Hughes, who will be presenting on the book symbol which relates to using knowledge to make informed decisions.

Dress Rehearsal for Polyfest

Our Kapahaka group has been practising many hours a week for the past month and their efforts culminate with performances at this week's Secondary Schools' Polyfest.


We are very grateful to the tutors, staff and families who have worked extremely hard to ensure everyone has an enjoyable and unforgettable experience at this cultural event.

image 3 image 4
image 5 image 6


The Lynfield College Learning Charter

The Lynfield College Learning Charter was developed during 2011 and will be introduced to the whole school in 2012.  The project was initiated by the Deans team as part of a response to providing high quality student support and pastoral care within the context of the NZC and in support of our Lynfield College Curriculum.   The Student Council, Board of Trustees and whole teaching staff contributed to the Learning Charter in a staged consultation process over two terms. 

The Learning Charter aims to build awareness of the unique identity of Lynfield College as represented by our school crest and to affirm widely held values within the College which focus on learning. 

 To support the introduction of the Learning Charter the College will be introducing Charter Awards which will replace the Praise Postcard.  The Code of Conduct and Rules statements will also be reviewed during 2012 with respect to the Learning Charter. All staff are encouraged to use the Learning Charter as the basis for guiding high expectations of behaviour in their classrooms.

Lynfield wins the National Robotics Champs

Lynfield College Robotics has done it again! This time, however, we won bigger than ever, taking the honours at the National Championships.

Three of our teams were in an alliance which won the tournament championship. Not only that, but the A team also took out the overall Excellence award, and the Driver Skills award. The B team came second in Driver Skills and our C team came second in the Programming Skills challenge. All four of our teams have qualified for the World Championships in LA in April.

Robotics the winners
The finals were a hair raising event. Three teams on one alliance won their quarter finals matches with ease and moved up to the semifinals. Our fourth team, in a separate alliance, also won their quarter finals matches but unfortunately as they moved through to the semifinals they were against the other three Lynfield teams. There could only be one winner, and so our fourth team was pushed out of the competition.
In the finals we faced a tough alliance consisting of the Robotics World Cup champions from 2011. However, despite a draw in the first game, our alliance just got better and better, finally winning their last game with a score of 31:20. Lynfield were the winners!

In all the teams received seven awards and will also receive financial support to attend the World Championships in Anaheim, California in six weeks time. It was a fantastic three day competition and plans for the trip overseas have already begun...

There are great comments about our teams on the NZ VEXrobotics website:
Additionally blog posts have been put up by the Kiwibots: and the Auckland University Robotics Association (AURA):

Back Row : Mr M Black (DP), Grun Wa Wong, Geoff Sauvarin, Jack Barker, Abhinav Behal, Max Gruebner, Akash Charles, Mr S Bovaird (Principal).
Front Row : Ms Sarah Allfrey(RoboticsTeacher), Campbell Foskin, Anthony Chen, Robert Mi, Steven Barker, Nick Waddington, Justin Attwood.
Absent : Andrew Coffin, Nadia Gozon
Robotics team                                                                                 

2012 Leadership Badges Presentation

Last Friday 2 March the Student Leadership Team were formally inducted with the presentation of their badges of office.


At a ceremony in the College Hall attended by their student peers, their families and college senior staff the students were reminded about the meaning of leadership, and the responsibilities they have committed to. Maintaining a balance between their studies, their extra-curricular activities, and their leadership responsibilities will be a challenge but one we are confident they will successfully and enjoyably rise to.


The images below are of the Student Executive and of Principal Mr Bovaird with Head Girl, Maddie Hughes, and Head Boy, Jonathan Feki.

2012 Student Leadership Team Jonathan Feki andMaddie Hughes with Mr Bovaird

Scientists in Action.

Friday 2 March saw 57 Year 11 Biology students ‘heading to the hills’ to check the health of the Karamatura stream. Having spent the last few weeks taking readings from the stream running throught Margaret Griffen Park they were keen to compare these with a area that was less urbanised.
Their initial findings were that the levels of dissolved oxygen were over twice as high as those found in the Margaret Griffen Park stream, one of the indicators of stream health. This allowed a number of organisims sensitive to changes in oxygen to be found in the Karamatura stream but not in the Margaret Griffen Park stream.
The students will spend the next week writing up a more comprehensive comparison of the two streams as part of their first NCEA Level 1 Internal assessment for the year.

Stream Health  2 Stream Health  3
Stream Health  1 Stream Health (4)
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